Miracles are Everywhere!

Enjoyed a brilliant talk with Tash Jefferies yesterday, clarifying what a miracle is, and what it can be in this world. And we experienced a miracle of shifting our energy  into a miraculous state. 

One viewer, Erin, wrote:

“Miracles are assistance, reassurance, a long awaited answer to a burning question, a door opened…”

Another viewer said:

“I believe in miracles! The meditation was amazing!”

She was able to visualize and go to those realms, and when she returned she was filled with positive energy to the point of giggling.  She was able to then imagine overcoming the challenges of the past and the future by knowing she is the miracle, today.  A limitless being. I can’t wait to hear what shows up for her!

Don’t take it from us.  Watch the clip:



2 Responses to Miracles are Everywhere!

  1. Erin says:

    There is a gift
    Inside all of us
    That shows itself
    Like a miracle
    In large and small ways
    Sometimes it’s a gift
    From an unlikely source
    At a strange time
    Or a perfect time

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