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Evolutionary Woman Workshop Q & A:


Q:  What is the purpose of this workshop?

A: This workshop is a personal discovery process made in the company of like-minded women. It is intended for those who are ready and wanting to transform and grow, together.


Q: What kinds of topics will we discuss?

A: We may cover topics like:


–        Self-Love and compassion

–        Power shifting into more abundant states (Law of Abundance!)

–        Identifying and using hidden talents and abilities

–        What you most want to do or create

–        Visioning the future based on your deepest desires

–        Creating evolutionary partnerships with women and communities to help support you on your journey


Q: Will I have to share personal things in the workshop? 

A: There will be reflection questions, group discussion, and personal journaling. Sharing is done in a circle or partner format. However, the sharing is voluntary, and intended to help the participants process the material and see how it applies to their life in a positive way. Sharing is kept within the confines of the topic at hand, and the relevance to the group.  Although sharing may feel uncomfortable at first, I have found that women really blossom when they begin to share their hearts with one another. The intention is that we do our best connecting and growing together, not in isolation. For example, you may find that you become inspired by what someone said, or that something you said sparks another person’s insight. So, I believe this positively focused sharing can be extremely helpful and beneficial to the whole.



Q: Is it like therapy?

A: This workshop is focused on moving your life forward, not on fixing problems, per se. The facilitator guides the group on the topic at hand and offers questions, exercises, or group meditations to help the group experience a shift in awareness. Each person has a chance to share what it means for her, and how she might apply this awareness in her life. It is for those who are healthy and able to do this kind of introspective and group work and apply it in their daily lives. It is not intended to treat any mental illness or trauma, or to replace personal therapy. The workshop is not focused on personal issues or problems, however, if certain blocks come up and the person is willing, they can be used an opportunity to demonstrate a shift into a larger, more empowered perspective. Some exercises will be applied for this purpose.


Q: Will my privacy be respected?

A: In terms of trust and confidentiality, I distribute something called the “Shared Agreements” at the beginning of class.  It stipulates that any sharing be positively focused, supportive and loving, and that anything shared be kept in the strictest confidence.  As women come to know one another, this sacred trust becomes very tangible.

Your information is always protected and kept safe, and your name will never be published, unless through a testimonial you give your strict consent.


Q: Are there going to be visualizations or exercises?  What will we do there?

A:  Yes! We typically begin with a circle format, doing a meditation to ground and connect the group.  Then we move into the topic at hand, Q &A discussion, and may apply techniques to practice what we’ve learned. Occasionally, participants may be asked to get up on their feet and do gentle warm-ups, or do partner/group exercises (like “mirroring” or other role play techniques).  Krista may do closing meditations/visualizations and provide some audio resources to use at home.


Q: How many participants do you expect?

A:  That depends on the circle and location! But generally, as a guideline, somewhere between 8-12.  It can be smaller than this, but usually not too much bigger, as the groups tend to be intimate, allowing for more time to share and apply the exercises.


Q: What if I’m not sure, or not ready,  or too afraid to join?!

A:  It is perfectly natural to be a little unsure when embarking on something new! Most of the women feel that way when we begin. And.. what we are doing IS new!  However, once we’ve progressed a little while together, you may feel more at ease and quite bonded to some of the people in the group.

Ask yourself if you want to change or expand your life. It takes some commitment. Are you ready to fully participate?  Do you need this kind of guidance and support? You’ll know if you feel it resonating with you. And if you don’t, that’s OK too!  Better to be honest, and do what you want to do.  But if you DO want to, then let’s DIVE IN!

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!  Write to krista@kristamoore.com.

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