Recognizing the Wonder…

Sometimes I don’t recognize the wonder of what I am doing.  As I am doing it, I am so absorbed in preparing for it, thinking about it, wondering about it – that rarely do I “get” the WONDER of it while it is happening. It is as if I am immune to my own greatness.  I don’t get it until someone reminds me, sees, recognizes, thanks me.

Isn’t that silly?

    In my women’s circles I witness time and time again women who are filled with great ideas, gifts and achievements, and inherent talents and abilities, who do not “see” with their own eyes, or “hear” with their own ears, just how amazing they are. 

What does it take for us to get it?

I have been working really hard to realize this for myself first. Even as I am going about my business, I stop and say:  “Krista, do you realize what you are doing? Do you know how amazing you are?”  I know that may sound a bit funny, or arrogant, to say this to myself, but I tell you it isn’t even close to the truth of the matter. We are more amazing than our tiny brains can conceive, than we will ever admit out loud or to ourselves.

And yet, I have great hope that things are changing…  We are changing.

Tonight I watched as women mirrored back each other’s greatness, re-affirmed each other’s gifts, recognized themselves in each other’s dreams, and validated each other’s greatest visions – as not only valid but “done” (meaning, ‘it’s in the bag’). Isn’t that amazing??

 Recognizing the Wonder…

This week as things unravel, and become more, as my life twists and turns, as I go farther away from shore – I look back for a moment – I breathe and relax – knowing this is sacred space I’m encountering.  This is valid and true. I made this. And yet – something greater, too.  I can’t take credit for everything – but I can recognize my part. I can recognize the wonder of  it all.  That I dreamt it up or was inspired to take action, and that someone listened and wanted to participate with me, to prosper, to create – and that now we are doing what was once only promised or possible. Now, reality.

That is how great life can be. What a wonder. What a joy!

Now, that I might recognize this wonder more often. Step back – and step into – the greatness that I Am.

And You!






P.S. What do you recognize that’s great about yourself? What have you stepped into or become that you have not yet seen with loving eyes?  Do you have a champion to help mirror that greatness in you? If you do not, I would encourage you to find a circle, a friend, or partner who “gets it”, the wonder that is You.  

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