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God’s Greatest Gift to You: Peace of Mind

This morning I was tempted to be fearful because of a dream I had.  Then I refreshed myself with words from A Course in Miracles and began to channel my own messages from God which completely changed my mind, heart and spirit.

When you know the truth about yourself, you have a greater understanding of where you fit in to the big scheme of things, and why things happen the way they do. You can step back and step up to your true position amongst the saints, angels and God Himself.

One of the greatest gifts from God is not just life. It is peace of mind.

When you feel that your life doesn’t matter, that it is all random, or that you are just a tiny speck among the dust of stars and there is no purpose, only death, then you have forgotten the truth of who you are, and what this life is for, and why you are here.

When you are afraid of other people, or life events, or war, or evil, then you forget Who walks with you, and where you really are, and where your Power really lies, and how you can change things for the better.

You don’t have to believe what the world tells you. Or what other people believe or fear. You don’t have to give in or buy in to anything that steals your peace of mind, and robs you of your purpose and Identity in Spirit.

You don’t have to suffer. You can change your mind in an instant.

You live among the saints and angels because that is where God put you, that is where you were truly born, and that is where you truly Live. This is a temporary playground, a school of learning, and will not last forever. But you will.

If you believe, and surrender your ego mind, and your ego thoughts, your worries and doubts, your fears and anger, then God will give you the greatest gift of all.

Your Peace walks with you. And your Power.

You have everything you need. You have the truth inside you. And you have all the help you could ever ask for.

It is not too late to change your mind.

It is  not too late to have Peace and clarity, comfort, purpose, and calm…  To know you are taken care of, and nothing else matters. To let go of the worries and doubts and fears, and to walk with confidence, and faith, and wisdom.

It is not too late to say Yes to God.



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The Helping Hand

Last Sunday I spoke at a local church, West Hill United, and introduced their guest speaker, Chris Bovie, Community Relations Officer for Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences in Whitby.

The topic for that Sunday was mental illness – not your usual Sunday banter. However, Chris appeared with a sunny smile on his face and I felt inspired in my preamble to share a story.

Having experienced mental illness first hand in my world, I remember a childhood friend who later suffered from schizophrenia, and a member of our own community falling victim to the unmedicated fallout from his own mental battle, resulting in a crime he doesn’t remember committing.  These are extreme cases, but there are an increasing number of us who experience the more societal epidemic of anxiety or depression, which is treatable by many means.

IMG-20130806-00161I likened the one who suffers to a bush I have outside my house.  Last year we spent all summer working on the backyard, landscaping and putting in a pool.  The front of our yard became neglected.  As I stepped around the house to survey the damage, I caught site of one bush in particular near the side porch which we no longer use.  My breath caught in my throat as I realized this bush could hardly be seen as it had become completely covered in a strangling vine.  I was shocked and dismayed that I had let this strangling vine take hold, and at first didn’t know what to do.

Then my mind changed from initial shame and disappointment to fixed determination.  I went out back to get my tools. As I approached the bush again, I put my tools down and sighed. This was going to require all of me to take this thing down.  I began to pull at the vine slowly at first, breaking it off in pieces.  As my mind became more determined, I pulled withIMG-20130806-00164 both hands and released that strangling vine off the bush. It took about half an hour to release it.  I felt satisfied but then realized I would have to find the source, so I walked all around that bush and when I found the root of that vine I cut it off.

That is what a person suffering alone is like – they are like the bush covered in a strangling vine who cannot see clearly.  They need someone to help them pull off that vine so they can see the light of day.


       Chris then showed a video, “Discovery, Recovery, Hope”, highlighting the stories of three teens who suffered from mental illness, who are now leading happy, productive lives.  After receiving the help they needed, one became a photographer, another healed her family relationships, and another youth enjoyed sports with his friends and helped other youths with the same problem. He could hardly remember what it was like to be in so much pain, as he had released it and learned another way.  His glowing smile and laughter made more than one audience member tear up, including me. 

