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The Path of Love

Recently, as I wrote in my last post, I was struggling with the true source and nature of my spiritual path, wondering if what I was channeling was really true. There was so much doubt and confusion stirred up within me from my own innate battle with doubt, but also excaserbated from others who had gone through a similar struggle, like the angel card reader and spiritual author, Doreen Virtue.

I knew at the deepest level I was working with Jesus, the true Jesus, if there is any other kind, because the love I felt and the impact was truly amazing. People cried at times, or saw the love on my face, and felt drawn or taken aback. I knew it wasn’t just me or my love I was conveying, and yet, I doubted.

Then I got caught up in the controversies; watching Youtube videos on the various conspiracies of whether the Bible was true or not, whether Jesus actually lived, what he said and taught. I listened to both the skeptics and the believers, the new-agers and the traditionalists. I became worried that I would never be able to sort it all out, and it started to gnaw away at my peace and sense of purpose.

My lack of trust had me even avoiding my own gift! I was resistant to channeling for fear I wasn’t reaching the highest, and not wanted to be influenced by anything less. That fear didn’t seem to block my gift entirely, however, as it was readily available for those who needed it, and I was relieved when they expressed gratitude and confirmed they felt better.

Then a friend whom I confided in told me that if it wasn’t for my gift of channeling, she might not have made it. I was shocked. I recalled others who told me similarly that of all the healing modalities and things they had tried, this gift that came through me was the thing that helped them the most, gave them peace of mind, confidence, clarity, encouragement, and most importantly, love.

This wowed me. I felt comforted by their messages, and buoyed up to keep pursuing my path…

Today, as I went back to my meditation and channeling practice for myself, the presence of Jesus and the angels came through so strongly, I cried. I sobbed because it opened my heart, and I felt restored in my faith that what I do is based on a deep truth inside, and this filled me with hope, faith and love…

Suddenly this passage came to me, and when I looked it up, I realized, God had answered my question directly, and my faith was completely restored:

Love bears all things,

believes all things,

hopes all things,

endures all things,

Love never fails.

1 Corinthians, a famous letter of St. Paul, continues: 

“But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be restrained; where there is knowledge, it will be dismissed. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when the perfect comes, the partial passes away.

11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I set aside childish ways. 12Now we see but a dim reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.” 


I realized it didn’t matter what other people believed

or didn’t believe;  what matters most is 


Whether I will ever know fully or just in part, whether I have all the answers or not – I am bolstered, encouraged and gifted in my faith to just Love.

Thank you, God for this incredible gift!  

I decided I will no longer focus on the nature of the gift itself, but on its purpose:

I will give this Love from You to all who come to me, with all of my heart, my courage, and my faith, putting all my trust in You.

This was a miracle! To keep me on my path, so I would never give up. No matter what we call it, I knew:

My true path is Love.

And now I can just get on with it!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



Krista Moore is an Angelic Channel, Hypnotist, Healer and Spiritual Director who uses her gifts to channel for private clients and the public on her BlogTalkRadio show. To learn more about Krista’s gift, and see/hear how it may help you, go #MiraclesGrowHere at:


Finding Your Inner Path

It’s a beautiful new world, have you seen it yet?  Have you walked on the grass even though snow still tickles your nose?  Can you imagine the sun even when there is cloud?  Or a butterfly in winter – or a snowman in summer?  Or a castle in the sky?

The power of your mind is second to none.  The power of your heart, unstoppable. 

I awoke into a new world, even though I slept in the same bed.  My mind asked for something, and the heart shifted – a shift in consciousness, a lightness of being, a transformational path only the heart can take.  

What needed to happen in order to meet it where it was, to transform?  

Like the caterpillar that had been asleep in the cocoon, I awoke and shifted and realized I could bloom – right here in the Great White North – even after an eternal winter and an ice storm to boot.  

Like the first butterfly which fluttered by me a few weeks ago, it is never too soon to spread my wings.  purple-butterfly

As I stood on the path, the snow literally melting from under me, I must have felt like Oloff, the tiny snowman in Frozen, whose love is capable of witnessing such astounding beauty in the middle of darkness and possible death. As the fire literally begins to melt him while rescuing his friend, he says: “some people are worth melting for.”

oloff and anna melting for

My journey into darkness began with an intuitive sense that I had to go within.  Like Elsa, the new and frightened Queen in Frozen who escapes to the mountain to find herself, I needed an uninterrupted line to the Divine, a time to nurture my own soul and find out what I was capable of. Something on the inside needed to find its Reason, its Code, and then find its way home.  It was a deep dive. But like Elsa and the butterfly above, something beautiful emerged…  

elsa magical

Not only did I feel more connected and honest with myself, I also felt my life could change if I really wanted it to, that anything was possible, but maybe I didn’t have to go so far to find out.  I could witness and create this joy and love all around me, if I was willing to “sacrifice” the little, protective self, which hides itself away from life.  

