Miracle 16: “Unveiling”

Krista Moore at the 2012 Port Union Waterfront Festival


      Mmmm… my world is opening once again. What else can I unveil?  Yesterday’s post sent shivers as I read how it opened some of you. Oooh how I love as one door swings open, a chorus of 5-6-7-1,000,000 open, too!

I’m back! Can you feel it?  It took awhile, to descend. Sometimes like sweeping the bottom of a pool. From the top I see the water, clarity, rippling sunlight. But in the corners, still, a steady sediment and whispers of dead leaves hanging out.

     Then I say:

“OH Well!   DIVE IN!”

I AM SO EXCITED.  Not only am I back, ALIVE, feeling the motion again, at least partially, but I feel it within and with others, too.  Today I visited the yoga studio, and one of my teachers beamed at me as I walked in. We just couldn’t help ourselves, beaming light at each other, like 2 sun-rays who found their Source once again.

“Oh, it’s YOU!”  We’re Happy to “See” each other, greet each other, fill the space with our radiant energy.


And, I’m excited to be joining Tina Games and other special guests in October for a round table panel on spiritual topics (Now, that I’m out of the God closet, this should be fun! ;).

And I’m about to unveil another offering soon which I will post on my website and to my mailing list. If you’d like to know more, sign-up to the right and I will be happy to have you join me.  There are many things percolating, and more ways to connect than ever before.  CHECK BACK HERE!

I am also extremely happy to witness the “unveiling” in YOU.  Those participating in my EW workshops, and those in the 30 Days of Miracles.  I love all your comments, and witnessing the impact my words, confessions and courage have on you.  I would love to hear more, and intend to introduce LIVE CALLS soon.


Is that it? No. That’s not it.  But today is the beginning, again of you, of me, of what we can do. I am so happy to be a part of this energy, this wider, widening circle.  This intergalactic spill of ease and delight and effortless expression and sharing. This dance of becoming. This OOoooze of creational impulse, re-birthing, opening, channeling and blossoming…


How about YOU?

What is  “unveiling” about You?

(Write to me below, or private message me.

I LOVE hearing from YOU :)).





Krista Moore

This is Miracle 16 of Krista’s “30 Days of Miracles 2012” series . If you would like to join her growing community, ask her here, or write your comments below.

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