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Miracles Show UP when YOU Do!

We have lift off!  Yesterday I felt more like a deflated balloon hovering close to the ground. A personal problem plagued me as I contemplated ad nauseum possible solutions.  Inspiration was a slow drip rather than a full wild water ride.  I had slowed down because my energy had been stopped up with too much thinking!!  Not enough being in the world!

I had to SHOW UP and change things around!

So…  I poured myself out, slowly at first, all the old crap and some good, honest insights.  I prayed for truth.  I gave it up and asked for a miracle.

As I sat under my beloved maple tree, the answer came to me in the form of a person come to pull me out of my misery!  What I thought was lost was found again.  Even though I still steamed and wanted to be in that hopeless state (at least sure of my unsureness), I was not yet willing to give up my defense.

Until I relented. Please, he said. Give up that.  Just for now.  Let’s just be here now.

Alright, I said.  (I didn’t think I could do it – or didn’t want to – I am pretty stubborn !).

But I did!



We had a glorious day of unexpected surprises and adventures, down by the lake on bikes, taking in the balmy floral breezes, riding high and low and everything in between.  I felt renewed and awakened. It was as if I had never been there before.  Everything flew through me, and I through it.  The balloon was in full dance again!  My string bounced playfully as I laughed and sighed and shook my head.

Wow, all this was waiting for me. I just had to say Yes!



More ways to “Show Up” for the miracles in today’s Video message from Krista :):



lights camera action (2)More Highlights and tips for really Showing UP!:

1. Be a participant! (not just an observer).

2. Be an actor. Play your part, whatever role is (even if you do it poorly!).

3. Be a director. Have a vision. (You can always change things around.)

4. Be an audience member. Appreciate the scenery, applaud the other actors, enjoy the scene as it plays out.

5. Be delicious! Be in the moment.

6. Serve it up! – use what you have and make something marvelous (even if the kitchen gets a little messy in the process ;).

7. Keep step, keep time. (Even if you trip or step on somebody’s toes!).

8. Be on vacation in your own life.  Taste it. Feel it. Touch it. LIVE it!

9. Miracles Show UP when YOU do! 

10. The Miracle IS You!




Have you got a way to show up that I hadn’t thought of? Share it on the blog comments below. 🙂


Add Your Light to the World! Video

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