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Do You Have A Dream?…


Do You Have A Dream?


What do you dream of?…  


Do you dream of Tuscany?

of valleys, hills and soaring skies?

Of love, second chances, or long, long goodbyes?

Of silken fabrics flowing in the breeze,

a seaside village and majestic cypress trees?


What is your dream? What pulls you in at night?

What won’t let go and holds on tight?


To dream you must breathe, you must stop and relax…

You must pull up a chair, or lay down on your back

Stare up through the lens of your inner eye

Bask in the glow of an enormous blue sky…


Perhaps your dream is not a place at all

Perhaps it is a calling, a part of your soul

The part that won’t die and needs to hang on

A playwright, an actor, an orator, a song…

A mother, a teacher

Someone you’ve been all along.


Dust off your dreams and don’t let them go!

It is never too late to be the star of your show

Life begins when you do

Nothing can stop you now

Take off the blinders and start heeding your call!


Krista Moore is a Channel, Author, Speaker, Healer. Her latest podcast, “Do You Have a Dream?” airs live on BlogTalk radio Wed. Jan 10 at 7pm ET.

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Miraculous Self-Love Creation

This is an affirmation extraordinaire, one that washed over me like a giant realization, like a bright star, or a person standing in the middle of a river panning for gold and finding a golden nugget so powerful she wanted to share it with the world!


Do you ever feel like you have such a long way to go before you will ever be the person you want to be? Like your mistakes are who you are, and there is “so much more work to be done?”  Not too inspiring, huh!?!…..  🙂

Now consider this:  

Deep down you really are all that good that you suspect is true about you at the best of times, and that you have experienced in glimpses. And the LOVE inside of you never changes and is the only real thing going on…  

You don’t have to wait to have it all figured out before you can BE the LOVE that you ARE!

Even if you are not perfect, there is a part of you that is.  

This part is connected to everything that is good and true.  

It already knows what to do! 

But, knowing this is not enough. You have to access it and really FEEL it to GET it.  How?

To reach this part of you, try the following spoken-out-loud mantra (or positive affirmation), and adapt it to your own words until it resonates with a  big whopping YES! for you….

Time for a little SLC…   Miraculous SELF-LOVE CREATION!

Deeeeeep Breaths.  Put your hand on your heart and stand in strength. Speak these words (or vary) and really feel them until a new understanding starts to land for you….








Repeat as many times as necessary and breathe it in until you can FEEL it in your body…. 


Now, how does that feel?  

This is a huge Miracle of Self-LOVE just waiting to happen!  

Write to me and let me know how it affected you – you can write in the comments below, or send a message using the “Ask Krista” page above.  I would be happy to read your stories and share in the joy and FUN!  

Much Love with this Powerful Self-LOVE Creation! 🙂


                                                                   The Miracle Is You

It’s a Beautiful Day!

Remember that song by U2?  “It ‘s a Beautiful Day…  dont’ let it slip away!”  I heard it this morning,  after  hearing a radio announcer say it’s not only getting colder than ever, but it’s one of the most depressing days of the year (because people go back to work and school after the holidays).  Really?  

What I see is the sun shining strongly, after a night of yes cold, but beautiful flakes of snow and stars… and what is not beautiful and magical about that?

There has never been another January 6, 2014 – ever.  

And there has never been another You.

Don’t get me wrong, I was tempted too. It’s easy to crawl back into bed and say “no, no, no!….” and try to avoid the whole thing, to stay in the dark a little longer before facing the day.  But the moment I did, my job was to spread happiness to every soul in my family (including my dog, who didn’t need it, but I did ;)).  To walk my daughter to school and school her on how her attitude will turn her day around (and it did).  And to return home thinking, what can I do today to make this the brightest, happiest, most grateful day to be alive?

For one, I love talking to you.  It’s true! I love to write, and for those who think this is hard for me, you are gladly mistaken.  I love it!  I do it because it feels good, and because it’s God gift to me, and to you.  So, on this most happy and beautiful of days, what did God bless you with? What did he give you to give?  Is it your smile, your sense of humour? Your talent at work? Your love of home and family? Whatever it is, it is yours, it is beautiful, and it is good. Give!

Thank you for being who you are, for living a life that is beautiful and good, for turning the clouds into the most beautiful sparkling everlasting expression of love the universe has ever seen – rival only to the sparkle in your eyes.

