Miracle 30: “Walk the Path”


Well, I am rounding down to a place of completion. It doesn’t feel like it exactly.  Although I have accomplished a lot this summer, both physically and mentally, there is so much farther to go.

But before I go about listing everything else I must do, and seeking further inspiration, I will take the advice of a friend who said, “If you are looking for inspiration, don’t look up, look down.”

What does that mean?

Walk the path.

(And while I’m at it, pluck some weeds).

This summer, we put in a pool. Our backyard went through a huge transformation, from wild untamed yard, to barren heap of soil and rocks, to barely discernible path.



I never thought it would be possible to transform this quickly, in one summer.  What does this mean for me? I’m not sure yet, to be honest. If my backyard can change that quickly (after years of fore-thought, planning and inspiration), what about my mind? And the other areas of my life?


Next phase

I am a big believer in vision; everything I have ever dreamed of has happened – and if it hasn’t, I could not envision a legitimate path to its destination, or I didn’t really want it.  But once I realize a vision, what’s next? Where does it lead me? What do I do now?

I take a step down onto this newly laid path and see where it goes.  I walk very slowly, in my bare feet (thanks, Tina Games, for that), and feel the warmth of what I, and others before me, and with me, have created.   And then I gain a vision I didn’t see – not what comes next, not what came before, but the present realization of what is possible because of it.   As I am doubting my victory, unsure of myself, I ask, despite all that angst and uncertainty:

Was it worth it?  



Thank you for taking this journey with me. I don’t know where the next leg of the journey will lead, I have plenty of visions, but for the time being, I will be squishing the grass under my toes and resting on a watery bed.


For now.


3 Responses to Miracle 30: “Walk the Path”

  1. Dominic says:

    Love it. Keep plucking those weeds.

  2. Christina Minor says:

    Absolutely loved it. Again, your great and a true inspiration. Enjoy your kids and that beautiful backyard.

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