Touched by an Angel

Angels are all around us. But sometimes they use people to get the job done.  About two years ago, my husband and I were in California.  It was a simple road-trip along the coast with a few designated stops, and most of it left up to fate.

I have experienced moments before, in a car in particular, when I have been bumped on the forehead and “told” to wake up, right before veering off the road.  Another time I was doing a meditation on the Go-train, and “felt” a bump on the top of my head or crown, a kind of “hello”.  I had just been introduced to these angels or guides in a class I was taking while in deep meditation at the hypnosis centre.  They were making their presence known, just as I had asked.  I smiled and said thank you.

But there is another kind of angel that is just as important, perhaps more-so.  And that angel is you.  I have several stories of receiving the love and encouragement from a friend who “came to my rescue” at just the right time. Who sent that email right when I needed it, or called me to chat just as I was thinking of them.  Or listened and said exactly the right thing to give me hope and faith again.

I have also been that angel for others.  And that is the most satisfying thing…

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So, back in California, it was getting late. We were just driving in to Santa Monica, not the most “heavenly” place, beautiful, but pretty busy and commercial. I was hardly inspired, and we needed a place to stay.  As was habit for us on this trip, we pulled into a McDonald’s because they had free Wi-Fi (not for the fries!) so we could find a place to stay.  I pulled out my laptop and we headed in.

As we were sitting in our booth, I noticed a man sitting alone in a booth across from us.  He happened to be talking to a stranger across from him, a father with his son, who were sitting directly in front of us. I could see it all unfold.  I couldn’t help but hear their conversation as I pretended to look for a place.  My husband noticed my watchful glare and knew I was up to something.

They were talking about this man’s past, and all the trouble he got in.  The father was getting uncomfortable and began calmly but surely lecturing him.  He shouldn’t drink so much.  And if he kept up his ways, he would not be going to Heaven.

That did it for me.  I looked at my husband, certainly.  He knew I had to do what I had to do.  I didn’t say anything.  I watched as the father and son left, leaving this man, his head shaking in his hands, broken and alone.

I tore off some paper from the book I was writing in and began writing him a note. I don’t know what it said.  But it said something like, “God loves you. God doesn’t judge, people do.”  I went to the bathroom, but first, I stopped in front of him nervously and handed him the note. I apologized for interrupting, and then I went off quickly, my heart beating.

When I came back the man looked up at me.  I began speaking to him. Again, I don’t know what I said. But I do remember one thing, “You will go to Heaven, too.”  He cried grateful tears and I felt the energy rise up in me, knowing I had done the right thing.  He looked up and shook his head in disbelief, and then he said, “You’re an angel.” I thanked him, I told him I loved him, and then we left.

I will never know what happened to that man after that.  I didn’t give him any money, nor did he ask for any.  I only know that I thought I saw him come out of the McDonald’s as we were pulling out, and I sensed or saw that he had a smile on his face.  I somehow knew he would be OK.

Thank you to all the angels, known and unknown, who have helped me on my path. May I be an angel to those in neede, and humble enough to know that we need all of us to help make this world a better place.

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Have you ever been touched by an angel?  Have you ever been that angel for others?  Write to me in the Comments below. 🙂



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