Blessing on the World


It’s time to share, all of you, who you are and what you are. There is no time for mundanities, no time for never – too late, or ‘not care’. Just go girl, do man, do what you can.

Rise from the ashes, brush off your hands. Rise to the calling that calls to your Soul, the effer-bud, the ever-ash, the never-ending Call. Who are you? It speaks. It gives you your Name. What are you? It asks, coyly brushing you clean. Do you remember the time when none of these questions toyed with your mind? When you were free?

A friend called me a “Soul Writer” today – I was struck dumb. That was a good Name. I was grateful for her recognition in the moment of what I am. What I can do. I can rise above the ‘I don’t think I can’. When I write, I play with you. I remind you what you are too.

Maybe it makes no sense to you. Maybe it feels strange. Maybe the logic doesn’t stand up. Maybe it doesn’t raise its hand to speak. Maybe you are silenced and just taking it in. Wondering what if, playing true.

What about You?  What can you do? What can we do, together?

It is time to share. Enough holding back and on to; time to pull through. Listen to. Time to say what you want to say, do what you want to do. Do it because you want to, and because it is the right thing to do. What is the Soul Writer called in You? What is his/her Name? I would love to meet the Soul in you.

I have been holding back, waiting for a time, waiting for the perfect time, waiting for you!  But it is time to stop all this nonsense and just raise my hand. Speak!  I didn’t get a chance this morning on a call. The phone went dead just as I was about to share. So I decided to take my Name for truth and write it here instead. For all of you. Whoever is here to be transformed by, induced by the ineffable I or It.

What is It all about? This writing, movement, sound? I don’t know, but : It’s for You.

What will I share? I don’t know that either. I never know until I do. But one thing is for sure: if you don’t open your mouth, write your words, make a sound, do your do, you will never find out! And that’s not just your loss, it’s ours too.  It’s for all of Us, not just you.  So take this as an opening, an invitation, a footnote hardly permissible but crucial to the Whole:

Listen for the sound of your own true One speak, and ask that it move through you in the one way it can. The way that is Your way, your sound, your play. The way you move others and make Life change. The way you Bless the universe without making a sound. The way You are blessed, and are a Blessing on the World.

7 Responses to Blessing on the World

  1. aderubio says:

    That was SO beautiful, Krista. My soul answered yours in song and celebration. What a gift, this taste of BEing You. It reminds me again and again what is true, and that it is SO in my view. 🙂 Mwah!!!!

  2. Britt says:

    YES! A friend and I were just discussing how important it is to share–to give the gift of our ‘share’–words/poem/art to others. Thanks for sharing, Krista! May we all share slivers of our soul!

  3. Stacey says:

    Yes, I’d agree with your friend Krista. Your words do speak to my soul and at times when my head isn’t in the way, my soul basks, delights and freely receives these words. But then other times when my head is totally in the way, resistance is what I feel and I’ve completely missed out on the gift of your blessed words. I read your blog “What is love”, at a time when my head was in a flux and my soul was not open to receive the message. I just couldn’t take it in. But in the last few weeks, I’ve been reconnecting to my inner being (my soul) through long walks, meditation, deep breathing and I just read your blog again and couldn’t help but laugh because they flowed right to me. It took me a little while, and maybe a lot of walking and breathing, but I got it! Yes … your words most definately speak to the soul. I would even go as far as saying that they call out the soul and that when I read it, my soul was being called to take back posession of it’s house. Thanks for the call, and I’m happy to say … “Honey, I’m home!”

  4. I love that “do your do” how playful how TRUE.

    we must all do our do

    Thank-you for your delightful invitation and clue.


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