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Miracles with Dementia

Is it possible to reach those who seem to be losing their memories, their very identity as they/we knew it before? I knew a woman a few years back, a close family friend, who we all adored. She was spunky, social, vibrant and tall, wore red nail polish wherever she would go, and matching shoes. She loved to celebrate with family and friends, and she was always game for a party, with a sunshine smile on her face.
Aileen was then diagnosed with dementia, and this was not something she was willing to accept.  None of us could believe it. How could she lose any of her amazing vibrant personality?  In truth, she didn’t. She lost her memory, she got confused, but I still saw the same Aileen shine through the cracks of mental awareness. I encouraged her to accept her diagnosis as not changing who she really was. And that seemed to make her smile. She did get moved to a long term care facility, as she began to be a harm to herself (leaving the stove on etc.), and I visited a couple of times. It was sad to see her go. I did the best I could, but it was heart-breaking to see my friend lose her home.
What it taught me was that even with a diagnosis like dementia or Alzheimer’s, someone can still thrive as much as possible with the love of family and friends. Aileen lost her ability to organize her time or remember who visited, but she did not lose her ability to smile. She got confused and a little embarrassed when she didn’t look quite right, but with my loving hand, and encouragement, it didn’t seem to matter much anymore. We could still talk, and I could try to love her, and protect her, and make her feel safe and know that all was really well.
I heard that her last day on earth was spent at a family visit to her daughter’s where they had a riding lawn mower contest and Aileen won! That night she returned to her care facility and died of a heart attack, in some way spared from any further deterioration, leaving a lasting impression of love with her family and friends.
I have always felt it is important to honour the elders in our lives, whether they are fully functioning or not. They are filled with stories, with love, with devotion, if only we will listen. And they love to hear ours as well! To bring along pictures or music, to sing, to dance – all is still possible with love.
This talk I am hosting next Monday August 10, given by Michael Verde, is about all that. “Love is Listening” is really a command to love one another, more fully, more powerfully than we ever thought possible.  When we don’t have the answers, when we don’t have the cure, we have love. We have our arms, our hears, our smiles, or patience, our gifts, our songs, and our faith that something else, something deeper and more beautiful is really going on.  Love is love. Regardless how we age, or how we die.
And “Love one another” is the most important command of all.
Krista Moore is hosting a talk provided by Memory Bridge, a non-profit organization in the States dedicated to ending the social and emotional isolation of individuals with dementia. Michael Verde, Founder and educator, will be presenting this talk for 2 hours, including a valuable Q&A in which you can get your specific questions answered. He is the creator of the PBS documentary “There is a Bridge”. Talk Mon. August 10, 2-4pm. Toronto Reference Library. Tickets $25 at the door or purchase online.  For more information or advance tickets, go to her event page at, or to the Memory Bridge Foundation website at 

The Miracle of Big Shifts with Adela Rubio

This morning I had the privilege of interviewing one of my mentors, Adela Rubio, an evolutionary change agent, and creator of  online “Conscious Energy Shifts” (where I met her), “Enlightened Listbuilding”, and her more recent “Big Shifts” 21-day adventure, “navigating massive change with power and grace”. 

Adela is still navigating the waves of transformation in her world after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey last year, and an electrical fire completely took out her home last February, leaving no area of her life or family untouched.


I always love talking to Adela because everything ends up in fits and giggles, even the most serious and poignant lessons.  She has learned to not only navigate change, but Invoke evolutionary shifts in consciousness with a sense of joy and gratitude (a gift likely from birth that she had to relearn, practice and now teach in adulthood).

An innate “Feeler-Senser-Knower”, Adela moooves consciousness, with words, partnerships, community and her business, taking those with her for the biggest, brightest evolutionary LEAP! of their lives (And there ain’t no turnin’ back from that!)

Unlike most people, who see devastation when reacting to a tragedy or loss, Adela oozes with potential – and only momentary glimmers of the painful self-doubt, grief and shame that accompany most big shifts.  Though she has her share of painful moments and still mourns the loss of her home and some of the relationships that were centered around it, she embraces the new with divine relish and determination.


