Miracle 14: “Enough”

Tonight’s Miracle came reluctantly through me (meaning I was reluctant, not the miracle), but I put my ego aside and let it be. If one person is helped by it, it would be worth it.



What you’re doing is enough
Who you are is enough
The power you have is enough
The words you speak are enough
The soul you bear is enough
The pain you seek is enough
The letting go is enough
The welcome is enough
You are enough

Do you hear?
In your Name, Jesus Speaks
To the One listening
He speaks.
Calm your heart,
Don’t deny when you fall apart.
Let the tide go
Carry you deeper
Than ever before.

You will walk again
Mists parted
Love speaks
Words cease
You will be
As Undefeated
As He


2 Responses to Miracle 14: “Enough”

  1. Chantal says:

    thank you Krista. My angel cards shared with me that I would be receiving a miracle today. The miracle is your poem and your strength to lead us to the light even in your own moments of uncertainty. What is ironic is this is when we seem to be the greatest …. When we jump through our reluctance and fear and have faith in our greater power. thank you

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