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Meditation on Happiness

Recently I had to drive from Canada to the U.S. for over nine hours to meet with some Cincinnati women who were going to Tuscany with us in July. I determined to myself that this would be an adventure, and I would be happy, and do some good while I drive. This may seem like an impossible task but it isn’t!

Let’s compare two apples:

The first apple is worn and a little bruised. It has been sitting too long out on the counter, and bugs are starting to get to it. Everything “bugs” it and it begins to slowly deteriorate. No one wants to eat this apple. Once delicious, it is now fairly useless, but can still be composted.


The second apple is delicious. It has been refrigerated, and lovingly protected. It has been washed and handled carefully. The person who is handling it sees the apple as an extension of the universe and expresses gratitude for it, before taking a nice big bite out of it right to the core. It is fully used up and even the apple is happy to be used!

The first apple is like most people who drive on the highway for long distances or go to work in the morning, or do anything that is perceived to be tedious or difficult. They spend their time eying other drivers or complaining about delays. They may even get into accidents when they become careless or distressed, and swerve the wrong way. Or they may forget to feed themselves or stop for a break, and fall asleep at the wheel. Disaster can strike. This is not a happy scene.

2015-06-05 15.25.57

So instead of starting off on a trek with gloom and doom, with the agony of how long it is going to take, or what is awaiting us on the other side, why don’t we begin our journey like the first apple? Eager to be of service, and delicately and lovingly prepared. With a heart of service, and a feeling of delight to be used. With this kind of care the apple stays in good shape so that it can be eaten at just the right time. And we are always at the right place at the right time, and available for miracles, for happiness, and for joy.

When I am driving I look to the left and the right. I say prayers for everyone, including myself. Let me be of service. And if there is a delay or an issue, or even an accident, I send angels, I surround it with love, including all the people regardless whose mistake it is – even if it is my own!

At the border I got delayed, because of what I do. The man seemed friendly and full of curiosity about me, and so one question led to another until I found myself sitting in a little office off to the side with some other people, wondering what I could say or do differently. Then I remembered something more powerful that cleared the way: God is sending me where I need to be. He has prepared me, taken care of everything, and now I am sitting here resting, and all these people are not in my way – they are here with me. We are all in the same boat. Might as well enjoy it.

Furthermore, the security officer who was making me do all of this was actually caring for me too. As I opened my mind to this possibility, I could hear that very man, who sounded much more authoritative to me in the beginning of my stay there, say to his associate, “All of these people are being helped.” I thought about that: “helped”. He was doing a service too. This softened my heart toward him and I breathed a sigh of relief. He was just doing his job. Before I could pause too long, the man at the counter announced:

“Krista, you are good to go!”

California Santa Maria Day 2 074

Me enjoying a road trip in California in 2011

This is what it means to be happy, even when circumstances are not. We can transform ourselves, and even perceive others differently, affecting circumstances that we will never know, beyond our wildest dreams. We never know who or what our kindness and good thoughts will touch – even if unspoken. Even if we look like we are just sitting there resting, minding our own business. We can have thoughts of love.

Love saves the universe, and it saves time too. And it makes us happy, even when circumstances tell us not to be. We can be careful, we can be safe, but most of all, we can be happy.



P.S. By the end of that day, I arrived at my destination well spent, and marvelled at the beauty of the landscape and the palatial house that awaited me. My host greeted me by the door, helped me upstairs, and fed me a beautiful nighttime meal with fresh greens and soothing tea. We laughed and shared stories, and planned for the next wonderful adventures ahead! 🙂

What is Wisdom?


– channelled by Krista Moore

The ability to discern is based on true judgement, perception, ability, law, truth and justice. These are not to be confused with God – they are infused with Godly knowledge and the experiences of life which create opportunities to become more wise. Important for me is the ability to subdue the “passions” or emotions in an effort to use better judgement, based on intuitive knowing of the past, present and likely future. To subdue the ego, in other words, in favour of the spirit. That is divine wisdom and law as well.

I have acted desperately and have been prone to anger and averse reactions. My emotions get the better of me all the time. My task is to notice them and to breathe through them until they pass, and then to go deep within and ask, or know, where the truth lies. That is how I answer most of these questions. Sometimes I look outside myself, to the internet or books or CDs, or other teachings. But all of these together, become filtered through my consciousness and my awareness, and when I ask with the intention to have good judgement and be wise, better judgement and wisdom results. That is the path to wisdom.

Those who recognize wisdom know that it is not a common thing. When someone seems to understand or know things that the average person does not – when they do not jump to pettiness or judgement of others but have an ability to discern a case from many perspectives and see the bigger picture – that is wisdom – and from this positive action. If we do not take a moment to seek wisdom, we cheat ourselves and are a victim of emotion. Emotions are good to feel but are not a good judge of reality. We should not take them literally. Truth is unreal in this world, and no emotion points to it other than serenity –which is not an emotion at all but a true state of being. While in the illusion, we need wise teachers to point to another reality, and these are the wise ones we seek: the “Gurus” or enlightened beings.

It reminds me too that not all wise ones verbally teach. Some simply offer their presence, their serenity, their frequency, and uplift the others. Knowingness is silent, and does not pretend to know certain things. (worldly things). It just knows above and beyond all things (I am now getting into enlightenment, or Buddhahood or Christhood).

A realized one does not necessarily speak. They may exist on another plane, or simply exist to uplift and provide a beacon to others who are seeking. Their very presence stirs something beyond this world. A shift in consciousness is possible in their presence. We are not to kiss their feet (so to speak) but rise to their level of consciousness – they are pointers, not the “thing”. Jesus taught this by pointing to the Father, the One, he did not seek others to worship him; they sought him. He pointed to another reality, and started by teaching how to treat others in this one. Through love we ascend to oneness. We cannot ascend until we love each other. It is not every man (or woman) for himself. Forgivenss is the key. He taught with everyday language and used everyday symbols and situations to make it (fairly) obvious to those he was teaching. He pointed the way. His presence was also life-changing.

So this is a testament to my climb, or effort to reach and teach Buddhahood/Christ-Consciousness, and my human tendencies to destroy and condem and annihilate myself and others who upset me in any way. This battle can be observed instead of given in to. That is why they have brought me back to kundalini yoga and meditation. I will become an incredible observer, and a better teacher. I will be a better listener, and so a better witnesser, teacher, friend.

I will learn compassion, even for myself. I am getting better.

It is important to note that there is no wisdom without love. Love is true wisdom. Devotion and discernment. It sees the worthiness in everyone, and judges no one. It is calm and secure in the wisdom that all will be (elected) to be wise one day. All are worthy in God’s eyes. So wisdom and compassion are connected. When we discern, we discern with love and compassion, and this is what makes us wise.

Therefore there is no wisdom without love, and no judgement is true without wisdom. Wisdom is wise, and wisdom is true, and truth is always loving.


– Krista Moore