About Krista Moore

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Krista Moore is a professional actress, prolific writer, published author, speaker and teacher, dedicated to authentic self-expression and spiritual transformation. She is the creator of “Evolutionary Woman” Workshops and Circles, and the emerging “Miracles Network” ,  a Spiritual Community for those who are open to the possibility of spiritual transformation and miracles as a way of walking in the world.  

Krista studied acting with Actors’ Studio NY veteran Janine Manatis, starring in various independent short films (“God Inc”, “The Wake”), TV Movies (CBC “Victor”, Global “She Drives Me Crazy”), and as Host/Spokesperson on many national and international commercials which led to many travels and adventures.  Learning how actors’ exercises opened and changed her life, she collaborated on the book, “Actors’ Exercises for Everybody! now available online. She continues to use her creative work to access creative and spiritual potentials lying dormant waiting to be awakened within herself and those she teaches.

After her own spiritual awakening (read new series), she began to speak and represent the possibility of radical change and transformation for others, giving birth to her own spiritual path as a leader/speaker and transformational teacher.

Radiating her passion with an open heart and honest, engaging style, Krista seeks to liberate others through intuitive, spiritual talks, healing & empowerment circles and retreats; writings (Song of the Beloved: A Mystical Journey), and her popular 30 Days of Miracles” writing series. Her voice and presence resonate deeply with readers and audiences, as she continues to collaborate with other visionary, conscious creators who want to transform the world.

Krista is completing her studies as a Spiritual Director, holds an Hon. B.A. from the University of Toronto, and is a Metaphysical Hypnotherapist (CH) with a specialty in Past Life Regression therapy.  She is also a devoted teacher and student of the spiritual principles set forth in A Course in Miracles.


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