Day (#): A Miracle Never Ends

My good friend, Dom, provided the title for this evening. And the inspiration.  His message: My  journey has just begun. His reason: Miracles never end.

Nothing really ends. It is just a new beginning, a continuation of a much larger plan.

As T.S. Eliot says perfectly:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

T.S. Eliot — “Little Gidding” (the last of his Four Quartets)

Maybe this is mile one for me, or mile twenty of a thousand mile journey…

Does it matter how long it takes if the journey is worth taking?

When my husband and I were traveling in B.C. we saw the “100 mile house”, one of those Wild West road milestone markers along the road that meant something good at the time. Do you know what it meant more than anything else? A place to stop, rest and have a good time. To party it up a little until the next leg of the journey began.

As I eat my (second) Hagen Daz  fudgsicle this evening, after having an excellent barbecue and backyard fire with guests still awaiting my return, I feel blessed.  I have done my “30 days of miracles”, yes.  I have come far. And yet, I have more desire than ever to just keep on going. I feel excited that I could write for a very long time – possibly forever. And what a blessed life I would have.

This 30 day goal was like that post in the road, my own “100 mile house” lit in the dark that I could easily reach, gather myself and then keep on going. Since my departure night, I notice there are more people joining me on the road. Some motoring right by, some lingering awhile to talk. The smoke of the fire is rising in the night air, and there are flashes of light everywhere.  Celebrations at hand. Perhaps a feast of delight. There is no tomorrow in the night sky. Just the ending of another day.

The cycle continues. And so do I.

I may not even follow any known road at all. How can I set a goal that is yet unseen? That has never been heard? Perhaps I am the first to walk this way. Perhaps the last.

It doesn’t matter. It is my path.

P.S. Not everybody takes the same journey at the same time. I am happy, thrilled for the folks who have joined me on this one so far. I welcome more. But even then, as my friend Dom reminds me, they are encouraged to take their own journey. This is mine. Go for the gold in your own Gold-Rush dream. Maybe you will find it. Maybe you’ll get trampled in the dust! Maybe you’ll meet a friend along the way, or two or three.  Whichever way you go, take a step, and then another. I hope you find it:  whatever you are searching for. Your own miracle in whatever they seek.

To be continued…

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