Let Your Radiance Shine!

Tash Jefferies, “Green Minutes”


This week  I spent a couple hours with the lovely Tash Jefferies, author of The Little Book of Green Minutes, a dynamic speaker and woman with big hair and a big smile. We met in a little coffee shop on the Danforth, a basket of coral impatiens hanging outside the door. I came floating in around 3 wearing a bright coral top and scarf (and accidentally matching handbag). Tash instantly beamed, stood up and embraced me.



Women seem to recognize each other’s radiance.  After Tasha and I shared “what we do”, there was an instant recognition of each other’s passion and brilliance, and our mission in the world. We shared our visions and dreams, but more importantly, we shared the wisdom of right now.  And this is something I am witnessing more and more in the Evolutionary Women’s groups:  women can witness for each other, we can stand in each other’s presence and ask to be seen.  It can be a very vulnerable time, but is worth the moment of risk.  I call this “mirroring”, but it is more than that. It isn’t just about mirroring each other’s feelings and thoughts, or what someone said. It isn’t just “validating”.  It is an energetic exchange of light, a delicious feast pouring into you – if done right!

Be a Witness 

Here is what I witnessed:  “Tash, you are a beautiful human being. You radiate sunshine. Your smile, your big hair! Your soul just radiates JOY.  I love who you are.  You give so much love to the world, it is obvious.  And that love will always come back to you.”

This was after Tash had complimented me and I totally missed it, ironically.  I said, “Who me?” completing the joke.  She gave me another chance, I received her kind words, and the circle was complete.  With tears in our eyes and our hearts full, we said goodbye.

This is what is possible when women allow themselves to witness each other’s radiance.  Maybe it’s not always possible, but when you see it, as my friend Tash does on a regularly basis (and stops people in the street to tell them!), miracles happen.  I hope you venture off-course of usual conversation and witness for each other.

The brilliance, radiance and love that result is eminent.


P.S.  Mark Your Calendars:   – Radiant Talk with Tash Jefferies  – JULY 10/12 at 6pm

Tash also invited me to speak on her BlogTalk radio show on July 10/12 at 6:00pm, about my personal journey of self-discovery, spiritual connection and purpose, and how I help others seeking their path to greater meaning, connection and joy.

You can join us that day by calling (347) 215-9711 or TUNE IN LIVE – JULY 10 at 6pm.

Thanks for listening, and Let your Radiance shine!


What woman do you love? Can you share her brilliance? Please feel free to write about her in the space below and spread the love…


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