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Yoga and the Buddha Stir Within

My Yoga Journey Begins…

In recent months, my journey has taken me to rediscover my love of yoga and some of its foundational philosophies. Although I am a channel and have access to Divine beings who guide me and my clients, I am always a firm believer in having one foot planted firmly on the ground….

and two hands reaching high to Heaven!

Part of my intention was to be able to integrate my body, go deeper into meditation and channel to create calm, peace and serenity. I do this brilliantly for my clients, but I was feeling the need to be more loving and gift this practice to myself, then share it with others.

I began my yoga journey in my late 20s doing Kundalini Yoga videos with Gurmukhi, with lavish backdrops of Hawaii or cool California studios. Then in 2011, I met Deb Niven, Visionary owner of In the Spirit Yoga studio, where I continued my journey of Hatha yoga, and began doing transformational workshops and retreats with her other company Divine Destination Collection.

Getting busier and doing more channelled hypnosis, healing and spiritual direction with clients and groups in Canada, U.S. and Tuscany, I began to lose sight of my need for physical “groundedness” with stretching, yoga and meditation. My channelling ability and metaphysical focus had me feeling a little lost in the physical world, and missing my yoga practice.

My colleague and co-channel and Full Immersion Into Spirit teacher, Elizabeth Rose, began channelling yoga from the Ascended Master realm, but with her being in New Brunswick and me in Toronto (with a lack of discipline!) I began to seek a practical way I could get started on my yoga path and then integrate this with my more metaphysical practices.

After seeing a notice for the third time (after two years of waiting), I finally picked up the sign and went back to In the Spirit for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with LefteriAlexander Petrogiani (Alx) of LifeCosmic.com. This intensive 9 month program includes all the Hatha variations including Kundalini and Yin Yoga (which is really the “tha” in Hatha), a hint of martial arts, and the science, discipline, philosophy and “consciousness of yoga” (including the groundbreaking little known gem, the Chup Sadhana (the Practice of Silence) by Mansoor, and the Bhagavad Gita, the jewel in the yoga crown.  And of course the most important part: practice practice practice!

Inspired by this yoga journey, I also became attracted to Eastern ideas and the life story of the Buddha, Siddharta Gautama (Gautama Buddha). I confess the source was a somewhat cheesy Bollywood looking rendition on Netflix, but don’t be fooled by the overblown acting in some cases, the main actor, Himanshu Soni, gives a captivating and powerful evocation of the Buddha consciousness, which is love and compassion.

Giving up worldly goods and renown, he retreats into the woods and surrenders completely to his path, becoming the epitome of “the middle way” of peace, sacrifice, and service. His love and devotion comes from dedicating himself to something inward rather than outward. And not stopping until Peace is found.

I hear you, Brother!

Although I may never live up to the high standards set for me by my noble and enlightened friends: Buddha, Christ, Babaji, Mahatma Gandhi, Paramahansa Yogananda and more, I will be richly blessed by studying them, hearing whispers of them when I channel, and living life through my lifelong yogic practice.

Who knows, maybe I will be channelling my Beloved Teachers, both physical and non-physical, when I marry my love of channelled healing and metaphysical hypnosis with the science, discipline and mystical art of yoga, becoming grounded like a tree firmly rooted in the West, reaching high to Heaven, God, the Universe and All.

Om Shanti (Peace).  Amen!


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Krista Moore is an Angelic Channel, Healer, Metaphysical Hypnotist (CH) and Spiritual Director. She helps you experience your spiritual “essence” so you too can live a miraculous life!

For more on her work, podcast and channeling services, go to: www.mooremiracles.com.

Miracles of Grace

Culminating signs of Grace continue from The Story of Grace Part I and Part II.


At the “Top of the Mark” hotel restaurant in San Francisco I put my hands on Paul’s head, as I was taught to do for healing. I sat down and looked into Paul’s eyes and told him how loved he was and I meant it. I embodied the words I was drawn to say. I felt the light shimmer all around us. The world stood on end, hovering in a  grand display.

