Spewing Beauty

Today I found myself on a writing call with the lovely Julie Jordan Scott and 5 other creative women, who opened up my heart and mind to who I was, again.

You have to go back to when you were 7.  Or 2 or 3.  What I called “Raw Krista” – before “Conditioned Krista” came to be, followed by “Disillusioned Krista” and finally “Blossoming Krista” where I am today.  Each of us has our story, our undulating package of surprise. Of what our life could be, but what we have lived is more telling than we believed.  We looked for patterns.

Mine was Honesty. 

It came with a lock and key – a little blue diary.

I have guarded its secrets all my life, shared with only a select few. And perhaps that is the way it should be.

But. But. But!


What a beauty it is to be in the midst of 5 unrecognizable spirits, silent voices without bodies or even half-fragmented names in the dark. Does it matter who we are?  Exposed in undulating freedom.  Cracks through the roof let the rain come through.  Yes, unshielded, unguarded, quaking in our boots…

AWWWWE  the sound. Of truth whispering lips. The mystic in us does this. It knows what to do, even if we fear the adult coming through.  Wouldn’t it be fun to travel? To squish our toes in the dew? To know nothing else matters.   To let this beauty spill through?!

AHHHH  the delight, to hear the vestiges of truth praying. Mmmm…… roasting marshmallows of spiritual delight. Food. Traveller’s weary-bones waking in new shoes.

What a delight to live each day as an unguarded masterpiece, Spewing Beauty with all of You.


P.S. What beauty would you like to spill right now? Feel free!  Let it spill down below for all  to see.

P.P.S. Thank you to Julie Jordan Scott’s Writer’s Camp for the open space which inspired today’s feast. 🙂

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