Miracle 29: BEING The Miracle with Tash Jefferies

Tash Jefferies, Green Minutes Founder


I just finished an exuberant, heart-felt and miraculous conversation with Green Minutes Canada founder and author, Tash Jefferies She poured her heart out, telling her story of going from welfare and illness, and the death of loves ones, to a miraculous life where she is serving others with her message of hope and LOVE for each other and the planet.

LISTEN to Tash and Krista on “BEING a Miracle” (.mp3)


How did she transform?  Here are the “HIGH”-“LIGHTS”:


1.  BLESSINGS EVERY DAY – Awaking each morning and thinking on the miracles of every relationship she has ever encountered, lost loved ones whom she still cherishes and is still connected to in spirit (eternal – infinite), and her own spiritual gifts she is living RIGHT NOW.

Count each blessing, ruminate on it, let it fill your mind with peace and gratitude until it overflows and must be expressed in the world!


2.  TALK TO STRANGERS There are no strangers in Tash’s world!  She is a LOVING BEACON to all, to the homeless man on the street, the lovely woman in a crowded room, the lonely one, the wallflower no one talks to. She will say a kind word and spread the love no matter what, no matter who, without a care for how they respond. Not surprisingly, she is flooded with MORE gratitude and MORE LOVE from others whom she has touched! She records their lives and messages in her journal so she will never forget the gifts she gave and was given.


3. THE EMPTY JAR –  Tash has a large pickle jar in her office. It is empty. Why?  Because it is a tool to visualize the wealth and abundance of the present moment – it is filled only with possibility, with no past records of failures or faults.   It is a constant reminder to begin again, RIGHT NOW.

Nothing in your past can harm you, nothing now. Whenever you get bugged by something, or feel like a failure, look at that jar or clean slate on the wall and remember:  The past is gone, it can touch me not. I AM WHO I AM, and I can begin again RIGHT NOW!  The power is in constant renewal.


 4. LIVING SIMPLY    When you focus on the power of the Spirit within you and live your life with integrity and honesty, and simply want to help spread a message of LOVE, you don’t need so  much stuff!  Tash knows coming from times of hardship, having lived through welfare, illness and the death of loved ones.  The abundance is within you! And ironically, when you GIVE instead of focusing on getting, more comes to your aid in the physical/material as well! All your needs are taken care of.


5. JUST DO IT!  Having lived through hardship and defining herself a certain way growing up (shy, wallflower, soft spoken), Tash never knew herself to be as she is now. But something inside her was meant to be – her mother called it a “gift”, and now she is living it. How did she find the courage?  She wakes up every morning and says, I am not who I was, or what other people say about me.  “YOU ARE WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE NOW. NOBODY ELSE CAN DECIDE THAT FOR YOU.  JUST GO OUT AND DO IT!”


#1 KEY:    BE LOVING. Period. People are not giving enough. That is why they are depleted and stressed. GIVE MORE! You will receive more than you could ever hold. She said people only have 2 real needs, which are really the #:  “To be loved, and to feel appreciated /recognized as having value – that their life matters. When you give this love, you receive the same. The rewards are immense.

LISTEN to Tash and Krista on “BEING a Miracle”

Thank you Tash for this wonderful gift. That more might listen, send this message to everyone!




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