What does FREEDOM mean to you?


Sometimes I don’t realize how lucky I am. I enjoy complete freedom:  to grow, to create, to spend my days in whatever way I choose (for the most part).  Not too many people can say that – even (ironically) the most ‘free’ citizens in the North-Western hemisphere.  Stress-levels and doctors’ bills aside, most would probably still defend having the right to work as a basic freedom. And I would agree.

But some days I don’t know what to DO with all this freedom. I feel my freedom is wasted, or misunderstood. Why do I have to fill up my days with endless tasks and parades of progress?


I work from home and travel on occasion, and I still feel the pressures of making a living, doing what’s right, making a difference in the world.  Most people I know go to work every day.  Whether it’s inside the home or outside, there are pressures inherent in each scenario.

There is still the ‘Game of Life” to play:  Money to make, children to raise, bills to pay, etc. etc… 

Young or old, rich or poor, are any of us completely free of worry and responsibility?


If I Were Really Free…

Try this at home:   “If I were completely free…  _________ ” (fill in the blanks.)

 If I were completely free, I probably wouldn’t be standing here! I would probably be in some altered spiritual state or universe in which I felt a deep release even from the things I cling to now.  I may still appreciate what I have now, who I am, and the people I share my life with. I may even enjoy the complexity (and stress) of my life.


As long as we are human and appear to be separate from each other, regardless which hemisphere or state we are in (or as long as such labels exist), we are not truly free. We may feel free. We may act free. We may declare our freedom in the face of adversity. And in comparison to our suffering, it would surely be a giant step in the right direction.

We are still not truly free.

So what is freedom, then?!

Freedom is probably different for everyone. It usually means:

1. Freedom to do something

2. Freedom to become something

3. Freedom from something


I am very grateful for all of the above freedoms. I wouldn’t be writing this if I weren’t (I wouldn’t have the democratic & civil right to do so).


What Freedom IS

But for me, there is a deeper freedom I am aware of, that underlies everything I think I want.  It is beyond any divisions, castes, beliefs, demands, sacrifices, fears, compromises…

Freedom is Being.One boundless thought.  One true desire that springs from the mouth of the fire. 
When all goes up in smoke, freedom springs a leak and someone tries to keep it in but cannot.
Freedom cannot be contained. It cannot be annihilated. It cannot be sung.
It cannot be fought for and won.

Freedom just Is. It just boundless IS!

So if I have all this Freedom, what do I DO with it?

Well that’s an anomaly isn’t it?!  How can you DO freedom?! Haha!

I am guilty of this overwhelming desire to DO SOMETHING.  And maybe that’s OK, for now.  But maybe I just AM Free.  And while I’m “working hard at it” to enjoy this ‘freedom’, maybe I could let myself take a little time out to:

  1. Appreciate all I have now
  2. Give up trying to make more
  3. Enjoy the deeper freedom

Carol Oust: Woman Sleeping Under a Tree

(Makes falling asleep under a willow tree seem a whole lot more reasonable & inviting, doesn’t it?)

“Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the
Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the thought
become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishment and real
effects. Together, we can laugh them BOTH away, and understand that
time can NOT intrude upon eternity. It IS a joke to think that time can
come to circumvent eternity, which MEANS there is no time…”

A Course in Miracles


>>What does freedom mean to you? Write to me below.

Stacey Coke’s video response: 

She says: “One has to be brave to truly embrace this kind of freedom. The freedom to be who you are.”


P.S. I went to the park shortly after writing this. A young father and his 2-year old boy were playing in the park. The joy of this was not lost on me.  The dogs chased each other. We talked happily and threw a ball. We glowed lowed in the Freedom of it all.


P.P.S.  After the dogs tired, my dog ran off and was about to stroll down a lane-way to a busy street. Do you think I let him go in the name of freedom?  Hell, no! I called that ‘bad boy’ back and put on his leash! 🙂

7 Responses to What does FREEDOM mean to you?

  1. Claudia says:

    Hi Krista and thank you for continuing to connect with me although I may not always find the way to respond.
    But this piece bubbled up some thoughts I felt I could share…

    For me freedom is the freedom to be responsible to or for something rather than the freedom from something. And if I’m free to respond than I’m free to decide as well. Without freedom being in relation to SOME THING, it has no real meaning for me. Like, I’d like to be free of the separating conditions of my ego, and I am glad I have the freedom to practice awareness.

    Thanks for posting this topic. It’s

    • Krista Moore says:

      Wonderful rejoiner, Claudia. Yes, sometimes our freedom comes from freeing ourselves from something (a burdensome thought, an imprisoning attitude, a restrictive job or unhappy relationship); and sometimes, best of all, our freedom comes from the love we feel in relationship, the freeing up of our energy in relationship to other things, our life’s work, soul purpose. Thank you so much for that.

  2. Krista Moore says:

    See Stacey Coke video response above. Beautiful!

    “One has to be brave to truly embrace this kind of freedom. The freedom to be, to be who we are.”

    Thank you Stacey! You are a bright and shiny star.

  3. Chantal Corriveau says:

    Freedom means living life every moment with the flow… Like the flow of a river. Natural, effortlessly, without resistance.

  4. Sadhana Cook says:

    For me on all levels of my being, in every role I play on this planet, Freedom is the complete absence of Fear.

  5. Jenny says:

    I think at first thought, for me freedom is the letting go of fear and really allowing myself to be who I am, even if only in this one moment. The next moment, I might be different, but now, I can be me. That ME will continue to change and that will be okay, as long as in each moment I am still the best I can be in that moment. It is also me being free to give all of myself, free to receive what life wants to give me in the moment. It is being open to the gifts that Life wants to give me each moment of my own life. It is also being able and willing to receive so that I can then freely give to others. It is a mutual exchange of love and life.

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