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Miracles Show UP when YOU Do!

We have lift off!  Yesterday I felt more like a deflated balloon hovering close to the ground. A personal problem plagued me as I contemplated ad nauseum possible solutions.  Inspiration was a slow drip rather than a full wild water ride.  I had slowed down because my energy had been stopped up with too much thinking!!  Not enough being in the world!

I had to SHOW UP and change things around!

So…  I poured myself out, slowly at first, all the old crap and some good, honest insights.  I prayed for truth.  I gave it up and asked for a miracle.

As I sat under my beloved maple tree, the answer came to me in the form of a person come to pull me out of my misery!  What I thought was lost was found again.  Even though I still steamed and wanted to be in that hopeless state (at least sure of my unsureness), I was not yet willing to give up my defense.

Until I relented. Please, he said. Give up that.  Just for now.  Let’s just be here now.

Alright, I said.  (I didn’t think I could do it – or didn’t want to – I am pretty stubborn !).

But I did!



We had a glorious day of unexpected surprises and adventures, down by the lake on bikes, taking in the balmy floral breezes, riding high and low and everything in between.  I felt renewed and awakened. It was as if I had never been there before.  Everything flew through me, and I through it.  The balloon was in full dance again!  My string bounced playfully as I laughed and sighed and shook my head.

Wow, all this was waiting for me. I just had to say Yes!



More ways to “Show Up” for the miracles in today’s Video message from Krista :):



lights camera action (2)More Highlights and tips for really Showing UP!:

1. Be a participant! (not just an observer).

2. Be an actor. Play your part, whatever role is (even if you do it poorly!).

3. Be a director. Have a vision. (You can always change things around.)

4. Be an audience member. Appreciate the scenery, applaud the other actors, enjoy the scene as it plays out.

5. Be delicious! Be in the moment.

6. Serve it up! – use what you have and make something marvelous (even if the kitchen gets a little messy in the process ;).

7. Keep step, keep time. (Even if you trip or step on somebody’s toes!).

8. Be on vacation in your own life.  Taste it. Feel it. Touch it. LIVE it!

9. Miracles Show UP when YOU do! 

10. The Miracle IS You!




Have you got a way to show up that I hadn’t thought of? Share it on the blog comments below. 🙂


What Is Your PASSION?

Passion flower

passion flower

Today I was inspired by 2 programs that had the very same message:  We are each born with a precious gift. I am not talking about a burning talent, though that can be a part of it. I am talking about your purpose, your Presence, your Passion.

What were you born with? What came to you when you were young that you or someone else squelched?  Was it a passion for words, or numbers, or people? For God? For art? For business?

My daughter seems passionate about art and business – hence, she opened her first art shop on the corner of our driveway at the age of 8 or 9.  My son came to me at 11 and asked to take guitar lessons – it was not something he was forced into – it was something he wanted. And he “played”, he didn’t practice – it was not work to him. He was naturally dedicated because he was passionate.

Dedication comes from passion. We can’t be dedicated to something we don’t believe in or care about. And for good reason. How can we be passionate about someone else’s agenda?  How can we work for a company and feel passionate if they only care about the bottom line and not the people who support them?  It matters what we do, because it matters how we feel.  If we are not doing something we feel passionate about, then we are drain to ourselves and others. It is our responsibility to find our passion and use it.

I found my passion at the age of 7 when I got my first blue diary. I learned to write in it and express my inner thoughts and daily happenings.  My writing grew into short stories and poems, then essays, and now books and blogs. My goal changed from self-expression (for myself alone) to communal expression (to serve a community).  So, writing became a means and not an end, with the deeper passion being to use words to connect people together.  This was exciting to me, and fueled even more passion for discovery.

I am now at a place where my passion has led me to talk. This was uncomfortable for me at first, and then I realized it is natural for me to express myself! I love talking to people intimately about the details of their lives, their inner stories and passions, their hidden wishes and desires. I love to stir the pots of their souls and see what’s brewing inside. And I love to contribute to their passion by re-kindling it in them, reminding them who they really are.  This is my true passion!

That is why, as an actor, I loved expressing scenes between two people. It was the intimacy, the soulful connection I most longed for, not the limelight. I wanted to feel deeply, to express, touch and connect – to Transform. That was the miracle that occurred when I took that scary leap.

