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Krista Moore Hon. B.A.,CH is a prolific writer, transformational teacher, speaker and healer, sharing her wisdom and creative talents, while gently and passionately guiding others on their own spiritual path to a more joyful, fulfilling life. She conducts inspirational seminars, workshops and retreats worldwide. She holds an Hon. B.A. from the University of Toronto, and is a certified Consulting Hypnotist and Spiritual Director, specializing in mediating metaphysical healing experiences and divine communications. She is also a devoted student and teacher of A Course in Miracles.



Krista’s Miraculous Journey…

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Krista was a truly intuitive and creative child, always in tune with the deeper mysteries of life. She was happy for the most part, but navigated her childhood and young adulthood like many other sensitive people do: she learned to adapt and get along, despite having these important but not always understandable gifts.

After achieving academic success and winning accolades for her creative talents in acting, she spent 10 years working in a highly competitive and technical environment, until she hit a wall and experienced intense anxiety and depression. She was desperate to find a better way…

Soon after new opportunities appeared and she found the support she needed to face her fears, make big changes, and live her creative dreams as a part-time actress and full-time mother, travelling the world and spending time with her family. She thought this was IT! She was living THE LIFE. But there was still something missing…

After the world trader centre crash and several personal losses, she was spurred to study A Course in Miracles.  Having been a seeker her whole life, she was now ready to find – to really answer the deeper mysteries of life, help her transform her painful and sometimes selfish thoughts and live from a state of pure Christ-consciousness and miracles. This was harder than you can imagine! She felt different inside, but still hesitated to really live her outer life from this growing state of awareness.

Then in 2009 while studying a screenwriting course in Southampton New York she experienced a sudden awakening that led to a progression of spiritual insights, signs, past-life memories and gentle but firm directives from God, Jesus and the angels to get on the spiritual path and live her true calling. Deep in her heart she knew this was true despite the success she had achieved so far. She knew that she was here to fulfill a much deeper purpose, to share her growing wisdom with people around the world.

She began to write about her experiences in her first published book of poetry (“Song of the Beloved: A Mystical Journey” ) and went truly public with Krista’s Little Book of Miracles” blog series. Becoming part of an international community of like-minded people was truly inspiring and life-saving, and her own leadership abilities shone brightly as she was invited to host/interview on many BlogTalk radio talk shows with some of her new friends and colleagues who are passionate about personal transformation.

caterpillar-to-butterflyCulling all her growing wisdom and natural talents, she created “Evolutionary Woman” Workshops and Circles in Toronto and worldwide, helping other women connect and grow, together.  This led to an invitation to teach both men and women at an annual retreat hosted by The Divine Destination Collection, followed by the miraculous shift to leading her own retreats worldwide, including her latest co-creation, the beautiful Mystical Tuscany Retreat!

She joins many others on the spiritual path, teaching and speaking in workshops and seminars with her powerful presence and inspirational messages, empowering  individuals and groups who are ready to experience their true spiritual nature and live miraculous, creative lives, spreading hope, joy and miracles all around the world…

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Affiliations & Memberships:

SDI Spiritual Directors International – Listed Spiritual Director, Toronto

National Guild of Hypnotists (U.S.) – NGH-Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

Attitudinal Healing International – Toronto Contact/Centre/Community

ACTRA – Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television & Radio Artists