As the night turned to day, we walked together and spoke of healing and miracles. He said when I put my hands on him for healing, he felt a great love, something he had never felt before. It was overwhelming. Then he said, “When you spoke to me at the restaurant, you looked different. Your face changed… Who was that speaking?” He hesitated. “Was that… Jesus?” I nodded. He felt the ripple effect in his body, as he too became a healer that day.

When I returned to my home in Toronto, things were different. An announcement was made that my father was to have open heart surgery. The time for miracles was at hand. I had already healed my father of a toothache, but I did not know if he was going to be alright from this. It was out of my hands.

In the hospital I eyed a watchful angel statue in the gift shop, and sat quietly in an open air sanctuary. On the sanctuary stand was that month’s publication of “Our Daily Bread”. I opened the page to that day’s date, and to my amazement, this was the title staring back at me:

2014-10-03 11.19.15-1

My mother and I were startled, as she had heard my stories of Grace in San Francisco. We both agreed this was no accident. Grace was following me.

Then I noticed the hospital was hosting a labyrinth in the hospital on the day of my father’s surgery, the Friday. We both went. My mother had never walked one before. As I entered the small church-like space they had created, and saw the canvas labyrinth on the floor, I was reminded of Grace Cathedral.  I told the minister who was hosting about my walking the labyrinth only a few weeks before. She looked at me startled and said,

“That is where I got this labyrinth from. And that is where I took my training!”

2014-10-03 10.56.36

I was stunned. The labyrinth we were about to walk, was the same design, and literally cut from the same cloth, and was ordered and shipped from Grace Cathedral (see Part II). This minister and the other I had met must have known each other. It was destined.

That night, my father recovered in ICU. He could hardly speak. He was the first one out that night. And within three days, he was up and walking.

As my mom and I were expressing our gratitude outside on a break at the hospital, I saw this street sign confirming again that Grace was present in our lives:

2014-10-05 14.22.50


What does it all mean? I cannot say. But Grace has followed me and has not left me, and the signs and miracles continue to this day.


P.S. What signs are you not seeing? Have you received grace or healing in unexpected ways? Write to me below or send me your story at Ask Krista.

Healing through the Power of Hypnosis

Recently, during a state of deep relaxation using guided meditation and hypnosis, I asked for answers regarding my life path and purpose, and experienced a series of  scenes or inner visions, messages from what I felt was a much higher plane of consciousness. Anyone can do this if they are willing and receive the proper guidance or training. It is not necessary to believe in the scenes or symbols literally to benefit from their healing power.  

For me, each one asked me to surrender my fears and recognize who I really am, what I love, and what I came to do.  And to use the gifts I had been given. They transformed what was once dark or uncertain (the past) into something beautiful and awe-inspiring, powerful and awakening… My heart was opened.

jordan river from yourguidetoisrael


The first came to me as a scene of Christ sitting at the bottom of a tree.  I was about four years old, with raven hair, and lots of questions.   I held up my chubby little fingers to him, and he delighted in me. He placed his hand over my hand and said,

“This hand is my hand.”  Then he placed both hands on my heart and then on his heart and said: “This heart, my heart.”

I smiled and looked up.  I wanted him to make me laugh. Sadness had taken hold of me. Grown-up questions, darkness and terror that needed to be forgot.

“Make me laugh again,” I pleaded with him.

He said, “Come with me,” and stood up. I followed him down past the path and before I knew it we were at a river’s edge.  It was glowing green all around the river, and the river bed was a deep brown.  He stepped down the river bed, dropped his robe and went in.  I stood there delighted and surprised.  He was making me laugh, alright!  There was Jesus, wading into the river to the very middle. He lay on his back, his head and toes sticking out, floating and resting on the water’s shimmering surface. His face was full of tranquility and peace. I could see a smile growing on his face as he breathed…

I got the sense he was asking me something. To come in!  And even though I couldn’t hear him, I knew my little four year old body was not going anywhere near that river’s edge anytime soon!  I stayed standing and watching him, comforted by my beloved brother and friend who had become like me.

I never went in the water that day.  I didn’t dare.  I didn’t understand what it meant, for Him, or for me.  We were equals, he said, my  heart was his, my hands, my tiny body would float too.  But I couldn’t give.  Couldn’t give into the unknown, the scary, the insecure.  Not yet anyway.



