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Miracles of Grace

Culminating signs of Grace continue from The Story of Grace Part I and Part II.


At the “Top of the Mark” hotel restaurant in San Francisco I put my hands on Paul’s head, as I was taught to do for healing. I sat down and looked into Paul’s eyes and told him how loved he was and I meant it. I embodied the words I was drawn to say. I felt the light shimmer all around us. The world stood on end, hovering in a  grand display.

As the night turned to day, we walked together and spoke of healing and miracles. He said when I put my hands on him for healing, he felt a great love, something he had never felt before. It was overwhelming. Then he said, “When you spoke to me at the restaurant, you looked different. Your face changed… Who was that speaking?” He hesitated. “Was that… Jesus?” I nodded. He felt the ripple effect in his body, as he too became a healer that day.

When I returned to my home in Toronto, things were different. An announcement was made that my father was to have open heart surgery. The time for miracles was at hand. I had already healed my father of a toothache, but I did not know if he was going to be alright from this. It was out of my hands.

In the hospital I eyed a watchful angel statue in the gift shop, and sat quietly in an open air sanctuary. On the sanctuary stand was that month’s publication of “Our Daily Bread”. I opened the page to that day’s date, and to my amazement, this was the title staring back at me:

2014-10-03 11.19.15-1

My mother and I were startled, as she had heard my stories of Grace in San Francisco. We both agreed this was no accident. Grace was following me.

Then I noticed the hospital was hosting a labyrinth in the hospital on the day of my father’s surgery, the Friday. We both went. My mother had never walked one before. As I entered the small church-like space they had created, and saw the canvas labyrinth on the floor, I was reminded of Grace Cathedral.  I told the minister who was hosting about my walking the labyrinth only a few weeks before. She looked at me startled and said,

“That is where I got this labyrinth from. And that is where I took my training!”

2014-10-03 10.56.36

I was stunned. The labyrinth we were about to walk, was the same design, and literally cut from the same cloth, and was ordered and shipped from Grace Cathedral (see Part II). This minister and the other I had met must have known each other. It was destined.

That night, my father recovered in ICU. He could hardly speak. He was the first one out that night. And within three days, he was up and walking.

As my mom and I were expressing our gratitude outside on a break at the hospital, I saw this street sign confirming again that Grace was present in our lives:

2014-10-05 14.22.50


What does it all mean? I cannot say. But Grace has followed me and has not left me, and the signs and miracles continue to this day.


P.S. What signs are you not seeing? Have you received grace or healing in unexpected ways? Write to me below or send me your story at Ask Krista.