Much love to all and most Beautiful of Days! 🙂


    The Miracle Is You




P.S. More Playlist recommendations:  “Beautiful Day – U2”, “Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves”, and one of my very faves:  “Heart of Gold – Neil Young”. Much love to all! 🙂



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“We like your cut of optimism!” – HuffPost Canada

We are Powerful Co-Creators

What are you connected to?  If you thought about it, you’d realize all the amazing connections you have. Not just business connections, but family connections, spiritual life-changing energy connections, old friends and new. Perhaps even old ones you know newly.  Fresh takes and literal heartbreaks.  

.And then… there’s YOU.  


Your antenna rising, your thoughts and decisions melding and forming all that you say and do.  

The people you don’t know and the people you relate to 

All your dreams and visions come true

And many hesitations, missteps and failings, too.

And there is still, YOU.

Each of us carries this wild and amazing power to greet each day with unbeknownst intention and energy.  

There is a powerful co-creator in you!

Feel it?  The energy rising, the turn tiding, the riding of electric storms passing.  And then, there’s YOU.

All of it, on top of it, ever aware of it, the passing unfair of it, the amazing unfolding of it,

The “I can’t believe it but it’s TRUE!”  YOU.  

Seeing and feeling it, knowing and guiding it, landing and framing it for the Good of  All who see it, too!  

Can you ever get enough of it, why would you ever want to?

The rise and fall of it, on top of it all of it, so much I can’t stop it nor do I want to.  

I don’t have the answer to it, nor do I care to, but still must seek it and see if I want to.  

The come and the go of it, the yes and the no of it, the no I don’t want to and YES I DO!  

The MORE and the MORE of it, the hope and the show of it, the safe and the slow of it, the fast and the GO of it!  

Do you KNOW what you KNOW of it, the more that you SHOW of it, the more that you FLOW with it,  

the more that you GO with it?  

It never, ever ends, the saltry-slippery ends of it, the wishy-washy blend of it, the startling, heart-gripping friend of it.

It wants you to blend with it, write the sky and zen with it, the never-ending friend of it, the lucky, zip-zappity-end of it.


And that’s the Amen of it!


Amen. 🙂



Photo Credit: “Starlight” © Clarita | Dreamstime Stock Photos



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Krista Moore is a gifted writer, actress, speaker and healer, dedicated to transformation.  She is the creator of Evolutionary Woman workshops and circles, and the Miracle Network “Summer of Miracles” on this website.  She is also a certified Metaphysical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Direction (intern).  She lives with her family in Toronto.

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The Miracle of Big Shifts with Adela Rubio

This morning I had the privilege of interviewing one of my mentors, Adela Rubio, an evolutionary change agent, and creator of  online “Conscious Energy Shifts” (where I met her), “Enlightened Listbuilding”, and her more recent “Big Shifts” 21-day adventure, “navigating massive change with power and grace”. 

Adela is still navigating the waves of transformation in her world after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey last year, and an electrical fire completely took out her home last February, leaving no area of her life or family untouched.


I always love talking to Adela because everything ends up in fits and giggles, even the most serious and poignant lessons.  She has learned to not only navigate change, but Invoke evolutionary shifts in consciousness with a sense of joy and gratitude (a gift likely from birth that she had to relearn, practice and now teach in adulthood).

An innate “Feeler-Senser-Knower”, Adela moooves consciousness, with words, partnerships, community and her business, taking those with her for the biggest, brightest evolutionary LEAP! of their lives (And there ain’t no turnin’ back from that!)

Unlike most people, who see devastation when reacting to a tragedy or loss, Adela oozes with potential – and only momentary glimmers of the painful self-doubt, grief and shame that accompany most big shifts.  Though she has her share of painful moments and still mourns the loss of her home and some of the relationships that were centered around it, she embraces the new with divine relish and determination.


