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The Voice Inside Your Head

This week I’ve been challenged and liberated by an idea that got pressed into me by one book and a documentary. My consciousness was reflecting back to me that “It’s Time” to deal with this little roommate I have that is no longer friend, the ego.  What is that?  As Michael Singer puts it in his wonderfully simple but mind-altering book, The Untethered Soul: “It’s the voice inside your head.”

Did you ever notice that you  have an incessant voice inside your head that chatters constantly, about everything?  It can be positive or negative, and usually stops to analyze or comment on just about everything, including things in the past, present or future.  Most of the time it is mindless chatter that has nothing to do with the present moment or the possibilities in front of us. It is generally a great distraction and protects us from really experiencing what is happening, or what could happen, without our constant vigilance and self-protection.

In other words, it is the shell that keeps us “safe”, contained and curiously separate from other beings.

When our safeguards are down and we are engrossed in a conversation, or enjoying a tea, or going for a walk, or feeling love for someone or something, we don’t hear the voice so much. We are too busy – living and being.  Life feels easy, effortless and full of love.

When we feel tense or worried, according to Singer, we close off our heart and other energy channels, feeling constriction in our chest and throat (so we won’t share or express anything), and a general dip or plunge in our energy.  This is what makes us sick.  And this is what depression is if it goes unnoticed.

Another documentary sealed it in:  “The Quantum Activist” with Amit Goswami, Ph.D, (from the film, What the *bleep* do we Know?) claims that local consciousness (the one that is stuck ‘inside our head’) is different than, but connected to, the larger cosmic or causal consciousness, which animates and manifests all material and living things.  Consciousness precedes matter.  But more than that, non-local, non-physical, “God-consciousness” or prime Source moves through everything, and unites everything.

Science has proven the quantum field underlies everything, and connects everything in one unified field.  But Newtonian physics still resists accepting the implications of the quantum field.

So as we are going about our day, hearing the voice inside our heads, feeling separate from everyone else, think like a Mystic (or Quantum Physicist):

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean.

You are not a separate human being. You are a being connected to all human beings and the cosmos.

You know what it’s like to be you. You also know what’s it’s like to be All of You, and that includes everything. 

Just imagine if you could transcend this local, time-oriented, limited voice that is constantly telling you what to do, and what not to do, what to think and what to avoid, what feels dangerous and uncertain.  What if you could just look at it as a separate entity, as not yourself?  What if you could detach from this voice and identify with your larger, more expanded Self as a new reality?

You can.  In meditation, or other transcendental states, including a walk in the park, or a communal moment with a friend, stranger or loved one.  Whenever we bypass self-interest and find common ground. Whenever we share something.  Whenever we laugh and forgive.  Whenever we stare into someone’s eyes and see our Self, we are looking in the mirror of our own Soul, the Unified Field of consciousness, of energy, of Life.

Perhaps there is more than that.  Perhaps this is just the beginning of the cosmic wheel, of understanding the universe and how our minds think and feel.  I delight in knowing this is not “it”, that I am not trapped in a body or in my own thoughts or the past anymore. I can transcend what I think I know now based on limited understanding, and I can share that larger picture. I can go beyond.  Or I can find true love in the spark of a friend.

I hope you experiment with this idea this week.  Whether it is new to you, or you have known it all along – let’s practice the idea that we are not alone. And that there is a plane of existence we can all share.

Ah, the true Friend.

To Make Happy

Krista handRecently I’ve been thinking about what makes people happy, including myself of course.  It’s funny because the things I once thought essential to my well-being, like accomplishment, challenge and making a difference are only small pieces of that puzzle.

The real question is: what are our accomplishments and challenges for…?  And what kind of a difference do we make –  if not to make happy? 😎


Last week I attended a man’s funeral. I barely knew this man, but I felt compelled to go.  For some reason, I knew this man commanded my respect, and I wanted to go.  I’m not one to run away from death and I don’t fear much in a crisis, but this was not about death. This was about Life.

