Miracle 24: “Beacon of Hope” Audio GIFT


Today I had a conversation with Spirituality Life Coach, Nat Couropmitree in which we talked about going from “Not-Enough to Self-Love” or empowerment. Although my own story shed light on what it was all about for me, it wasn’t until I let go and let the light flow that my true message came through.  It wasn’t about me. This was for everyone.

Here is a free Audio meditation I did for you inspired by today’s message:

LISTEN:  Beacon of Hope Light Meditation by Krista Moore July 2012 (mp3 download)


And a Prayer to Light the Way:

I walk as a beacon of hope for others whose light stands in the way of darkness,

who cannot see, who hide and cannot find their way

I walk as a beacon of light hoping that those who cannot see will come to meet me and

See that I light their way

I walk as a beacon of light

Hiding mine as well at times, and knowing

That as I shine forth and ask for forgiveness, and a great task,

One will be given me.


There are those who seem to walk alone,

Who have no currency the world wants

And yet, they walk with me

And I with them.

They are not dark, but light

I am certain

I can see

I am determined to be that light for them

As they are for me

We walk together

Knowing this light cannot be

Without being shared,

Without direct currency from the One who knows

The One who sees

The One who purposes it

And Gives it All to All and One for One


And So it Is



Affirmation:  Let me be a Beacon of Hope, so that as my light shines, it lights the way for others. As they remember who they are and see, they become a Beacon of Hope like me. 

3 Responses to Miracle 24: “Beacon of Hope” Audio GIFT

  1. Krista ~
    Shining Brilliance Honesty Inclusion Awareness Presence Loving Radiance Beaming In-Lightening Sacred Oneness Awe

    Beaming loving gratitude ~

  2. Christina Minor says:

    Wow, so powerful and awe…. You are a Beacon of Hope for many people and more to come….


    • Krista Moore says:

      Thank you Christina and Linda for your lovely comments – but more importantly, your awareness and inclusion in such a powerful movement of healing in the world.

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