This Bird wants to Soar!

I am living a blessed life.  I have everything I need. I have children who bless me every day and keep me focused on love.  I have a partner who loves and challenges me to be better.  I have a beautiful sanctuary space in my home just for me, which I share from time to time with those who love to partner with me.  I have a backyard that some believe is the garden of eden, with a pool.  My parents are still alive and are a huge part of my life.  I have good friends who truly love me and help me be strong. 

But sometimes I need a little push to keep me moving on…


There’s a bird down the street, an African Grey, like my brother’s in the British Virgin Islands, who sings all day in his cage.  He is a beautiful bird, and his cage is dressed beautifully with dangling bright coloured toys, and food.  He looks happy enough.  He can sing.  And he has a companion, another species which is white, and has a cage of his own “down the street” (which means on the same porch but hanging from a different post – that’s bird language for subdivision).

I feel sorry for him, this African bird, and at the same time, witness how much he loves to perch, and sing, to me and others passing down the street.  He has a good life, with owners who love him, hanging in front of a truly beautiful house with manicured gardens and a comfy shady tree to keep him cool, and a gentle breeze.  He has full view of the street with cars and passersby, dogs and kids, everything.  He sees everything.

 But like me, he is not always a participant – is he?  Can he fly from tree to tree and gawk and cry from above?  Can he leap forward or backward without banging into anything?  Can he skydive in his cage without falling on his head?

The truth is, I have no cage, only what I choose.  This bird has no choice as I see it.  I do.  I have a beautiful cage, hand-made, and perfectly chosen for me. I have a beautiful family.  But what does this bird, me, want to do?  Soar to great heights, crash and burn, follow the path leading to a future home?



It doesn’t take much to make me sing.  I could write my song in a prison cell or on a paradise island.  Any bird can sing from their cage, as in “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,”  by Maya Angelou.

But can he soar?…

When I leap out of my cage, out of the wilderness of other people’s stuff, venturing off into giant aquariums and wonderlands of things, I begin to soar….

What does it take to move me, truly?  To make me soar? 

It takes courage. 

It takes heat and pressure. 

It takes a chance encounter. 

It takes an unexpected dance.

dancing with an orb?

My wild bird song can play if I want it to, but sometimes it needs encouragement.  That means the courage that comes from being with others who are guiding me, nudging me forward, giving me a little kick if necessary (like my horse Bella ;)), or my brother Rick Moore taking “Lucky” out for a night on the town :).

Brother Rick with Lucky in BVI

Brother Rick with “Lucky” in BVI

A champion or master?  A guide or friend?  It doesn’t seem to matter. All of us play our parts.  Sometimes we are filled with the ability to soar and fly. Other times, we need someone to gently open our cage and nudge us forward, or show us a better way. 

And if that doesn’t work, God will find a way to get us off the ground, even if he has to rattle our cage, remove us from our cage entirely, or bring strange and unexpected events.  Force us to fly, to save ourselves or someone else. Whatever it takes.  Whether gentle or more forceful, we find our way out.  Whether temporary or more permanent, we find new wings.


Yup, that's me, soaring in Bahamas

Yup, that’s me, soaring in Bahamas

All I know is, this bird wants to soar!


This post is for Miracles of Courage. What does it take for you to have the courage to move on? To sing your song? 

Share with us on the blog comments below, or write to me.  🙂



Rick Moore: Sure, but have a look at this latest series of 1-minute videos I’ve started, many of them feature ‘Lucky’… you’ll see her only cage is the world around her, Lol



4 Responses to This Bird wants to Soar!

  1. Erin says:

    I am tethered
    like a balloon
    darting & dancing
    as the wind blows
    taking me up & down
    & all around
    yet I don’t float away
    by a thin string
    to a rock on the ground

    • Krista Moore says:

      I love that, Erin, and I understand that too. To be on this earth, sometimes we need a gentle tether. And sometimes we need to soar (without floating away too soon!) Thank you for your poem.

      • Erin says:

        I wrote this for you; after reading the “caged bird” blog – this is just a different spin on the same concept – the bird is free in his cage; you are free in your life – both ” grounded ” in love.

        • Krista Moore says:

          Thank you Erin. this is beautiful and I do relate to the balloon metaphor as well – a gentle tether keeps me here, from loving ones standing firmly on the ground!

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