LISTEN TO INTERVIEW: Krista Moore with Adela Rubio “Big Shifts”

Lightning by Matt McGee

Lightning by Matt McGee


Like a hyper-alert animal in the wild, Adela senses and feels change coming long before others may notice anything.  Many “inner shifts” and knowings occurred long before the big outer shift shook her world.  At least a year before, she longed to move out of the house she was living in.  She invoked it.  She wanted to be closer to the trees, with a space of her own.  But based on old agreements and loyalties to family (likely from childhood) that turned into unwritten roles and responsibilities, she became the caretaker or “helper” of the family, looking after aging parents and balancing the needs of everyone. Her own knowing of what works best for her took a back seat. But not for long…

After the electrical fire, she explains how everything became clearer.  In the midst of chaos, she could feel the “divine download” of “what’s true” and what no longer served her or anyone.  Lives became instantly re-arranged without any effort or strain on her part.  Yes, things have to be moved, and practical details tended to, but the inner shift, the true connection to what is, and what was really going on under the surface, was ever present and  pulsating within her.  She just “got it”. 

Out of the fire came many gifts:  Her family moved out, and within a few months, she was living again with her grown daughter, whom she adores, and enjoying her grandchildren.  Some relationships were let go of (for now), while others unexpectedly bloomed or became supportive and helpful (including an ex!).  Offers poured in for every kind of help or necessity. Business partners gifted her without wanting anything in return (In fact, she had to learn how to receive all this outpouring of love and support coming her way!) 

When asked how she is doing by well-wishers, she responds with enthusiasm, “I’m doing fabulous.  I’m feeling glorious about this!”  Because she knows something didn’t just happen to her, she is a co-creator, an adventurer, and life is her playground.

Adela is a master at moving from pain to possibility.  And she insists on doing it with happiness and a spirit of play, for that is what attracts and opens us up to the good (which is everywhere-always-present!).  Not all days are easy, however, and she doesn’t have all the answers to what the future will bring, but with her unflappable will, positive attitude and light-filled energy, I am sure the miracles will continue to burst out like bubbles all around her.  (And there are plenty of people who want to join her on in that playground 😉



At the heart of her message, she teaches we have the power, to illicit change, and gracefully navigate change in our world.  We are always at choice.  That is our power point of possibility. 

You are It! 

Whatever happens to us, whether it be death, divorce, failure or personal tragedy, or even a natural disaster, we are not victims.  It is not ‘personal’. When we make it all about “us”, we are bound to suffer.  But when we can translate that pain and suffering into something marvelous, something unexpected, unknown and new, we can use our lives to help empower others, and truly be the magnificent co-creators we were born to be.  Then the earth and the world moves with us. Then the miracles ‘show up’ not only in our lives, but in others, too. 

Then we can really say, The Miracle is You!


Thank you Adela, for sharing your Big Shift with us. And for being a powerful part of mine. 




P.S. Are you going through a Big Shift?  Let us help you navigate it with ease and grace.  Adela can be reached at, and I can be reached at Get In Touch.









Engaging the Wonder of Life

How do you engage with life when encountering a physical challenge?  Do you feel it is a difficult experience to navigate, or a joyful one?

Today’s blog post was inspired by a conversation with the miraculous and visionary writer and transformer, Santari Green from the UK who is overcoming some physical challenges of his own.  Pictures by Krista Moore.

There is nothing more healing than recognizing the wonder of life, and feeling yourself as a boundless and intricate part of it. Dare I say, as all of it. As you look out from your own eyes and see a bee float by, you are becoming soft like the bee.  You forget yourself for a moment as a separate entity. In that moment there is no sickness or dis-ease.  There is only eternity.


LISTEN: >>>  Santari Green and Krista Moore on Healing & Attunement 



In this inspiring dialogue, Santari shares what it means to him to go through physical challenge.  Re-interpreting or “re-negotiating” life in ways that empower and expand your mind beyond the boundaries once perceived as a “problem”.

Santari Green


“I had to really form my own conclusions of what it was that I was experiencing.  Examining the physical for some sort of clue, some sort of link or purpose and meaning, really takes you on a journey.  It’s a journey of asking questions, it’s a journey of explorations, a journey of deciding for yourself what’s true, and how what you’re learning from the experience could become a part of the larger movement of experiences in the world which then becomes a cultural experience.”

