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index“We like your cut of optimism!” 

– Huffington Post Canada




 – Deb Niven, CEO & Chief Visionary Officer, The Divine Destination Collection invited Krista to lead Transformational Workshops 3 years in a row in Muskoka, Canada



  “I’ve read enough ‘self-help’ books to fill a library, paid for enough workshops to build a beach house in Bali, but never ever have I experienced the breakdowns-breakthroughs I had with Krista Moore – every time she gets me right where I need it most. Thank you Krista for bringing the light at your Open to Spirit workshops. You’re a gift.”

– Shayne Traviss, Founder/Life Stylist at Vividlife.me followed by over 3 million subscribers, including Oprah Winfrey 



erin mcneil

  “A life-saver!  Krista created an environment that made me feel safe, comfortable and allowed me to express myself in ways that were not possible anywhere else. Life changing!”   

 – Erin McNeil, Senior VP Marketing & Advertising, Toronto, Canada


sherri moore

“Meeting you and seeing how graciously you work your miracles in a non-traditional way and also still through Christ… I found a new confidence and understanding of myself, life, and the energy that moves throughout the universe.  You have a special gift, my friend!”    

– Sherri Moore-Sam, Sales & Marketing Manager & Business Owner, Cincinnati, Ohio

santari green

“Krista has such a glorious melt-in-your-mouth voice that you know you will journey deeply with her. Take advantage of this opportunity without delay.” 

– Santari Green, Author, Visionary Coach, Co-Host/Interviewer, Burgess Hill, UK



“Since working with you last month, I personally have experienced a big difference in the amount I eat – I can feel the amount I am eating now is the amount I need. AND I have yet to crave anything, including chocolate!  I look and feel better already. I AM seeing the signs and successfully following them!!  We will be back, and recruiting others as well!”– Sarah Lewis, Geriatric Care Attendant & Holistic Health Student, Sault Ste. Marie, Canada



baby“I’d been trying to conceive for approximately 18 months. We had been to the doctors and fertility clinics and learned there was no reason we could not conceive and it was just a matter of it happening. For anyone who has had months of not being able to make a baby knows how frustrating this is. Each month I felt sad and frustrated that we could not make the one thing that I wanted so badly; baby #2. I tried to forget about. I tried to be grateful that I already had one and I tried to trust the universe that it would happen when it was meant to. Each of these conflicted with the desire of wanting another baby and not succeeding each month. 

It was a the middle of June, right around summer soltice that I met Krista for the second time. (The first time was two years prior and I felt such an honour to have met her). Mid-June, it’s late in the evening and we are under the stars. Krista and I are catching up. I’m in awe that we are sitting beside each other and connecting in energy so brilliantly. I share the experience of not being able to conceive and so eloquently Krista offers to help open some energy blocks. It was a freeing experience as if weight was lifted off my body. I spent the next few weeks feeling joy and freedom I had not felt in a long time. 

Krista and I met two weeks later where she performed some hands on healing. The experience was incredible and what stands out most was the precise moment that I felt a release in my abdomen, as if my uterus opened up. The next day I found out I was pregnant!

I truly believe it was Krista’s amazing work that had my dreams of conceiving another baby be realized. Krista’s energy work allowed my body and energy the freedom it needed to allow for the seeds of life to be planted. 

Krista, thank you for all that you do and who you are. You are an angel to me and someone with such a precious gift. Thank you for following your heart and energy and offering what you do to others. You make a difference in this world and I love you for that.”    – Val Dixon-Smith, Banking IT Professional, Toronto





“Amazing, illuminating, expansive session…. Thank you!”  – Sharon Steinberg, Toronto

“Thank you for sharing your light, love and wisdom with us, and all your positive and healing energy. Love” – Michelle Spring, Actress, Toronto

“AMAZING!!! Since our session last night, I slept better than I have in so long, and that pain/sorrow we identified is gone.” Paula Torneck-Richie, Retreat Host & Yoga Instructor, Richmond Hill, Canada


Allison-frame-216x300Having just started a new travel company that blends luxury, adventure and spirituality, we were looking for a ‘spiritual’ component to our inaugural trip to Muskoka. Krista Moore was the perfect choice to lead our 2 day Transformational Workshop. Her authenticity and subtle, casual style made it possible for people to feel comfortable and engaged. She beautifully bridged the gap between people who were just beginning their journey of personal growth and those who had been on the path for many years. Everyone came away from the sessions with a new ideas, concepts and an appreciation for themselves and those in their life.”  – Allison Frame, Chief Relationship Officer, The Divine Destination Collection.


IMG_1047 (2)“The Evolutionary Woman’s Circle is a wonderfully warm gathering where together we learn, we grow, and we evolve to our next best version of who we already are.

Based on much knowledge and wisdom, Krista has put together a gentle, engaging, and compassionate program. She has empathic leadership skills and is a wonder at opening up a beautiful space for women to connect, support, learn, and expand. Her energy, creativity, and sparkle have no bounds! She is genuine, open-hearted, and a woman of integrity.

What Krista offers is unique, empowering, and ahead of the curve. I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to tap in to this amazing venue. It has been pivotal!


– Marion Morrish, Evolutionary Woman Participant, Toronto


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