This man, whom I barely knew, filled the joint.  The pews were full, and I, a casual observer, sat in the overflow section just outside the side doors, along with two other women and a few gentleman who stood behind us.  We had walked from far down the street – perhaps taking for granted that there would be parking at the little church he attended.  The walk took me all the way from the bottom of the street to the top. It was a nice, sunny day, the snow was melting off the cars and the windshields were shining as we made our way up the hill.

As I entered there was a spirit of respect and joy.  I saw his picture mounted on the TV monitors – a brilliant smile in black and white, slightly blurred, but his spirit was clear – a fine intellect, keen interest in others, and a good sense of humour.  I felt I knew him, that my instincts were right.

The service took on a sad but gleeful air as family and friends shared stories about infamous suppers around the dining table, men putting up drapes badly over three beers, coaching his kids baseball teams, getting to know every one of his niece and nephews – and there were many.  Even a former baseball team member stood up – a woman – and shared a spontaneous tribute to how he saved her through hard times, and how his words carried her through life’s challenges.

Kid Playing Baseball by Chiceaux Lynch

Kid Playing Baseball by Chiceaux Lynch

The interesting part of the service was that not one person stood up and talked about his accomplishments at work. Not one person at the church said, my this man can make a mean budget and stick to it.  Not one person said, this  man built magnificent buildings, and was an outstanding engineer.  Not one.

Every tribute, every tear, and every outburst of laughter came from how this man made others feel.  How he made them happy.

I knew there was a reason I had to go. It wasn’t just to pay tribute, though that was certainly felt deeply as I tried to wipe away tear after tear on my sleeve; it was to take in the lesson this man taught, and still teaches through me and everyone sitting there that day.

Some people say, you can’t make anyone happy except yourself.

They’re wrong.

You can’t make someone happy against their will, certainly not, but anyone who is half-willing (and aren’t we all?) can be made happy by the jolly spirit of another. By the surprise gift, by the phone call.

As I put my own fears to rest, as I witness what it means to live well, I embrace the times I spend with family and friends.  How I took my daughter to the zoo yesterday and wore my bright pink rain-boots at her insistence.  And even though I didn’t get to ride on a camel and pouted like a 5-year old (mostly for her benefit, but secretly for mine as well), we laughed and splashed in puddles and ran down the hills. We nearly cried at the cuteness of penguins waiting in line like children; and we both held our noses and cried “Pee-ewww!” at the stench of the indoor pavilion as we ran through.

Yes, I behaved like a child.  Yes, I drank hot chocolate even though I was on a sugar-free diet.  But I made my daughter happy, and myself, too.

Every person you see is a mirror of you.  Are they smiling, are they laughing? Is there something you can do? Do you need to be lightened, relieved of your worldly desires and concerns? Your heartaches?  Your cares?

Make someone happy today. Make someone smile. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. Pretend like it’s the only thing that matters in the world.

Because you never know what makes someone happy, including you.

And you just might surprise yourself.

As Frankie & Doris sing:”Make someone happy,

Make just one someone happy, and

you will be happy too!” 

P.S. What makes you happy? Can you share a story of something unexpected that made someone happy?  :).

Coming Out of the God Closet II

mt_horeb moses mountain

There’s more.  She said. She remembered.

That’s me!  The old man standing by the sea. 

That’s me, the native boy being carried by the waves on a ship to a foreign land, unpromised, no sister in hand.

That’s me, I said, listening to God, opening my heart on the cross, bearing the Universe in the palm of my hand.


That’s You, crystallizing, synergizing, catapulting, energizing. Freeing.

Reminding Me.


Now, how can I turn away from That? I said.

How can I turn away and call it imagination, any more?

Did my mind dream up That?

Did I have the influence, credence, experience, circumstance, sustenance

To deliver That to the world?

No, That was given me.

And now, I give it to You.


Perfect, able, balancing It out of the corner of my eye.

Proselytizing, mesmerizing, forgetting why I came, then opening my eyes once more.

When you call, I ask. I give Answer.

I cannot turn back  now, pretending I don’t know what I am talking about, what you are asking for.

I have It, I see It, I know It, I give It, and now I release it to You.


You will Remember, too.

You will Remember, and Know what to do.