LISTEN TO INTERVIEW: Krista Moore with Adela Rubio “Big Shifts”

Lightning by Matt McGee

Lightning by Matt McGee


Like a hyper-alert animal in the wild, Adela senses and feels change coming long before others may notice anything.  Many “inner shifts” and knowings occurred long before the big outer shift shook her world.  At least a year before, she longed to move out of the house she was living in.  She invoked it.  She wanted to be closer to the trees, with a space of her own.  But based on old agreements and loyalties to family (likely from childhood) that turned into unwritten roles and responsibilities, she became the caretaker or “helper” of the family, looking after aging parents and balancing the needs of everyone. Her own knowing of what works best for her took a back seat. But not for long…

After the electrical fire, she explains how everything became clearer.  In the midst of chaos, she could feel the “divine download” of “what’s true” and what no longer served her or anyone.  Lives became instantly re-arranged without any effort or strain on her part.  Yes, things have to be moved, and practical details tended to, but the inner shift, the true connection to what is, and what was really going on under the surface, was ever present and  pulsating within her.  She just “got it”. 

Out of the fire came many gifts:  Her family moved out, and within a few months, she was living again with her grown daughter, whom she adores, and enjoying her grandchildren.  Some relationships were let go of (for now), while others unexpectedly bloomed or became supportive and helpful (including an ex!).  Offers poured in for every kind of help or necessity. Business partners gifted her without wanting anything in return (In fact, she had to learn how to receive all this outpouring of love and support coming her way!) 

When asked how she is doing by well-wishers, she responds with enthusiasm, “I’m doing fabulous.  I’m feeling glorious about this!”  Because she knows something didn’t just happen to her, she is a co-creator, an adventurer, and life is her playground.

Adela is a master at moving from pain to possibility.  And she insists on doing it with happiness and a spirit of play, for that is what attracts and opens us up to the good (which is everywhere-always-present!).  Not all days are easy, however, and she doesn’t have all the answers to what the future will bring, but with her unflappable will, positive attitude and light-filled energy, I am sure the miracles will continue to burst out like bubbles all around her.  (And there are plenty of people who want to join her on in that playground 😉



At the heart of her message, she teaches we have the power, to illicit change, and gracefully navigate change in our world.  We are always at choice.  That is our power point of possibility. 

You are It! 

Whatever happens to us, whether it be death, divorce, failure or personal tragedy, or even a natural disaster, we are not victims.  It is not ‘personal’. When we make it all about “us”, we are bound to suffer.  But when we can translate that pain and suffering into something marvelous, something unexpected, unknown and new, we can use our lives to help empower others, and truly be the magnificent co-creators we were born to be.  Then the earth and the world moves with us. Then the miracles ‘show up’ not only in our lives, but in others, too. 

Then we can really say, The Miracle is You!


Thank you Adela, for sharing your Big Shift with us. And for being a powerful part of mine. 




P.S. Are you going through a Big Shift?  Let us help you navigate it with ease and grace.  Adela can be reached at, and I can be reached at Get In Touch.









The Dream of Impossibility

I have a friend who strongly believes in pursuing the ‘impossible’.  If it isn’t ‘impossible’, it isn’t worth pursuing. 

Much like Joseph (and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat), one of the favoured sons of Jacob in the Bible (Book of Genesis).  Joseph had two dreams or visions that he would one day rule over all the land and his own brothers would bow down to him. Joseph’s father, Jacob loved him so much he put a beautiful robe of many colors over him, which made his brothers hate him even more…

One day while Joseph was out, and his brothers followed him and plotted to kill him, until Reuben, the eldest brother, advised they preserve his life by hiding him in a cistern instead, and then selling him as a slave to the Egyptians. So they did.

Joseph was held in Egypt and became a loyal ‘slave’ or servant in one household, until he was falsely accused by a vindictive wife and sent to prison.  All seemed lost until one day the Pharoah heard that Joseph could interpret dreams. 

The Pharoah brought Joseph to him, and when Joseph predicted how he could preserve the people from 7 years of drought by saving some of the grain during the abundant season, his good advice and industriousness landed him the prized position as ruler over all of Egypt, only second to Pharaoh.

Now Joseph managed all the grain in Egypt and when the seven years of abundance were over, everyone came to him to purchase the grain in store.  Including his brothers from Canaan.

After testing his brothers many times and sending them away to get his youngest brother Benjamin (to supposedly be used as ransom), Joseph received his brothers at the palace once more and watched them bow down to him begging for mercy. 

Joseph broke down and wept at the sight of his youngest brother Benjamin, and finally revealed his true identity to his brothers who rejoiced that he lived.

The brothers returned to Canaan to retrieve their father Jacob and all of his descendents.  The Pharaoh agreed to let Joseph give his people the best land in Goshen.  There they settled and became a great people.

