Finding Your “Yes!”

yes-man1How do you know if you are doing the right thing? Here is what I have discovered which you may find helpful.

When you have a decision to make, or something is disturbing your peace of mind – try this.  Tune in to your body and see what it is telling you.  Does your body fill with tingles, feel more open and light?  Or does it feel heavy like a burden on your shoulders?

Sometimes our bad feelings have more to do with our negative thoughts, than with the people or situations we are thinking about. Sometimes, when we shift our thinking or intention, our bodies and minds lighten, opening us to higher consciousness and actions we didn’t think were capable of just a minute ago.



Let’s say you are finding it hard to communicate with someone, or you’ve had a fight and don’t know what to do. 

You can either:

a) Avoid the situation and try to find relief your own way (ie. I’m right, he’s wrong!)

b) Confront the other person and argue until they agree with you (not recommended, though talking is better than not talking at all), or 

c) Ask for a miracle in your thinking, a new way of seeing this, and respond accordingly.  (I’ve tried all three and eventually land here : ).

 If I am honest, no matter how mad or upset I am at someone, or how guilty I may feel, I really just want to feel better and have good, peaceful relationships.  No one wants to feel bad or be blamed.  What we really want is to be happy, right? : )


How I Found My “YES”! 🙂

1. I “Get real” with myself about my hidden motives, mistakes and insights.

2. Ask myself,  “what do I really want out of this?” and open myself to the best possible solution.

3. Imagine a time when I felt really good. I might even imagine the other person smiling at me, or exchanging a warm hug.

4. Tell the truth. When I am honest with myself, I go back to the other person and share how I feel, what I may or may not have done, and what I hope for.

5. Express praise and gratitude for the other person, what they did right, and listen to their side as well. 

The results?

 We still mrose in palmay struggle, but usually open to love once again.  Inevitably things work out in some way that I hadn’t expected. Hope and gratitude shifted my energy to gratitude and possibility, and I leave the rest up to God. There are always insights, ways of seeing I had not thought of.  When I put my defenses down, I can receive the good instead.

I feel my heart open, light pour in and a surge of positive energy.  I feel buoyant, light and free, able to express love and joy in the moment, and imagine future possibilities.   I recognize this “yes” in my heart, mind and body as the fruits of doing the right thing.



Whenever I am approaching something new or scary, I often worry or obsess about it.  This causes difficulty in making decisions. My body fills with tension, making it hard to breathe or think clearly. Then it is hard to tell if my feelings are based on my not wanting to do something, or just fear and resistance to doing the very thing I really want to do!

The first step I take is calming my mind and feelings with meditation or prayer.  I have found in the last while that the deep relaxation, surrender and release that comes from meditation brings in new thoughts, feelings and actions.

Recently I had trouble making a decision about a next step.  Inaction was driving me crazy! So I meditated and asked for guidance.  In my relaxed and receptive state, I received several visions of clarity which led me to accept what I wanted to do. 

Subsequent unexpected “signs” from others who do not know me that well gave me further confirmation that I was on the right track (some were quite startling!). It also gave me confidence that I am not alone, that I was not just “making this up”, but with my heart and inner guidance, where my “yes” resides.

In the end, I felt amazed at the beauty of the insights coming to me, that something was supporting my greater unfolding.  My body and mind filled with positive energy, clarity and confidence to make decisions and move forward in the direction of my dreams.



I learned this technique frommuscle-testing-yes a wonderful woman named Christie Marie Sheldon.

If you are uncertain which path you should take, ask yourself a question and then listen to your body’s responses. 

  • A “yes” usually feels lighter, happier, more open and forward-moving.   
  • A “no” or “not right now” answer might feel heavier, like a tightness, or pull in some area.Everybody is different, so try and see what your “yes” and “no” feels like.  You can also try muscle testing.

If you don’t know what “yes” feels like, remember a time when you felt totally sure of something, totally happy about it and “on fire” with possibility and confidence. Put that feeling back in your body and say “yes yes yes!”   Now, that’s your “yes” answer!


Have fun with this : ) You really can change your world!




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  1. Erin says:

    In our closing circle session in December I remember saying I have turned my no’s into yes’s. And by that I meant that I felt better saying yes. I knew what no’s meant – and they were limiting, isolating, preventative. Yes’s meant engaged, participating, experiencing life without fear. No’s were holding me back. Yes’s have propelled me forward. Each answer I could feel from head to toe – and what a different feeling when you shift from negative to positive!

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