10 Ways to Transform from Fear to Love

This is an article I wrote as Miracle 4 for my “30 Days of Miracles” trekkers.  

We all get scared. That’s why there are so many ways to solve it. I have compiled my favorites into one convenient place.  Pick what strikes you, or write your own. Then put them on your wall!


1. SING, HUM, DANCE. That’s right. Nothing like looking silly to get you out of your head and into the present. Singing and humming short circuits negative thought and connects you to your spirit, bringing you into balance with renewed energy.  If you want to really lift your spirits, do a little jig, flash mob dance or mambo!  No one has to see. And if they do, who cares? Maybe someone will join you!



2. JUMP IN! 




3. WRITE IT DOWN.  All of it. Everything going on in your head until you feel a slight twinge of hope, a feeling of an “answer”, even a breakthrough.  Even if you write down a few words of gratitude to end your thought, you will feel slightly better that you vented, got it out, and invited something good in.  Journaling is a sacred act. You are talking “to” something, whether it is yourself, an imaginary friend or a higher power

Krista writing in California

Krista writing in California








4. TELL SOMEONE YOU TRUST Vent to another – a friend, therapist, support person. Ask for guidance, support, or just a listening ear without judgment. Talk or cry it out. Receive praise, clarity, love.  Baring your soul to another person or in a circle is a sacred act of trust.  Your vulnerability, when poured out in a safe place, in a safe relationship, will transform your heart and mind (and the world!

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5. PRAY/Steve praying for more beerMEDITATE. Light a candle. Unburden yourself. Let the “income” flow through your breathe and feel your body and mind calm. Inspiration may come to resolve it. If not, have a bath, or curl up in bed. The light will come. Sometimes all you need is to detach and rest.




6. TAKE ACTION.  Make a promise you’re going to do something about it. If not right now, when? Make that call, pay the bills, whatever it is. Just do it as soon as possible and be done. Cross it off your list. Take the next step. You’ll feel instant relief like a plane that finally has lift off!


7. GO FOR A SENSORY WALK.  Walking or moving meditations out in nature can lead you back to the centre of yourself. Ask a question. Then listen. See, smell, hear, touch, FEEL. Let the answers come to you, spill into you. Be cradled in what is, and let go of what is not. Your mood will be lifted, with sunlight, wind, sea or storm. Immerse yourself and be transformed.

8. FIND A MORE POWERFUL THOUGHT. Start where you are. Don’t fight yourself. Just reach a little higher. The more positive and hopeful (yet still believable) words & feelings you can reach for, the higher your spirits will rise.  You will know when you’ve hit it: You will feel it in your body!  Try a new “I AM” statement. E.g.  From “I am nervous/afraid…” to:    “I am capable and strong. I Will figure this out.” 


9. LOVE SOMEBODY ELSE.  If you can’t “get it” right now, give it.  Try your best to give love and joy to another. Trust that the universe has something good to move through you, and that you are good, no matter how badly you feel.  Give a little, and the whole world will smile on you. The miracle is in realizing you are the same as everybody else. You are not alone. Everybody needs love. When you give, you receive. That is the miracle of love.



10. GO FROM SCARED INTO  S-A-C-R-E-D. It doesn’t take much to realize how holy you are. When you feel scared, look for something sacred to focus on. It could be a religious symbol, a hopeful sign in nature, an animal, a child, or your own innocence.  Wear your holy crown for a day, knowing you are safe and protected, deserving and loved.  Communicate with angels. Trust you are not alone. The sacred is within you, always accessible, always loving. Nothing can take that away from you.



Krista Moore is a professional actress, prolific writer and published author, and featured speaker/host/facilitator, dedicated to authentic self-expression and spiritual transformation.  She is the creator of “Evolutionary Woman” Workshops and Circles in Toronto and worldwide, and “30 Days of Miracles”.


Copyright ©2012 Krista Moore


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