Day 29: “Just a Little Trim, Darling!”

I’ve heard that one before!  Do you remember sitting in the chair, your little five-year old legs dangling helplessly over the edge, barely able to see the mirror or defend yourself?  The scissors loom in the air, the snip-snip-snips proceed, the locks fall hopelessly lost, dangling in one last fight across your toes. Well, there it goes. All your plans and deliberations. What you thought was OK. Sliced, slithered, solemnified in a quick and careless change.

This preamble came from my husband’s suggestion that I write about cutting the lawn! Since he did it and not me, I figured that wasn’t fair. Though it looks nice enough. It reminded me of my room recently changed in an instant with new summer attire. Suddenly fresh and pretty as a rose, instead of the dark and heavy covers of winter.

I have grown used to change. Nothing really phases me – well, nothing yet.  I love it. I crave it. A new hair colour? Great! Red. A new pair of shoes? Let’s try a wedge. A change in direction, life path –  UUUURRKK!! as I put on the breaks. That is my haircut trauma of 5.  Short bangs I never asked for, and crooked no less.  All my long-lost wavy locks challenging me on the floor.  What do I do now?  Try to look cute with short hair.

This goes deeper than that, of course. But for some, their hair is as sacred as anything else. It’s just a symbol after all.

What would I like to trim now? Hmmmm…..

Here’s my wish list for my future self, a reflection in the mirror of change that I will to be in advance:

She is powerful, that is for sure. Willful at times, with a brilliant smile. White suit. Standing strong.  Helping others, speaking from her heart. Spotlight hovers. Short wavy hair. Sparkling eyes.  A song in her step. Graceful wiles.  She hands me a business card. It reads:

The Miracle is You

Do I recognize her after this life-lift? Yes, I do. That’s me, tried and true.

So when I look a-mess, and the lawn isn’t cut, or the bed is in disarray, I walk across the mirror and see her standing there, that woman in the mirror. She is gleaming still. She knows something better. There is nothing to be afraid of. Nowhere else to go. Just step in, step out, and be there.

A little change ‘ll do ya!

All the change in the world will lead me right back to YOU.

3 Responses to Day 29: “Just a Little Trim, Darling!”

  1. Celebrating the miracle of YOU Krista ~~in you through you of you ever flowing…and the miracle of my internet connection working today allowing us to cross country connect.

    Love your writing, love sparkling effervescent you…love making miracle together~
    sunshine smiles
    Love Linda

  2. Santari says:

    Beautiful! – that woman that you are discovering is sheer beauty in every line of her exquisite portrayal of you. I am loving you even more, with every word and every picture formed from your exquisiteness. What was no longer needed is gone and what remains continues to grow and flourish and surprise us with what it can be.

  3. Krista Moore says:

    Thank you both, I am touched! I am so happy that my words move you and that my words even move me – I am always surprised by them. I am discovering them, you and me, all at once. THANK YOU! I will miss my 30 days with you! But there will be MORE. As always, there will be. MORE miracles to see, and more to become. Loving you all,

    Krista Moore

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