Miracles of Hope

We begin our walk together this summer by inviting in miracles.  As usual, we begin where we are.  Whether that is in the light or in the dark, we begin with hope. For a new journey calls to us, and asks us to be more.  Whether we are bright or dimly lit, we are enough right now. 

But still we ask for more….

meditation candle

Why?  Because there is always more within us if we can stand to let it in.  And if we invite it in, we just might surprise ourselves, or someone else.  We just might realize that not only is our hope candle lit, but we have lit the flame for someone else.

Your spark is important. The world cannot go without it. 

There is a pattern we cannot see that is much greater.  Your spark lights the candle next to you, and the next, and the next…

If your candle is not lit, what will happen to those who came near you, who were counting on you for that little spark they needed to start their day?

We never know whose candle we are lighting, when we choose to stay lit.  We never know whose life we will transform when we choose to transform ourselves back to the beginning of what we are, which is light. 

How will you stay lit today? What will you ask for?

I ask to hold a candle to you today.  That my spark might be enough to rise you up out of darkness or insecurity, worry or fear, pain or sorrow. I have felt all of these things. I know what it means to be in the dark. And I know profoundly what it  means to call in the light.

It is there for you.  Call it.  Ask.

A Spark of Hope lights the way.

And in it, we are safe. We are open. We are saved.






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