Before this beautiful vision, I re-experienced an ancient memory or scene, that occurred just before the last…

I found myself locked in a cave of darkness, left alone during a crisis. An elder brother (not more than fifteen) had put me in there to protect me from what was happening all around.  They needed to the city to see Jesus.  I wanted to go with them, but they wouldn’t let me. The mother did not want me to to see anything.  

I wept and screamed and waited for someone to return and rescue me.  I pounded on the walls of the giant cave, and scraped my knees on the dirt floor.  I sobbed quiet tears to myself and closed my eyes tightly. I thought I would  never want to be in that cave again, that giant door closed upon me.  But I did.

When the brother came back to get me, he hugged me in shame, he was so frightened. He tried to explain, but couldn’t. Nothing would prepare me for the loss of what I had before, the innocence of that time.  Nothing would be the same.  My beloved friend was gone.


After these startling scenes, I felt frozen. I did not know what to do with them! Metaphor or memory intertwined and I did not know how to connect myself back to the present.   A few weeks later, as I sat in meditation, I asked for the meaning and purpose of it all, and received these symbols and messages, one building upon the other:

First, I saw a broom and some bath salts. I thought this was rather funny (I don’t like to clean), but I then got the impression to “clean out your heart” and wash away the pain that had collected there.  Later I bathed with salts and allowed the tears to flow. By the time I was done, I was ready, I felt renewed.

In the next meditation, Mother Mary appeared in a golden hue, old but beautiful. She handed me a series of gifts:

As she touched her hand to my heart, she handed me a long pencil with a giant, clear red heart on the end. “Write with your heart” was the message I got.  Then I saw a small bookcase where the writings could go.

Next  she showed me a baby she held in her arms. It had golden flecks all around it.  I could see it so distinctly, it was not generic. It was not white-skinned, but light brown, with curly dark hair and little eyebrows, sleeping peacefully. She handed me the baby and indicated for me to hold it to my heart.

When I asked, “are these messages for me real?” she released three brown birds from her robe, which flew directly over my head.

Amazed, I silently asked what to do with all these gifts?...

Immediately I could see the cave again, only this time, I was calmly sitting at its centre as an adult.  In my right hand was a candle which I placed on a small table in front of me.  A book lay open and I was writing.  I could see myself surrounded by this golden light, completely at peace with the work at hand.  I held the baby in my left arm, gazed peacefully at it – its purity and innocence, to be protected.  I was now the protector.  The mother.  The creator.



meditation candle


The cave had been transformed  from a place of darkness and uncertainty, to what had been renamed the “Cavern of my Heart”, now open and filled with light and purpose. Creativity. The heart had been cleansed, illuminated, and could be returned to at anytime.  No longer locked in isolation, I was given sanctuary and truth.  Wherever I went, it could go with me.  Whomever I thought of, whatever I truly desired, it could be found there, resonating in my heart, waiting to be cared for, tended to.  It was now my source of connection and purpose, clarity and wisdom.



I was so grateful I cried – happy tears this time.

Then I heard Jesus say,

  “All things will be found in here.”


What Can I Learn from This?

These were profound moments for me to experience, even in my inner field of vision, or imagination.  Some felt distinct like memory, while others were more symbolic to help me understand the meaning.  I had struggled to know “what’s next” and “why”, and this put many pieces of the puzzle together for me.  Perhaps going this deep (or high) was the way for me to know my path and stay on track. I was also amazed how the experiences were transformed from something so traumatic (the cave of fear) to something so beautiful (the heart).  This gave me hope and inspiration, assurance that I could do whatever needs to be done. And that I would never be alone again.  I believe we can all learn something from that.

I also learned  I could relax, too.  I do not have to be so hard on myself.  It could be as easy as laying back in the river…

But I will come to that soon…




Do you have a question or comment regarding this entry?  Or your own story to tell?  Please write to me in the comments below, or send a private message using Contact Us.  Thank you.