I have no idea where this deep passion in me came from.  I have always felt akin to people at a deep level. And when I am reaching them through words, feelings or actions, their passion gets reflected back to me – I see it in their faces! In their eyes. They connect and hear themselves in what I am offering.  Then they are moved to be themselves.  To be honest and true.  To be passionate!

It is all about that movement, that dance, that symphony. We are attuning each other. Some people can hear it a little more than others. It is a service to help others tune in to themselves and hear their own calling.

There are a lot of things I want to do. But one thing is for sure – I don’t want to do anything without passion. The people I relate to and work with now have to have it too. They have to feel it in everything they do.  If they aren’t honest about themselves and what they want to do, they can’t have authentic passion.  You have to really connect! You have to listen. You have to be willing to go there.  That is a tall order, but I wont’ settle for anything less. I have worked in an office environment where there was very little passion.  And I’ve been stuck in relationships or environments serving other people’s interests where my own visions got lost in the mail. But I have learned to translate all of that experience into something beautiful and new.  Something from deep inside. I’ve learned to direct all of it toward that greater goal – PASSION.

Do you feel passion? What scares you? Can you feel it? Do you ever get tingles inside. I do, all the time. My mind is constantly spinning and flowing with new ideas and visions to feel passionate about. I hope that you find your tingles too.

“Tingles” are a good sign for Passion. You’ll know it when you feel it!

What are you passionate about?

P.S. Write to me below, or email me at krista@kristamoore.com. Tell me what you’re passionate about. The act of writing it down creates a shift inside, and inspires others to do the same.  Thank you for sharing.

Day 26: Confidence

Confidence. Where does that come from? How does one situation bring out the “worst” in us, and another the “best”?  How does something which seemed impossible and forever “Far Away” suddenly seem close, doable and “no-problemo”?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a bad audition. Remember that? And how I felt “Intimidated”. I did my best. I prepared. I did everything I should. Everything! But nothing would make me feel comfortable. Something was off. And, I discovered, it wasn’t just me.

But that’s not the point. it’s not about blame. It’s not about saying “well that’s just the way it is” or “it’s this person’s fault”. Dumb people!  There is no question that some circumstances seem blessed, and others bound to fail. Maybe it’s luck, and maybe it’s something not so obvious.

In the last week and a half I’ve had 3 auditions that were very different. Do you know what changed?


I got tired of trying to please. Trying to be “on” all the time. Trying to be the “actor”.  I thought:

“What the hell do I have to lose? Why not just do it the way I want?Not try too hard – relax, go to bed early, get up, get ready and go do it.  “No big deal”.

And it wasn’t a big deal – why give it more energy than it’s worth? Why make a big fuss like I usually do (and make everyone miserable in the process)?

And it worked!  Somehow the magic spell was cast of : “No big deal”  Whether I got the part or not, I don’t know. But something in me changed.

It’s not that I didn’t care. But I cared less. I was “carefree”.

I was more concerned with myself, my own happiness, than whether I was doing it “right”, or they liked me or not.

Funny thing is, I think they did! I got some good vibes.  I didn’t get as nervous. I still did my best (but how much more can you do, really?). There was no more to do.

Where does confidence come from? Maybe it’s me. Or maybe it’s Grace. Maybe it’s picking your numbers right like Russian Roulette. I don’t think so.

It isn’t chance that got me this way. It’s that moment of Grace to give in and finally say – “I’m not concerned”.  “I was born this way”.  “I’m OK. I’ve got what it takes. That’s enough!  If they don’t like it – tough!”

That’s not defensive. That’s sane, right and confident.  Sometimes you have to be that way. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself. Sometimes you have to say, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

Oh, I was nice. Don’t get me wrong. But not caring too much is half the charm.

roadtrip to "Confidence"

P.S. One more thing may have helped – those fancy new shoes I wore on the last day. I purchased them on a road trip to PA with my girlfriend.  Riding in a convertible with the top down,  wind in my hair, strappy sandal heels over newly painted toes  – fuschia.Something good about life, there. Something good about life, period.

There is nothing more to do tonight. Except a little glass of wine to celebrate, and relax. For another day, another surprise, another circumstance, another rainbow. Or a great big rain!. A glorious lightning show (remember, that?).

Ah, Life is Good. Let me just leave it at that.