The Magic Toast, or “F**k It”

This morning my husband put a strange book on my Kobo. F**k It.  He figured I could use it – worrying too much, again.

“Do I really worry that much?” I asked.  He looked at me. “About what?”


Wow. Have I really grown so little that I still care what other people think?  Yup. Still worryin’.

As author, John C. Parkin says, it’s time to say “F**k It” when you’re worrying about:

  •  How you look (good or bad)
  •  How successful (or not) you are
  •  the important people in your life: family, partner, friends
  •  making a difference
  •  money or lack thereof
  •  doing the right thing
  •  being reliable
  •  God/Buddha/Muhammad, etc.
  •  finding inner peace
  •  meeting deadlines
  •  not swearing in front of the children
  •  the gardening (or lack thereof)
  •  keeping up to date on the latest shows: American Idol, etc.
  •  being there for people when they need you
  •  having a nice car – or any car that gets you from A to B
  •  what other people think
  •  paying the bills
  •  doing what your boss wants
  •  doing what’s expected
  •  following the rules (who made these rules anyway??)

After reading about 3 pages of this book, which is refreshingly irreverent (I’m so serious and ‘reverential’ about everything, even the weeds), I had a mischievous look on my face. My daughter wouldn’t get up to go to school – again.

I thought of the book.

“Heather!  If you wake up right now, on your own, I will give you this magic piece of toast – with peanut butter and honey – and you will have the most fantastic, unexpected day!”

She didn’t buy it exactly, but she was amused.

Well, what would happen if you could do anything you wanted?” I said.  She perked up a bit.

“How?” she asked, dis-trustingly at first.

“Just answer the question. What if you could? What would you do?”

“I’d stay home.”

“That’s it?” I was looking for the big enchilada.

“Yup.” She rested her head on the chair as if to go to sleep again.

“Well, this is a magic piece of toast, so if you eat it, all of it, your day will be totally different than you expect. Only good things will happen.”

She took the bread and nibbled a bit. Then she asked the big question.

“Can I stay home, just until 9:30?  Pleaaaaaaaaaaase??”

Flip to half an hour later.  Heather and I are squeezed on a lounger in the backyard, the sun is coming up over her head, shining hard, and she has picked 3 dandelions, a fistful of  ‘forget-me-nots’ – which she asked “What are they called again, I can’t remember?” We had a good laugh over that.

I looked up at her soft face, the light diffused and yellow as a buttercup.  The air was singing with birds. The grass was a bit overgrown with dandelion heads waiting to come down. But that would happen later. Tomorrow.  Not Now.

 Because  NOW, my daughter and I are enjoying a Precious Moment.  I said “F**k It”. But she doesn’t have to know that.

P.S. Results of magical day?  Daughter made track and field team, found 2 four leaf clovers and 1 five-leaf clover (she said this was starting to scare her!), played a game of “guess it” with me and cooked us all supper – Yippeee!!

P.P.S. When my son came home and heard my adventure of sitting inside a real Gulf War tank (another story), he said, “Wooww, can I have some magical toast, too?” 


So can You!

8 Responses to The Magic Toast, or “F**k It”

  1. Chantal says:

    How wonderful! And really at the end of the day what you shared with her is very precious and a memory that will last a life time. Something school could not duplicate. School of life can be so much more powerful. Thank you for sharing krista.

  2. Al says:

    In a world of instant gratification, demands, time lines, expectations, extended work hours, smart phones, laptops and everything else that takes away the ‘important things in life’… sometimes it is nice to have toast!

  3. Stacey says:

    I’ll have tea with mine please : )
    Out of all the days throughout her school
    years, I’m sure this will be one of the more
    pleasurable, memorable ones … and a great
    reminder to carry her magic with her wherever
    she goes.

  4. Marion Morrish says:

    Next time some of that special bread goes into your toaster, please call me! There’s something about that magic toast that is very appealing. It worked its magic with Heather!

  5. Claudia says:

    Hi Krista,

    It has been far too long… so I took a bite of your magic toast and Wha La! Here I am again…enjoying your magical moment with your daughter. What a great reminder to us all. What a great day for both of you. Evolvement = acting outside the box. And thank that Mad Hatter, Steve for me…perfect book to pull out of his hat.

  6. Adela Rubio says:

    Thanks for the fairy dust, Krista. YOU are magic come alive. Mwah!

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