Ready or Not

I’ve been doing a little humming and hawing lately about sharing my most recent ventures. I so want to share with you what is percolating within and without, but timing is everything, right?

Well, not really! Sometimes I find waiting is detrimental to the soul. And I find my greatest insight from sharing.

So, here it goes…

I began 30 Days of Miracles about a year ago. It was a personal discovery process and method of beginning to share who I am. Although guarded at times, I found my spirit and soul truly blossom in this process, and my call for a deeper, more authentic experience, where I was grounded in who I am, expressing my gifts to the world. This was frightening at times, but completely liberating.

Well, here I am again. Only, there’s more.


I’ve been wanting to share my deeper spiritual insights and journey with you for what seems like a very long time! And although I have shared a lot, I haven’t shared enough.  I have discovered my greatest insights through connection.  This is true.  I may still (and must) do my solitary ventures into the mind-sight of the inner world, or the deeper darker regions of the soul, or the radiant beams of light and Spirit I experience at times – but without connectionsharing itexperiencing it together – there is no real benefit.

I am proposing to begin introducing this level of experience to you. Right here. Right now.

From now on, I will be sharing what I am exploring internally and externally, and providing more “inner space reality” and definition for those folks who want to experience this with me. I will find ways!

First, my next 30 Days of Miracles is coming soon. I am just getting my technical bandwagon together. But, in the meantime, I will continue to connect to blog as the “miracle” unfolds.

Because like the butterfly – I want to frolic with You!

The Miracle Is You



P.S. Let me know your insights, what you most want to share, connect with, explore. I want to deliver more insight, radiance, partnership, happenings, synapses, leveraging, opening, karma busting – FREEING of YOU.  In your freeing, am I freed. And in my freeing, so are You. 


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