Mystical Waysayer: Show Me Your Garden of Chrysanthemums


What if I didn’t know who I was?
If I didn’t find my gemstone, my path, my lust?
What magic would pale at the sight of my magic dust?
What firmament of sand, of rigid pallor, of rust?


What if I never galloped on that horse?
Missed that dance?
Forgot to put the penny in the wishing pond?


Does it matter if my pallor is worn fearlessly
If my music is lost?


What does it matter if my voice is not heard?
If all the crayons are left in the box?
If my wonder and desire were replaced by industry and hard work?


Who will listen if I do not speak?
Who will sigh if I do not paint that portrait with one eye?
Who will take a stand if my fears are wrapped and tied with one hand?


The piano song is still in you
The dance unheard
The valentines forgiven
The romance bloomed and unfurled
The magic of your fairy dust
The splendour of your words
Galloping midnight riders
Casting liquid palaces in the desert
Your lifeblood sweet and well used.


Mystical Waysayer,
Show me your garden of sweet chrysanthemums
Show me You.

This is one of my hidden talents – soul writing, poetry. What are your secret gifts? Your deepest, wellspring of  talents? What is your song that needs to be shared?  Share it now. Begin here.  

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Krista! Thank you for sharing your soul writing talent. I’ve noticed lately that more people are honoring and sharing more of who they are. And perhaps this is happening because I am acknowledging all of who I am. As we see the greatness in ourselves, we become of more greatness in others… and vice versa.

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