Although I do not like to label people who are suffering from an affliction, I am very glad that in naming their affliction and dealing with it (as in, “devil, get thee behind me”), they are able to free themselves of its clutches.

golden_handAnother vision comes to my mind:  It is like after a long sleep, awaking and reaching up toward a great unseen precipice.  We know something good is there.  As we reach we may fear that we will fall to the depths.  But as we fall, a giant Golden Hand catches us and pulls us safely through to the other side. We land solidly on our feet and look up to where we had been.

We now have perspective, determination and speed. We can rise up to the top again using a new set of stairs, and look out past where we once were with new eyes that see.  Our determination has paid off.  And the help we needed, once elusive, has come to our rescue.  Now there is no need.  Now we can see the strangling vine on someone else, and can help them in their time of need.


These stories teach us the miracle that anything can be healed by the loving power of another, whether it be a human being listening and transforming us through their love and understanding, or a talented team of medical advisors or health practitioners with a successful treatment plan, or the unseen forces experienced as the benevolent touch of God  (or sometimes, all three.)

Sometimes, the saintly godly one sees the bush in advance, reaches out for it, and frees it quickly from what might otherwise have become impenetrable and lost. The light once unimaginable now becomes our one true reality.

And sometimes, that helping hand which once held us up and supported us, or pulled us through, becomes the hand we clasp onto in joy and gratitude, as we walk side by side on the more gentle path, and exciting journey ahead.



P.S. Do you have a healing story to share? Feel free to write to me or share your comments below.  Amen!

Day 10: Anxiety and The Chorus of Dreams (Sing!)

I’m not sure what to call it:  this inexplicable feeling of unease, at times wafting through me unawares. I am going about my business, preparing for my daughter’s Brownie graduation, actually sewing (yes, me!) the final badges she’s received onto the veritable Brownie sash on the very last possible night – to be seen for all of 15 minutes in the briefest of ceremonies. (But the kids had fun.)

So what is this wafting sense of alarm as I am riding in the car? Or walking down the street? The birds are singing their usual chorus, I am walking to the beat, while the dog is running straight ahead.  Maybe it’s something like a bad dream that wakes you up in the middle of the most perfect summer night… There is no explaining it. We can try.

But it all comes down to this:  Does it really matter what fear is for? Does it really matter why we are afraid? Why we wake up in alarm, when there is no clear or present danger?  Maybe it is a signal from above, or from below. Maybe it is the carrier of change in the breeze.  The train coming at us, or for us, or the one we are riding on – it is all the same.  Some danger can be avoided; most is just our resistance to what lies ahead. Is it a cliff?  A drop-off point?  Or, the point of no return? Isn’t that…  a good thing?

Sometimes I am grateful for the sound of an alarm bell going off, when I really have to go.  And sometimes, it is best to bang the damn thing off and go back to sleep, lulling in the morning air and that faint and tasty dream; dispelling all rumours of noise and forgotten slings and arrows. It’s time to put our swords down – our impulse to protect and defend everything.  It’s time to Sing.

I find myself singing all the time lately…  Not professionally, though that was extraordinarily fun to sing in front of a live audience (and get paid!).  No, it is just as much fun, beyond fun – downright Joyous ! – to sing out loud in the midst of a chaotic front the world puts on.  All its soldiers lined up, coffee cups stained with resistant defense against the dawn.  No, this is the time to move on.  Move on, my friends, move on.  Join the choir of song that is sounding out loud in the  morning, even if you are still luxuriating in your treetop bed of surprises.  As I lay there, I think of what I am grateful for, even if I still feel a bit of distrust.

To join the day, unaware of what lies ahead, to join Life, not knowing what it or I shall bring, breeds excitement, not danger; is reason for celebration, not anxiety (or a host of other unsightly things). And maybe the pulse that beats in my heart (and in my eardrums) is not one of anxiety, but of Life itself calling me to Sing!

chorus of song

Mr. Percival and Babe sing! by John Frederick White

Sing! my friends, sing!  Though there be clear and present danger all about, Sing! Because the world needs You, Your voice, Your calling, Your sound!

The sound only You can make.