Jacob's grief at the 'death' of Joseph. Giovanni Andrea de Ferarri 1640

Jacob’s grief at the ‘death’ of Joseph. Giovanni Andrea de Ferarri 1640


Can you imagine his father Jacob’s surprise when his brothers came to him and said Joseph still lives? 

Jacob was ready to ‘lay his grey head down to the ground’ and die of grief , but instead, he is brought face to face with the son he loves, Joseph, and his people are given everything.


What is so amazing about this story is not so much that Joseph became a great leader over his own brothers and people (as his dreams predicted), for there is many a man who has become King by force or fury, and not necessarily a good one. 

No, it is because Joseph shows wisdom and mercy that he becomes a great King over the Egyptians and the Israelites.  It is because he uses reason and tests the will and character of his people, both good and bad, and lets them be redeemed.

Joseph forgives his brothers and restores his family.


That is what makes this such a magnificent story,

where impossibility meets sheer will, wisdom, mercy and love.


My friend stands before his own dream of impossibility.  Where others try to beat him down and falsely accuse him, he is only spurred on to pursue the truth.  Where those who oppose him do not understand his reason, he sees clearly.  Where others tell him to give up and scorn him, he smiles and knows that God will win.

Thank you, my friend, for your wisdom and courage, and for instilling in me the Dream of Impossibility.



P.S.  What is your Dream of Impossibility?  What is it that makes you want to pursue and accept the challenges that may befall you?  Share your dreams here.  You can write to me, or write your comments below.


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Krista Moore is a gifted writer, speaker and intuitive healer, certified in Metaphysical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Direction (intern).  Book a Private session by Phone/Skype or in person, or a Group talk.

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Expand Your View

What happens when we divest ourselves of what’s past, and engage with what’s present?  Our awareness expands and shows us something new. The miracle is that there are no thorns in that.

When we are free, our awareness guides and glides us to what is best, what lives, what breathes. And what only open us up… to everything.

Top Photo: Paul Tuttle, Mountains at Lake Louise

After one mountain has been climbed there is usually another. Some people talk of the valley, and lo! how I have been there at times. I would much rather be climbing the mountain, than finding my way in the nestled trees and dark cover of the valley.  I would rather climb up and grab onto their massive hearty trunks as I pull myself up higher and higher, finding my foothold.  My breath.

There is nothing like overcoming an obstacle and receiving your reward.  If it is too easy, there is nothing to celebrate, nothing to be glad about. If it was always there, it wasn’t worth reaching for in the first place.  But if it was hard at times, out of sight, and it pushed you to your limits, and it taught you something new, then it is worth having and holding on to.

Life is not to be a struggle.  Far from it. It is to challenge and engage us with all we’ve got, to force us at times to let go of what’s not, and reach for something higher, saner, bigger. More beautiful. More holy.  Forgiven.  The grace that comes from that flight, that fight at times, that airless breezeless gift, that momentary levitation, is worth all the lessons in the world.

. 33405402_ae9c3f37dc_z flickr awe inspiring photo sharing

To taste that momentary awareness of everything, of

greatness, of limitlessness, of YES,

is priceless.


What could you let go of that wasn’t yours in the first place?

What could you open your mind and thought to, a hidden glimpse of what is possible in you?

What would you see if you reached a little higher?


The sound that you hear when you reach that corridor, that skyline, that place inside that says “I can’t believe it. I’m here. I made it!” is pure magic. A silent hum descends in your consciousness, like a delicious soup warming your mouth, free floating bees hovering over naked flowers, a priest about to speak.  The anticipation is wild, and the taste breathtaking. 

The earth quakes when we move. Not in the literal sense with disruption and alarm, though sometimes that happens in the process.  But it moves with us, anticipates. It opens up to embrace us as we journey out.  It greets us with amazing vistas. It teaches us to be humble in the midst of chaos.  It knows where we are going even if we do not.

The universe is the same. What magic comes when we look up at the stars, when we venture beyond the known lights of the city and see what is really there that we hadn’t even noticed before?  What happens when we close our eyes and imagine even more…

There is a limitless place we can go where we rise higher than before, see more, do more, become more, have more, and yet be attached to nothing.  Because the more we go into this limitless awareness, the less we want to drag our heels, or anything else, behind us. We want to leap forward! keep going and expanding, growing, seeing where we are going, see what’s around each corner.  Each corridor. Each door. Waiting for us to be opened…

Celestial Door. Photo: Anthony Cozza.

