Miracle 25: “SHINE ON!”

For many years, and just a few moments ago, I realized I have been living with a myth that only certain things or people are “spiritual”.   There were those “on the path” and those who weren’t.  Activities that were “good” and those that were “bad”.  I even put down some of the things that gave me the most joy, like shining my light while acting, or singing, as ways to “get attention”.  That may be true, so what of it?


 Is it good or bad to shine a light on someone, give them a little attention, a little praise?  Is it wrong to go out with your friends and dance your socks off (or sandals, or heels?)




What is “Spiritual” and what is a “Miracle”?  Such heavy-weighted words, impossible to meet sometimes.  What if I said, as someone has said to me, that all things are spiritual – because the Spirit of Life/Source is in everyone and everything.  How could it not be?  Do you think the Spirit or Source that breathes in all of Life, that fuels the stars with their brilliance, whether gaseous energy or vast intelligences unseen, has chosen some things to activate and not others?

This is a real revelation for me, so pardon me while I explore it. I really want to “get” this because it’s implications could be mind-blowing!

What about having “FUN”??…  A word I often cringe at, yes, me.  I often look down on pleasure-seeking, even though I am the first one to shriek with glee as I come flying down a water-slide, or hang in the air with a friend on a para-sail (thanks, Lori T :).  Some of my most joyous moments are doing silly, crazy things that have nothing to do with being “Spiritual” or God-seeking. And yet, yet, what if those things were Divine/Spiritual/Good, too?

What if I truly haven’t gotten the truth of this message in all this time? Geez… could I be that thick?


I admit sometimes I feel I’m channeling the spark of the Divine/Source/Light, and it feels truly sublime. But I also have to admit that sometimes I am channeling the divine, or some other kind of light-filled exuberant intelligence when I am dancing wildly and freely with friends, feeling the music, moving my body, sensuality becoming a true part of me and how I express myself.  I have often been told I am one of the most sensual people on the planet.  Why deny it?  🙂


Denial is a trap.  I can deny the ego which seeks to destroy me with its negativity and worry, and cause separation and attack (I’ll get into that another time, doesn’t sound like much fun right now, does it? 🙂

But seriously.  When is having fun hurting anyone?  Except myself when I don’t allow it. Or judge it as foolish. Or hide myself away not allowing myself the ability to shine MY WAY, which includes:  sensuality, dancing, excitement, acting, singing, speaking, performing, being with others.  Endless ways to SHINE.

And what is all this SHINING for?  Well, in the moments when I shine,  a lightened door opens.  And I do not hesitate.  There is no thinking or evaluation going on. I am free. I have no judgement, no fear, no self-doubt, no comparisons to make. I am just LIVING on the ground floor and flying up the escalator, maybe through the ceiling, maybe mile-high, maybe!

Why do it?











Who knows what is spiritual and why. I know I am. And so are you, no matter who you are or what you think is right. We will all end up in the same place, and I dare say, we are all in the same place now, sharing this planet and this inner landscape.  If we weren’t, you wouldn’t be hearing it, and I wouldn’t be speaking it, and there would be no communication or agreement.  So, here we are.


Shining my light


What makes you shine?

What makes you shine/smile/feel elated? What brings out your best and worst (ie., read my judgement of “bad/wrong/naughty”) sides?  What makes you howl like the wind, or fly like an eagle?  What makes you mad as hell and happy as heaven?  (I am also told I am the sexiest when I am flaming mad about to pour out my wrath ;).



Why not let yourself SHINE for awhile? 

For all the world to see, your great escape, your magical twist on things, your multi-plex inner landscape. Your uniqueness. Whatever radiates from you is true, real and called for. It doesn’t matter what calls it forth, so long as it does.


Please. Don’t deny it as I have done in the past.  I am asking myself, and you, to try on a new skirt, hat, sunglasses, expression. Or wild wings no one else can see.  Or a Mona Lisa smile.  Whatever that lighted gaze brings on.  BRING IT ON!


Your spirit sings. You are marvellous, like a lightning rod.  SHINE ON!  SING!  DANCE!  PLAY!  Say YES, for Goodness sake, and if you think you might be wrong/bad, give yourself a little room to BREATHE.


Doesn’t it feel good to be you?  To be given permission to let it all hang loose?

God knows, I need it.  I’ve gotten too good for my own good!

SUPER, SEXY and can SAVE the planet!


So what is a miracle?

Another way of putting it:  What does it mean to SHINE ON?  It means you are HAPPY, that’s all (that’s it??). Do whatever makes you  HAPPY, as soon as possible. Because without that, no one will see your smile, and be lifted to their own greatness.

And goodness knows, we could all use a little more of that. 😉

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  1. Love love love every word & image, Krista!! You are a miracle!

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