We are all Christ

The term Christ gets a bad wrap most days, relegated to conservative religious interpretation. But what is Christ?  From a biblical sense, our understanding (or misunderstanding) is that Christ lives in one man only, and that is Jesus.  But the New Testament scriptures tell us a much grander story, and after reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s explanation in his latest book, Wishes Fulfilled I am even more convinced of their efficacy and truth. Christ or Christ-Consciousness is the true Buddha-nature, the Atma, the Living One that lives in all of us.

In other words, We are all Christ.

 Quantum Physics is on our Side

“We have been all wrong!
What we have called matter is energy,
Whose vibration has been lowered
As to be perceptible to the senses.”
-Albert Einstein


Dr. Dyer explains it this way:  You were born into a body. That 1 year old body changed. Can you find that 1 year old body now? Where is the you that occupied that body? It is still here. But that body is now different/ new.  Dr. Deepak Chopra takes it one step further to assert that all bodies change 100% of the time. The body you occupied yesterday is not the body you occupy today. All the cells are constantly shifting (appearing / disappearing / dying / being born).  Quantum physics proves that matter is only energy temporarily appearing and disappearing. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed – it simply changes from one form to another.”

So where does this leave you, me, Us? 

We are not matter. We are energy / Spirit

We are the energy/ Spirit that creates and appears and disappears through matter. We are the invisible, indivisible energy that forms “particles”, that comes to offer ourselves up for a time and returns to our Source (did ever leave?).

Perhaps we are messengers, relay-ers of this energy/Spirit, and so need our bodies temporarily to relay these messages, live our lessons (to learn to love one another), until we are ready to return to pure Spirit, the Source of which we are always an eternal part.

I’ve Experienced this Truth in the Power of the Circle

I experience this truth (that we are One/ Christ / Spirit) without question when we are in a Circle. What is a circle?  A formation of women (or men, bodies do not matter as such) connected by a whole intention to know one another and themselves without limit.  To unite in a common goal of Love.

When I conduct my women’s workshops, called Evolutionary Woman, I experience, witness and become a greater force, a Miracle.

What is a miracle? A temporary dismantling of the physical laws and ego illusions that bind us to a bodily existence, and the temporary but truthful unveiling of what we really are:  connected, infinite, indivisible – Spirit.

When the women connect their hands and hearts together they are connected to Truth. They experience it in their hands (often sweating with the heat of energy pouring through them!), they experience the Light which grounds them to the core of the Earth, to the Centre of their hearts which fields their energy in Love, and to the metaphorical, metaphysical field of Light “above” them (God/ Spirit / Source) which really resides within us all, connecting all our hearts and minds together as One.

In A Course in Miracles, which I studied and lived for a year and a half, this is is what Jesus calls the Circle of Atonement. Where all are called and come to eventually.  Not for the forgiveness of “sins” but for the rebirth of humanity in a new reality of forgivness where there is no “sin” but only a mistake in seeing easily corrected. Our misperceptions divide us in ego consciousnesses.  Our Love unites us and “forgives” what has never been, in truth.

A New Reality

A new reality is possible when we claim our truth at the Light and Centre of our hearts and beings. This truth is what Jesus pointed to – not to himself as the only miracle-worker, but to all of us as one Christ/ Spirit, and to the Source of All.  That we, too, could be miracle-workers by redefining how we see each other and how we see the world.

 “… the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do.” 

              (John 14:12).

I am heartened and filled with Light when I contemplate the meaning of these words. I no longer doubt their truth, or that I could, can, and will become as great as He.  That is not arrogance, that is recognition of the truth of what we all are. To inspire is to “raise up” those who are in need to be equal with yourself. That is what Jesus did. And that is what we are called to do.

 Our Collective Purpose

Our Purpose is to recognize our own divinity, truth and power and to “love one another” as Our Self. 

Can we do this alone? No. Because we are not alone. We are not complete as separate bodies. We have to join our minds, our hearts and hands together, not in a sentimental way, but as the true force of Spirit, as the One that lives in All. Only then will we come to know ourselves as Spirit /Truth /Light.  What Jesus spent his 33 years trying to teach.  And the Christ will no longer be a single man to be worshiped, but a whole, Self-realized, actualized people who love one another as one in the same.



