Miracle 17: “A Miracle Requires Work”

This miracle came last night during a conversation with my friend, Dominic Castanza. I decided to let him have full reign and express his miracle to me.  Here are his words, formatted for this blog. Miracle 17 of  Krista’s “30 Days of Miracles 2012”.  Pictures by Krista Moore.

by Dominic Castanza

“A miracle requires work. It takes energy. You have to put something in first. It doesn’t just happen. It may take days, weeks, months, years for that energy to build before the miracle gets released. But once it’s released, you can’t stop it – you have to allow it to take its path.

British Virgin Islands "the Baths"  Krista Moore

Ancient boulders, “The Baths” British Virgin Islands.

Like pushing a boulder up a hill, the first portion requires work.  But once you are at the top and  release the boulder, it rolls down the hill, and releases a miracle, but that miracle cannot be controlled. Because in itself, a miracle can never be controlled. If it could, it wouldn’t be a miracle. That’s the beauty of a miracle.

It’s like finding love in the wrong places. Or seeing a unique plant amongst others. Or a father/daughter moment. It  just happens.  But everything starts at some point. It has to have a beginning. And whether or not you planted it, or are a part of someone else’s plan, it just happens. You just happen to be in the line of fire when that sucker rolls down the hill!

You may think you’re creating that miracle, or asking for that miracle alone. But it may be multiple people feeding that miracle, and everyone experiences it differently. More than one person can start it, or contribute to its making.

Let’s say I just nudged it one way, and another person just pushed a little differently.  It requires work, but the work may not come from just me alone, it may come from many people from many angles, and it could feed many others still that you will never see or know.

In this multi-parallel universe, every turn that the miracle takes, takes you somewhere else. It is infinite. Eternal.

We are all connected.  And how we build that miracle or experience one, it’s always there, you just have to open your eyes and find it.

You may think you are pushing that boulder up the hill all by yourself. But once its released there was a few others that were helping you. there were a lot of other people that contributed to that miracle happening. You have an awakening. An epiphany.

DSC00671 With a miracle – when it happens – everything becomes clear. Before that happens, everything’s cloudy, everything’s hard, everything requires work.

When it does happen, the joy and energy that comes out of it – you know when it happens – that’s why it’s so beautiful.  If you knew it was about to happen, why would you do all that work in the first place? If there was an instant pay-off,  you wouldn’t bother.

That miracle may not be for me, it mDSC00669ay be  for the other people working on it. If it were just for myself, I may want to release the boulder right now, but other people are not ready for that one miracle at that moment. But for some strange reason I cannot explain, I still have to work for it.

When the little moments happen, I realize I did something right.

But I do know that a miracle doesn’t just happen all by itself. If I sit on my hands and do nothing, nothing happens. I’ve gotta do work, I have to be accountable.

If you want love, you gotta know how to love yourself.

If you want to know sadness, you gotta know pain.

If you want to know life, you gotta know death.

Life is hard. Nothing is easy.

Being miserable is not doing anything. Not allowing the miracle to happen. But it could be a time-out.

A miracle has to be a part of you. You have to be a participant, not just an observer. You have to work for it, love it, embrace it, let it in.  And when you do, when it happens, your eyes are opened.  Your job then is to keep your eyes open and notice it.

For some it may show up as a simple thing, for others it can be a mind-blowing event, like an “Awakening.”  Like a firework going off.  You know it’s something special, something shared, something that was there for you to experience, enjoy, take in… a cherished moment for a lifetime.”

–  by Dominic Castanza


Thank you, Dom!

My response came in Miracle 18: “What Faith Means to Me”


What is the miracle to you? Do you think you have to work for it? What is your part in making miracles?  Do you let the miracle come to you?




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