– Santari Green


Becoming more and more curious with life, he engages with what his body is saying, what he feels, listening to what others are saying, trusting what he is getting and interpreting out of the experience with life in its fullness and wonder.  Until he no longer feels it is a challenge or a problem, but a complex yet simple experience of energy always moving and changing and growing.


IMG_1857You have the power to change the experience – line things up. 

    Decide who you are going to be now.”

                                                                                                                    – Santari Green

 In my words, his dis-ease or problem is not a “fixed” state, but a constant ever-changing and flowing collaboration, containing profound messages and insights which propel him on a journey.  His awareness grows as he learns more and more that he is an ever-expanding being, a part of the cosmos, a part of eternity.  No longer fixed to a body, but deeply engaged with it, he becomes aware of himself not just as a human being, but as an eternal one.

 As we spoke I became more and more aware of myself as a connected part of what he was saying, until our thoughts seemed to become “attuned”.  This attunement, he says, is part of the ever-expanding awareness of ourselves as part of the bigger picture.  Although we have a separate identity in thought at times, sometimes these thoughts can combine and create new forms, new energies that catapult us to the next level.  When we become attuned with life and each other, the next leap in our consciousness takes flight and we are reborn into something new.

“I grow myself.  We are growing ourselves newly.”

Pillared building in Boston

  A new foundation stone is being laid in our minds.  A new way of being that is not limited by any physical sense or mental challenge.  We can supersede all of that, not by bypassing it, but by incorporating it as part of the plan that is unfolding, that we are participating in.  We can dance with it.   And as that foundation stone of the most “delicious acceptance” of everything and everyone buoys us up, new pillars of strength and collaboration rise up, and a new way being in the world.

Santari delights in the “wonderment of life” even through his physical challenges.  And as I began to see through his expanded eyes and become immersed in the conversation, I said our  job is to never stop the conversation with life. He told me to write these in BIG CAPS:


Thank you, Santari!


 For more wondrous conversation, listen to the dialogue above. And if you would like to add something to the pot, by all means, write to me, or contact Santari, or add your comments below. 🙂

Thank you for joining the conversation!



krista headshot outside


Krista Moore is a gifted writer, speaker and intuitive healer, certified in Metaphysical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Direction (intern).  Book a Private session by Phone/Skype or in person, or a Group talk.

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Miracles are Everywhere!

Enjoyed a brilliant talk with Tash Jefferies yesterday, clarifying what a miracle is, and what it can be in this world. And we experienced a miracle of shifting our energy  into a miraculous state. 

One viewer, Erin, wrote:

“Miracles are assistance, reassurance, a long awaited answer to a burning question, a door opened…”

Another viewer said:

“I believe in miracles! The meditation was amazing!”

She was able to visualize and go to those realms, and when she returned she was filled with positive energy to the point of giggling.  She was able to then imagine overcoming the challenges of the past and the future by knowing she is the miracle, today.  A limitless being. I can’t wait to hear what shows up for her!

Don’t take it from us.  Watch the clip:



Add Your Light to the World! Video

November 2012 – Krista talks with Tash Jefferies about “Empowerment” and “Shining Your Light in the World”.  Spreecast Video interview with live guests – FREE REPLAY BELOW:  (Sorry, Spreecast lost the video!)


Miracle 29: BEING The Miracle with Tash Jefferies

Tash Jefferies, Green Minutes Founder


I just finished an exuberant, heart-felt and miraculous conversation with Green Minutes Canada founder and author, Tash Jefferies She poured her heart out, telling her story of going from welfare and illness, and the death of loves ones, to a miraculous life where she is serving others with her message of hope and LOVE for each other and the planet.

LISTEN to Tash and Krista on “BEING a Miracle” (.mp3)


How did she transform?  Here are the “HIGH”-“LIGHTS”:


1.  BLESSINGS EVERY DAY – Awaking each morning and thinking on the miracles of every relationship she has ever encountered, lost loved ones whom she still cherishes and is still connected to in spirit (eternal – infinite), and her own spiritual gifts she is living RIGHT NOW.

