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Enter the Lioness: Yoga Martial Arts

I embarked on Yoga Teacher training last spring and as we enter into Module 2, I can really feel the impact on my inner psyche – it seems a beautiful lioness is emerging!

My spiritual training had left me a little ‘up in the clouds’ at times!…  So this yoga practice and teacher’s training is the perfect adjunct to my spiritual work to create a more balance, grounded whole that I can offer to others.

Here are some pictures form my yoga journey so far…

YTT Yoga Teacher training at In the Spirit Yoga, Highland Creek, Ontario.

Now that we have entered Module 2, our practice takes on a more active stance with focus on standing postures, endurance and strength. I find myself becoming more and more grounded and challenged to be physically and mentally strong.

I see yoga as quite beautiful and graceful…  and powerful and protective:  the ham in me loves to express my inner magical child with whimsical postures like butterfly and deer pose, while my inner lioness likes to dare with her indomitable ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude in goddess, warrior or dragon pose.

Here are some pics from doing yoga at my previous retreats:

I’ve always loved movement, including dance, and more recently Nia (choreographed dance/fitness), and our extended ‘Yoga Martial Arts’ training which adds that other dimension of practical power and higher consciousness that is so rare in the yoga world.

Yoga can be very zen, and it can be very very powerful!

Krista doing Nia “jesus Christ Superstar” led by Sarah Jean Butler in Toronto.

We are only half way through our YTT training and already I feel that it is well worth the ride…

I see my life growing in this direction, with the goal of being an active and happy yogi well into old age…

And if I get to share and teach this along with my other gifts, well, that’s icing on the cake!

For Krista’s service website, go to: www.mooremiracles.com.

The Voice Inside Your Head

This week I’ve been challenged and liberated by an idea that got pressed into me by one book and a documentary. My consciousness was reflecting back to me that “It’s Time” to deal with this little roommate I have that is no longer friend, the ego.  What is that?  As Michael Singer puts it in his wonderfully simple but mind-altering book, The Untethered Soul: “It’s the voice inside your head.”

Did you ever notice that you  have an incessant voice inside your head that chatters constantly, about everything?  It can be positive or negative, and usually stops to analyze or comment on just about everything, including things in the past, present or future.  Most of the time it is mindless chatter that has nothing to do with the present moment or the possibilities in front of us. It is generally a great distraction and protects us from really experiencing what is happening, or what could happen, without our constant vigilance and self-protection.

In other words, it is the shell that keeps us “safe”, contained and curiously separate from other beings.

When our safeguards are down and we are engrossed in a conversation, or enjoying a tea, or going for a walk, or feeling love for someone or something, we don’t hear the voice so much. We are too busy – living and being.  Life feels easy, effortless and full of love.

When we feel tense or worried, according to Singer, we close off our heart and other energy channels, feeling constriction in our chest and throat (so we won’t share or express anything), and a general dip or plunge in our energy.  This is what makes us sick.  And this is what depression is if it goes unnoticed.

Another documentary sealed it in:  “The Quantum Activist” with Amit Goswami, Ph.D, (from the film, What the *bleep* do we Know?) claims that local consciousness (the one that is stuck ‘inside our head’) is different than, but connected to, the larger cosmic or causal consciousness, which animates and manifests all material and living things.  Consciousness precedes matter.  But more than that, non-local, non-physical, “God-consciousness” or prime Source moves through everything, and unites everything.

Science has proven the quantum field underlies everything, and connects everything in one unified field.  But Newtonian physics still resists accepting the implications of the quantum field.

So as we are going about our day, hearing the voice inside our heads, feeling separate from everyone else, think like a Mystic (or Quantum Physicist):

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean.

You are not a separate human being. You are a being connected to all human beings and the cosmos.

You know what it’s like to be you. You also know what’s it’s like to be All of You, and that includes everything. 

Just imagine if you could transcend this local, time-oriented, limited voice that is constantly telling you what to do, and what not to do, what to think and what to avoid, what feels dangerous and uncertain.  What if you could just look at it as a separate entity, as not yourself?  What if you could detach from this voice and identify with your larger, more expanded Self as a new reality?

You can.  In meditation, or other transcendental states, including a walk in the park, or a communal moment with a friend, stranger or loved one.  Whenever we bypass self-interest and find common ground. Whenever we share something.  Whenever we laugh and forgive.  Whenever we stare into someone’s eyes and see our Self, we are looking in the mirror of our own Soul, the Unified Field of consciousness, of energy, of Life.

Perhaps there is more than that.  Perhaps this is just the beginning of the cosmic wheel, of understanding the universe and how our minds think and feel.  I delight in knowing this is not “it”, that I am not trapped in a body or in my own thoughts or the past anymore. I can transcend what I think I know now based on limited understanding, and I can share that larger picture. I can go beyond.  Or I can find true love in the spark of a friend.

I hope you experiment with this idea this week.  Whether it is new to you, or you have known it all along – let’s practice the idea that we are not alone. And that there is a plane of existence we can all share.

Ah, the true Friend.