Miracles Across Time

This post was originally published and has been adapted from “Miracle 8: Speak the Truth” in Krista’s “30 Days of Miracles 2012”  blog series.

I am a believer in miracles – anything that shifts our perception from fear to love and makes our lives worth living. Sometimes a miracle comes in the unexplained:  A clear message delivered across time, between dimensions, in an alternate state of reality or consciousness. In 2012, I had the privilege of working with some amazing people at the Ontario Hypnosis Centre.  I obtained my certification in metaphysical hypnosis therapy including past life regression and life between lives (or “interlife” where the soul dwells between lives before returning to another life through reincarnation).  As part of this process, I experienced some pretty radical messages that would clarify my purpose in this life and what I needed to learn most.

During a demonstration of past life regression, Tariq Sattaur, my instructor and Director of the OHC, used me as a volunteer. This was my first official past life experience at the centre.  As he guided me back, I wondered if anything would happen. There is always that moment of doubt and uncertainty. Tariq did a “chakra induction” to deepen or relax me, which rapidly allowed me to clear my energy field and mental processes, let go of everyday thinking, and elevate my consciousness to access the inner or higher realms of soul consciousness (which some call the “superconscious” mind).  As he guided me and gained my soul’s permission to proceed, I found myself touching down in another place and time. There I stood, looking down at my bare, dark brown feet, on parched earth in front of a mud hut as a young boy of about fourteen years old I identified as “Tandrique”.

As I opened my mouth to speak and tell Tariq what I was experiencing, Tariq noticed and later commented that my speech pattern changed dramatically as I became quite identified and immersed in the past life identity. The class was also amazed at what was coming through me and the story that soon unfolded. I was still aware of myself in my current body, but Tandrique’s consciousness, my past life self if you will, was highly present and able to express himself.

In the past life experience, I saw a circle gathered outside of mud huts.  Children jumped and played, but I was not allowed in – I had not yet become a man or passed a test.  When Tariq signalled to move to the next important event, I found myself in a field witnessing a large suffering animal that had been attacked and left to die, so I speared it to show mercy and then proudly brought it back to my village. When I returned, the whole village celebrated in a ritual feast of manhood.  We stood around a fire, and an elder signalled that I should choose a bride. I remember feeling shy as I saw the girl I liked; as I spoke about her I smiled and could feel the warmth of love wash over me.

Later I experienced what young Tandrique suffered, being taken on a boat away from his people in Africa, and seeing the new world for the first time.  When I was asked what I did there, I replied simply and profoundly, “I crawl.” The meaning of being a slave came through loud and clear.  I heard Tandrique speak through me as he fought against injustice, trying to rescue animals from his master’s keep, and being chased down, hunted like prey, and hung to die in a tree.

Part of an ethical past life regression facilitation is to distance the client from any troubling events, and guide them to forgive the past, process the lessons and gifts of that life as it relates to their current life, and express gratitude to the past life self.  I did this easily and gently as that life closed and I observed the scene from a higher perspective. When asked if there was a message from my past life self as Tandrique, I heard myself say very strongly:

“Speak the Truth. Protect the innocent.

Don’t worry what other people say. Not everybody is worth it.”

This was a hard lesson, even for me now. I would have to spread my message without worrying what other people thought of me. I would have to speak the truth, even if it was uncomfortable, unpopular or even dangerous.

A month later I was challenged to speak in public. I was shocked to be told my message of an afterlife and guidance from above may not be compatible with their non-religious language policy, that I may need to taper it a bit, preface it, not push the boundaries too far.

I felt the tension of that moment, as I stood up to the podium.  I told my story. I spoke the truth as best as I could. I did not sacrifice the message to please others, nor hurt myself by denying what it is I most want to say. I held my own, and several people came up to me after and thanked me for my message of hope.

Had I worried what other people thought, I might have lost the message, and the miracle of what Tandrique taught me – a lesson I may not have known I needed had I not opened myself up to the full encounter of who I was and who I am yet to be.

As I reflected on this past life regression and what it taught me, I came to realize, it doesn’t really matter whether I literally walked on that African sand and suffered as Tandrique or not.  What matters is the truth that came through me because of it. The miracle was offered in a way I was willing to receive it, which allowed me to shift my thinking and speak about life in a way that stirred others to reconsider their ways of thinking and being as well. And that is a timeless gift, a miracle across time, that is available to us as hypnosis practitioners, and to all those who will benefit from this work in the world.


Krista Moore is a certified Consulting Metaphysical Hypnosis Practitioner who works in Toronto and around the world.


2 Responses to Miracles Across Time

  1. I love the message you’re sharing here today Krista. It’s a message I’ve been receiving repeatedly lately through my sessions with clients. Through most of our lives we’ve been taught to change our selves to better fit the world out there. It has become a habit. When hold back who we are, we limit all the magnificence we can experience. Instead, we need to break out of that shell, and speak our truth – whatever that is – and trust that by being ourselves we affect others (including ourselves) in the highest and best ways. Bring on the miracles 🙂

    • Krista Moore says:

      Thank you, Nat. Yes, as I step out, as others step out, we begin to see the beauty, the commonness of our common dream. The truth bears witness to our dream. To be in harmony with each other, ourselves, and a collective swell of love and happiness. Is this possible? Yes, it is. Thank you for sharing your bold new way as well.
      Love and peace to you,

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