Stewing Stupalicious Soup!

I am sitting tonight in a candlelit room my son left behind him as he moved downstairs. It was a coming of age moment long overdue that I resisted, but  now I wonder why I waited so long! Here I am, sitting at this room he lived in as a small boy, staring up at me from the lower bunk bed, afraid of the dark, or upset by bullies, or nervous about a new school, dreaming and talking and asking all kinds of questions.  Now he is grown, answering them for himself and feeling quite proud of his new life and new high school. And I am so proud of him.

But I am proud of me too. Because instead of being sad or feeling at a loss, I have gained too. He told me to go ahead and use his old room to create a nook for myself, put in my own desk, decorate the walls, christen it the new “creativity room”.  And so, here I sit talking to you in the new room as if no time has passed, except it is the future now and I am as open and new as he.

Aaaaah….. Love is sweet. And freedom too. Although four walls still surround me, they are different, and I am too. I love this new me, creating possibility, and enjoying the newness of all the friends I meet, all the plans we create. It is so, so sweet.


Remember that?  Mmmmm…… Here I am again, loving it all. So sweet, I couldn’t go to bed. Not just yet. I had to sit for a while and just stew. Stew in the juices of my new “creativity soup”. Yum yum and new. Mmmmmm….  Aaaaaaah! I just can’t get enough!  You know how I love to eat!

What will I stew in next? Hmmm… I have a creativity seed. I have a bright bushel of cranberries. I have crisp leaves of chamomile dried from the garden outside. I have the cool wind blowing me right back to bed again! It isn’t so bad. Being changed, being new. All the trauma of  “forever what for am I to do”  has been replaced by deliciously, stupishessly new. New words must be invented for this delicious feeling. 


And You! What about You! What is new for you?  What is cookin’ with You?!  Write and tell me what’s next for you. Would love to hear – turn my ear!  I’ll be listening to you.

Ah, so sweet. So so so good for You. Mmmm…. That’s all I can say as I sit by the candlelight and stew.

Mmmh, Mmmh, Mmmh!!

So, What about You? 🙂

(answer below ;))

7 Responses to Stewing Stupalicious Soup!

  1. I AM cooking yoga stories for children…MAGICAL creative movements filled with fresh ideas of BEING and CELEBRATING our embodiment in the unity of mind-body-heart spaces –.> YOGA meaning UNITY and Oneness and not only postures to display for the eyes.

    Much love and inspiration for these FALL days… Cezarina

  2. aderubio says:

    MMMMMMmmmm, delicious soup my friend. 🙂 I so enjoyed your intimate and candid reflections. Thanks for the insiders view.

    I’m cooking up, moment by moment, with whatever life has on offer. I choose to honor the sacred in me that seeks to connect in wholeness, oneness, goodness. I soak and saturate in the wonder of right-now-ness. No matter what creative project crosses my table – enlightened listuilding, energy shifts, evolutionary adventurers retreats – I bring the more into being. With every delicious breath, I say, “YES!”

  3. Trisha Bower says:

    Fall means new starts. New beginnings. I am starting and restarting each day on new adventures. My children grow, teach me and I in turn remember each lesson to remind them of the road ahead of them and how they can give to each other.

    As the leaves die around me I am not thinking of the past but rather the present. Remaining here because it is the safest, sweetest place to be. Finding myself in each precious and wild moment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh Krista I love the colours of your new creative space! Cranberry red and chamomile yellow flowers with delicate green leaves. What a gorgeous palette!

    Lynn Arra

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