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Hi, I’m Krista Moore. As a Channel, Spiritual Director, Metaphysical Hypnotist and student/teacher of A Course in Miracles, I have come to know the ups and downs of the spiritual path. I also know what it feels like to achieve miraculous results! Through spiritual counselling and guidance, channelled readings, spiritual healing and hypnosis, I am here as a conduit to help you access and activate the powerful healing energies, wisdom and guidance within you so you too can experience greater freedom, peace, love and Joy in your life!

(Or as I sometimes say, I help you “take the chains off!”)

What better gift to give yourself and those you love, than to become a truly liberated human being – more awake and aware, fully alive, healed, happy and whole.

Every session is unique and powerful. I never know what will happen next, as I am always guided by Spirit, and surprised by the experiences and breakthroughs people have… The healing process often requires a release of old ways of looking at things, including ourselves. This requires a new level of forgiveness. It may take a little time for us to accept. It is a process.

As human beings, we all struggle sometimes. Our thoughts, feelings and desires are not that different from each other. We only feel like we’re alone at times. There is an answer. I can help you find the key within yourself and unlock the gifts. Everyone is given the gift of miracles – it is beyond our comprehension because it is divine!  If we could have done it ourselves, we would have done so already. 

You are never alone on this path.

Once on the path and applying some of the miracle principles and following the guidance of the High Self/Holy Spirit/Angelic realm, many of my clients experience miraculous shifts in their mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual states. Some experience healing of past thoughts and emotions. Others experience past lives and learn to let go and forgive any old patterns or perceptions.

More receive guidance and feel the love and support all around them…  allowing them to feel more rejuvenated, ready and willing to let go of the way they saw their life before, and live their life in new, miraculous ways…

You too may feel excited or scared by the new direction your life is taking, on a spiritual quest to discover your true self, with a greater understanding of others, and a heart filled with hope, love, joy and even happiness.

Change is possible and it begins in the heart and mind.


As you become healed and inspired (filled with Spirit!), you may even want to give these expanding gifts to others in the form of service by what you do whether it be your career or just a change of how you do things, expanding your world in new and wondrous ways…The world becomes a more friendly and uplifting place!

My work takes me all over the world teaching and uplifting people in beautiful, serene and sacred settings.  I find that everyone is unique yet deep down wants the same thing:  greater purpose, love, health, clarity, sense of community and belonging, hope and optimism for their future.

There is nothing better than healing our hearts and minds and reaching out to others, realizing how important and loved we are in the bigger scheme of things.

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I love to be a companion and champion of you in this unfolding process. I believe anyone can transform and experience love and miracles if they truly want to – and are willing and open to receive. It is that easy – to just take that first step and say Yes!

I am here to help you take that step. So you can discover this great secret for yourself!


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“Thank you for facilitating the breath of life to seep into my cells, for allowing my journey into the past, present and future to be so clear, natural and magical. You have held the space where I could let in the healing and abundant health. A place where everything flows perfectly: where the light of the spirit caressed my skin and mother earth dries my tears and calmed my fears.Thank you for having chosen to express and share your gift.” 

– Enza Cappadoro, President, Enzamar Inc., Montreal, Canada – Tuscany Retreat 2016 participant

“Thank you for the most spectacular session! It was a wonderful experience. I thought a lot about it and have listened to the tape more than once. I am currently making notes for myself as reminders so I can be conscious of what my purpose is here. Thank you Thank you Thank you, your session was both inspirational and insightful. Not to mention it was amazing to meet you…”

“I have to tell you I had the most fascinating experience at [Miracles Grow Here event] on Monday. It was such a warm and welcoming, open and loving environment and my private session was beyond expectation and the whole vibration of the evening was amazing.”   – Cindy Leder, private client & “An Evening of Spirit” participant, Toronto



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  1. Erin M says:

    I just finished reading “101 Simple Truths to Creating a Passionate Life” by Teri Shaughnessy and in it she cited a book called ” ‘Little Voice’ Mastery ” by Blair Singer which prompted me to think of your latest entry on the little voice inside our head.

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