Count each blessing, ruminate on it, let it fill your mind with peace and gratitude until it overflows and must be expressed in the world!


2.  TALK TO STRANGERS There are no strangers in Tash’s world!  She is a LOVING BEACON to all, to the homeless man on the street, the lovely woman in a crowded room, the lonely one, the wallflower no one talks to. She will say a kind word and spread the love no matter what, no matter who, without a care for how they respond. Not surprisingly, she is flooded with MORE gratitude and MORE LOVE from others whom she has touched! She records their lives and messages in her journal so she will never forget the gifts she gave and was given.


3. THE EMPTY JAR –  Tash has a large pickle jar in her office. It is empty. Why?  Because it is a tool to visualize the wealth and abundance of the present moment – it is filled only with possibility, with no past records of failures or faults.   It is a constant reminder to begin again, RIGHT NOW.

Nothing in your past can harm you, nothing now. Whenever you get bugged by something, or feel like a failure, look at that jar or clean slate on the wall and remember:  The past is gone, it can touch me not. I AM WHO I AM, and I can begin again RIGHT NOW!  The power is in constant renewal.


 4. LIVING SIMPLY    When you focus on the power of the Spirit within you and live your life with integrity and honesty, and simply want to help spread a message of LOVE, you don’t need so  much stuff!  Tash knows coming from times of hardship, having lived through welfare, illness and the death of loved ones.  The abundance is within you! And ironically, when you GIVE instead of focusing on getting, more comes to your aid in the physical/material as well! All your needs are taken care of.


5. JUST DO IT!  Having lived through hardship and defining herself a certain way growing up (shy, wallflower, soft spoken), Tash never knew herself to be as she is now. But something inside her was meant to be – her mother called it a “gift”, and now she is living it. How did she find the courage?  She wakes up every morning and says, I am not who I was, or what other people say about me.  “YOU ARE WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE NOW. NOBODY ELSE CAN DECIDE THAT FOR YOU.  JUST GO OUT AND DO IT!”


#1 KEY:    BE LOVING. Period. People are not giving enough. That is why they are depleted and stressed. GIVE MORE! You will receive more than you could ever hold. She said people only have 2 real needs, which are really the #:  “To be loved, and to feel appreciated /recognized as having value – that their life matters. When you give this love, you receive the same. The rewards are immense.

LISTEN to Tash and Krista on “BEING a Miracle”

Thank you Tash for this wonderful gift. That more might listen, send this message to everyone!




Miracle 24: “Beacon of Hope” Audio GIFT


Today I had a conversation with Spirituality Life Coach, Nat Couropmitree in which we talked about going from “Not-Enough to Self-Love” or empowerment. Although my own story shed light on what it was all about for me, it wasn’t until I let go and let the light flow that my true message came through.  It wasn’t about me. This was for everyone.

Here is a free Audio meditation I did for you inspired by today’s message:

LISTEN:  Beacon of Hope Light Meditation by Krista Moore July 2012 (mp3 download)


And a Prayer to Light the Way:

I walk as a beacon of hope for others whose light stands in the way of darkness,

who cannot see, who hide and cannot find their way

I walk as a beacon of light hoping that those who cannot see will come to meet me and

See that I light their way

I walk as a beacon of light

Hiding mine as well at times, and knowing

That as I shine forth and ask for forgiveness, and a great task,

One will be given me.


There are those who seem to walk alone,

Who have no currency the world wants

And yet, they walk with me

And I with them.

They are not dark, but light

I am certain

I can see

I am determined to be that light for them

As they are for me

We walk together

Knowing this light cannot be

Without being shared,

Without direct currency from the One who knows

The One who sees

The One who purposes it

And Gives it All to All and One for One


And So it Is



Affirmation:  Let me be a Beacon of Hope, so that as my light shines, it lights the way for others. As they remember who they are and see, they become a Beacon of Hope like me. 

LISTEN: A Radiant Beam of Light

Listen in to a conversation between Krista Moore and Tash Jefferies, creator of Green Minutes Canada as they open to the light and let it pour through. Electric!

Listen to internet radio with Green Minutes Canada on Blog Talk Radio

Lightning by Matt McGee