What are your thoughts on this? Do you see yourself as a separate body, a temporary mortal person, or as an immortal being who is here for a short time to learn, give and grow?   What is the Spirit in you seeing?

Miracle 18: “What Faith Means to Me”

This is in answer to Miracle 17: “A Miracle Requires Work” (contributed by my friend, Dom Castanza). Thank you, Dom. And here is what I could not articulate last night. Miracle 18 of “30 Days of Miracles 2012”.


I have not been unscarred by life, by disappointment. I am not a perfect human being. There have been many cases when what I hoped for, what I thought was going to happen, never did. I have also received tremendous gifts in answer to my prayers. Unexpected blossomings, savings and messages.

When I was 25 years old, I planted seeds in a garden. These were not normal seeds. They were seeds from a cantaloupe I was eating in my kitchen, in a small town, overlooking a sod farm.  It was a lovely place, and had its charm, but something about it wasn’t for me. I felt a dry kind of existence there, a lack of antiquity, art, interest, pizzazz, LIFE.


I worked 9 to 5 (or 10 to 6) and travelled an hour and a half to work each way.  I went to school at night, driving up one of those small country highway roads surrounded by corn fields.  It was dark and my headlights were of no help. On the radio I would listen to those late night radio programs to help me stay awake. Once I fell asleep at the wheel, I was so tired from my travels. I suddenly felt a hard whack on my forehead which woke me up. I was in the car alone. I had no idea what it was, but I said, Thank You.

I graduated and had a baby, one of my dreams come true. But postpartum depression hit me, and my life slowly fell apart.  I lay awake at night feeling that I would die.

Now, while I was going through this, I was reading. I was praying. I was down on my knees. I was imagining, maybe not “intentionally”, but in my desperate hour, of a greater life. I had no idea how that would come to pass. I felt hopeless and lost. Nor was I willing at the time to change anything – I was married and that was that. I appreciated what I had. But I felt stuck, terrified.

It wasn’t until I planted those seeds unwittingly and said a strange, meditative prayer over my own “inner field” that something shifted for me. I prayed for the kind of relationship I wanted, the kind of environment for my children, the kind of creative life I wanted to explore, the feeling of freedom and honesty and love, things I was willing to fight for.

A few months later, I got some help. First, medical. Then, emotional. Always, spiritual. Six months later, I met a man who would change things forever. I moved out and got a place of my own. I joined the theatre and had fun. My world was never the same.

Those seeds were planted when I felt lost at sea, with no land in sight. I had no idea how I would manifest those things, I only felt them in my heart and saw them in my mind.

I believe faith brought them to me. Yes, I worked for it, I moved, I took a stand. But what moved me? What brought those people into my life?  I believe Christ – the Light in all of us – knows the way.

The Holy Spirit dwells in your heart and responds to your every request. You have to be willing to go there. It wasn’t until I fell apart that I opened my arms up wide. Surrendered my old ways. Prayed. Freed myself from the confines of the small table I had set for myself, and instead sat down with those sent for me at God’s Great Buffet.

My life is different today. I have everything in truth I wished for. And I still dream of more. I’m not always satisfied. I sometimes fall down or feel a sense of sacrifice. There are still bigger dreams to live. But my family is safe. Sacred. Perfect for me. And I have the freedom to go beyond what I know today.

In time I will open my arms even wider, perhaps my largest wings yet. Today I pray for this. Let’s see what faith can do.   Let’s see what my open heart and mind can let in.

Faith is the elixir that allows Love’s Light to shine. It is true. It is not belief. It is knowledge unseen. Purpose grown wide and strong. Deliverance.

Faith is not wishful thinking.  It is the miraculous reinvention of your life. It is the perfect answer to the quiet question of your heart, or to your deepest darkest hour. But you have to let it in. You have to expect that your answer will come, and move with faith in its sure direction.

 Life is full of surprises. And in my darkest hour, the light has always shone the brightest.

A man can move a boulder up a hill


Faith moves mountains.

What does faith mean to you? What does a miracle take to make it to you or through you? If you could change one thing, and have one ounce of faith that it was a possibility, what would it be?