Do Clothes MATTER?

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Instead of writing a blog this morning, I decided to explore a question. This began by buying some new clothes last week in preparation for doing video, and soon became fertile ground for discussion (or argument!) among women and men. I began researching and writing about what it meant to me and others, “putting it out there”, and now I’d love to hear what you think:

Do clothes matter?  What is the meaning of clothes?

YOUR TURN!  Answer in the comments field below. I would love to know your thoughts. Let’s talk about it – the better or worse of clothes.  What it means to you, others, Godsends and conflicts.  This may turn into a greater discussion (it has!), or a live telecall (it will!).  HANG ONTO YOUR HATS – MORE COMING SOON!

In the meantime, some food for thought:

Clothes can become a more accurate reflection of what a woman does and who she is becoming in the world, including a variety of tastes, feelings and possibilities.  To a woman in full bloom, it cannot be denied how beautiful her shining petals and frame can be. The power of her expression and fullness cannot be underestimated.  If it is, she feels a wrath and bitterness that her very soul is being denied, not just her clothes. The conversation on clothes soon blends into a spiritual discussion as if the two are very much related.


What is the meaning of clothes to you? How does personal appearance influence your life? Do clothes and personal appearance influence how you see yourself or how others perceive you in the world? Should they?  Does what we wear matter? How? Should a woman spend money on clothes to better herself in the world? When does it matter? Does it interfere with her ability to blend in, to be a part of a group? Can it alienate people?  Can a woman shine without it? When has it made a difference to you in your life or someone you love, or where in your life do you feel it could?  Where in your life does it not matter, and how does it influence your relationships with others, your partner, friends, public, strangers, etc.?  Do you feel you may have missed any opportunities based on your personal appearance? Do you feel you may have been helped by your personal appearance in attracting an opportunity, partner or  group? (eg. Dating, job interview, community group).

And the deeper questions: Do you think clothes go against the spiritual dictates to turn away from material possessions, physical appearance, or “the world”? Do you feel we’re called to sacrifice our physical selves to be spiritual?  Do you feel clothes separate us or unite us, or both?

My video blog on the subject:


YouTube video: Do Clothes Matter?


7 Responses to Do Clothes MATTER?

  1. Stacey says:

    Wow … Do clothes matter? That IS an insightful question. Does our voice, our self-expression, our movements or imprint on this plane matter? ABSOLUTELY! It’s all energy and continuously flowing and shifting and how we shift matters! How did you feel with this new shift? That matters and makes a difference not only for yourself but also those who come in contact with you. It’s a shared experience and I benefited greatly from it. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more sharing.



  2. I have been sparkling all afternoon Krista! Turns out my fab fashion choice this morning has had me glittering diamonds everywhere I go that catches some Light! Love it!!! And your post 🙂
    We are a reflection of what we wear…. and I’m happy to say I’ve gone from a ‘diamond in the rough’ to a sparkling, polished gem!

    • Krista Moore says:

      Love this, Paula. There is something about glitter that is very freeing! I know it can be a bit tacky at times, but if done well (which is if we feel like it!) it can bring a smile to someone’s eyes just looking at us go by. Doesn’t the world need a little more happiness? Sparkle on, baby!

  3. grettz says:

    I used to wear almost nothing but black enhanced with various pieces of jewelry or scarves that changed with my mood. It was sure easy to accessorize and sometimes I still long for that simplicity. Since stepping out into a full-colour spectrum, I find I choose what I’m wearing more carefully working to play up or down a particular mood or to seal me into a “role” I have to fulfill if I’m not feeling as up to it as I usually am.
    All that said, my favourite piece of clothing is my brilliant blue car which always makes me feel great!

    • Krista Moore says:

      Great to hear from you Grettz! What changed your decision to wear “nothing but black” to a full array? I am always interested in how the internal dynamic of a woman sparks outer change – and I love the full array, which is what Paula is speaking to below as she has discovered herself to be not only a gem, but a diamond!
      Thanks for sharing,

  4. Marion says:

    They’re just a tool, and in that we have to wear them at all, yes, clothes matter. Function, Comfort, and Colour. All important in how they make us feel – and that vibration goes out. Everything affects everything. “A man cannot dress but his ideas get cloath’d at the same time.” (Laurence Sterne) ~ Great question! Brings an awareness. Thank you!

    • Krista Moore says:

      Ah hah! “in that we have to wear them at all, yes, clothes matter”. Referring to your naked inner essence again, I see! Can’t wait to see the real you, revealed, clothed (metaphorically) or not!

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