Celestial Door. Photo: Anthony Cozza.


Open that door. That silent gate asking you to come and participate.

What is waiting on the other side of it?


What would you see if you stopped looking on the ground?

What would you know if you closed your eyes and asked to really go there?

Who would you meet if you allowed yourself to greet each day with “what’s new?”


What would that look like – to welcome this new awareness into your being every day?  To delight in what’s new and play? It could be a new friend to greet.  A new opportunity.  A house larger or more beautiful than you expected.  A hidden sanctuary.  A demand to seek more and receive.  A party of hidden players ready to play with you. 

Whatever your mountain is, your expanded view, open your arms and go for it. See what’s inside of you.  Wherever that breezeless, limitless gift resides in you, reach for it, implore it, become it, venture towards it. Know it. Let it be more manifold in you.

Like “A Room with a View”, our vision will expand to include things we hadn’t seen before. And then we will know what all the fuss was for. We will be infused. Made new. And our wanderings make perfect sense.  Clarity comes. We are awake. And we have more to think and do.


Find that expanded view.

Find what is waiting for you.



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Krista Moore is a gifted writer, speaker and intuitive healer, certified in Metaphysical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Direction (intern).  Book a Private session by Phone/Skype or in person, or a Group talk.

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Hope, Meet Faith

stock-video-15524888-beach-montageThere is not much sense in having hope for something, if we don’t have faith.  If I hope the future will get better, but don’t really believe it will, and don’t act on my faith, nothing happens.  The miracle is in you – remember?  It’s a gift, but it has to be activated by your recognition and faithfulness in it, like receiving and opening a present.

There have been times when I lost connection to the faith inside of me.  I still had hope, but I lacked the faith to keep going.  After a run of success and new opportunity, my well seemed to dry up.  I stopped doing what I came to do, and started worrying again.  I temporarily stopped believing in myself.

I was also frightened that I couldn’t do what I had begun to successfully do, like it was some kind of trick or magic show that couldn’t be repeated, or that it was just luck or by accident (it wasn’t). Like I was a participant rather than the magician.

I forgot to invite the magic in, Faith, to wave my wand and make it so.

Luckily God does not put us on this planet alone (some people think that’s the problem, but I’m not one of them!).

Thank God for true friends, seers and knowers who see the light in you.  Thank God you are not alone and that your will is not just your own. That others see it and feel it and know it too.  And even if they don’t, God sees you.  If you question yourself, your Friends will question that doubter inside of you.

We are given more than one Friend.  Hope is one.  Faith another.

Hope says it can be done.

Faith says, it WILL be done.

And Love says… It IS DONE!

The first is necessary to even see what is possible, to lift us from the wreckage of where we were and see another shore, another promise to reach for.

The second teaches us to be disciplined in our actions and words, and to be careful what we let into our life so we don’t get distracted, or worse, lose our will altogether.  There are tricksters on the path as well. Faith keeps us focused so we won’t go wrong.

The third is the miracle of love which transforms possibility into reality through the power of God inside of us and those we love.  With Love, no hope or faith are necessary.  It is already true. Like the birth of a baby, it is already manifest within just a moment or two since inception, or however long it takes, to show up in our reality.  We know it is true, because we feel it inside of us!  It is only a matter of months for this miracle to show us that our hope and faith were justified, and our love is forever true.

What gives us faith when hope is dwindling?  A knock on the door.  A surprise visit.  A stone found on the shore that reminds us of something. A voice remembered once stolen from our memory and replaced with another.  The silent one who comes in and teaches us to begin again. A step in the right direction.

Never give up trying, never forget what you’ve been given.  Never stop walking toward something you know in your heart is good.

We can get lost in the deepest well, or wade out too far in the ocean.  We have to remember where our legs are, and where we have traction to move.  We can only swim so long.  We have to get up and walk the path we are on.

How do we do this?

We can COMMAND our fear to step aside. 

We can ASK for a greater understanding. 

We can DO what needs to be done.

Our gifts are inside us. But they need to be activated by hope and faith to be given in the way that gives us back everything we gave.

You see, we cannot truly be happy until we give what is inside of us – our truest, most sacred gifts – ourselves.

And when we do that, the most amazing things happen.  We not only have what we want, but we are now the wayshowers of hope and faith others can rely on to access those gifts themselves.