Things that had once plagued me, tormented me, could just as easily be let go of

My heart slowly melted, allowing me to walk in a state of profound grace…  

2014-03-14 10.21.12

Everything suddenly seemed more alive and precious, every face, whether family member or stranger, instantly appreciated and cherished – even if for a moment – like that fleeting butterfly on my path. Warmth traveled from my  heart in a miraculous moment transforming  strangers to friends. 

What once seemed impossible and erroneous is instantly transformed

into a moment of beauty and wholeness.

Need we be literal and change where we are

or are we literally transformed in a moment that takes us to the heart of the matter?

Elsa finds herself lost in her “Kingdom of Isolation”, not realizing she had unwittingly set off an eternal winter in her homeland, while she held her magical gifts hostage to fear.  

In the end, her answer is not to run away to protect herself and others. She must go back and reverse her fear with love, while reclaiming her gifts for Love’s purposes.  

It’s so simple!  And yet, everything changes after that. 

Finding Your Inner Path 

If you have traveled a path of darkness too long, here is how to find that Inner Path of Light and Love, which is born within you and waits for your return: 

1. Question the “reality” of what you are thinking. You are likely wrong about yourself.

2. Let go of needing to know the answers with your head – and put your attention on your heart.  

3.  Reach in and then reach out.  Find your inner sanctum. Find a friend or God and pour it out.

4.  Then pour yourself back out into the world, in a moment of joy, a moment of true sharing.

  All will be transformed after that.

That is why its called a miracle.

Never let go of finding your inner path.  No matter how many times you get knocked back. Your desire and heart know the way.  The winter cannot hold.  The spring always comes.  And there is an eternal spring within that darkness can never touch. Only the heart loves.

Never listen to the dreary drone of nay-sayers or those who would try to “protect” you from wanting or knowing or saying too much – being too much.  Only those who understand your power can appreciate and love you for who you really ar. Never, ever give up on that.

Never let your practical, fearful self keep you from living a miraculous life.  Only your heart can know that, have faith in that, give that. It can go through the darkness, but grows stronger, and reconnects with the world giving its inner Light.

If you are still here, you are on the right path.

And you are in very good company.  🙂

Now go on, melt the world with Love!

Amen to that!


P.S. Remember…  You are a Miracle.  The Miracle Is YOU.  Amen to that.



Miracles Show UP when YOU Do!

We have lift off!  Yesterday I felt more like a deflated balloon hovering close to the ground. A personal problem plagued me as I contemplated ad nauseum possible solutions.  Inspiration was a slow drip rather than a full wild water ride.  I had slowed down because my energy had been stopped up with too much thinking!!  Not enough being in the world!

I had to SHOW UP and change things around!

So…  I poured myself out, slowly at first, all the old crap and some good, honest insights.  I prayed for truth.  I gave it up and asked for a miracle.

As I sat under my beloved maple tree, the answer came to me in the form of a person come to pull me out of my misery!  What I thought was lost was found again.  Even though I still steamed and wanted to be in that hopeless state (at least sure of my unsureness), I was not yet willing to give up my defense.

Until I relented. Please, he said. Give up that.  Just for now.  Let’s just be here now.

Alright, I said.  (I didn’t think I could do it – or didn’t want to – I am pretty stubborn !).

But I did!



We had a glorious day of unexpected surprises and adventures, down by the lake on bikes, taking in the balmy floral breezes, riding high and low and everything in between.  I felt renewed and awakened. It was as if I had never been there before.  Everything flew through me, and I through it.  The balloon was in full dance again!  My string bounced playfully as I laughed and sighed and shook my head.

Wow, all this was waiting for me. I just had to say Yes!



More ways to “Show Up” for the miracles in today’s Video message from Krista :):



lights camera action (2)More Highlights and tips for really Showing UP!:

1. Be a participant! (not just an observer).

2. Be an actor. Play your part, whatever role is (even if you do it poorly!).

3. Be a director. Have a vision. (You can always change things around.)

4. Be an audience member. Appreciate the scenery, applaud the other actors, enjoy the scene as it plays out.

5. Be delicious! Be in the moment.

6. Serve it up! – use what you have and make something marvelous (even if the kitchen gets a little messy in the process ;).

7. Keep step, keep time. (Even if you trip or step on somebody’s toes!).

8. Be on vacation in your own life.  Taste it. Feel it. Touch it. LIVE it!

9. Miracles Show UP when YOU do! 

10. The Miracle IS You!




Have you got a way to show up that I hadn’t thought of? Share it on the blog comments below. 🙂


This Bird wants to Soar!

I am living a blessed life.  I have everything I need. I have children who bless me every day and keep me focused on love.  I have a partner who loves and challenges me to be better.  I have a beautiful sanctuary space in my home just for me, which I share from time to time with those who love to partner with me.  I have a backyard that some believe is the garden of eden, with a pool.  My parents are still alive and are a huge part of my life.  I have good friends who truly love me and help me be strong. 

But sometimes I need a little push to keep me moving on…


There’s a bird down the street, an African Grey, like my brother’s in the British Virgin Islands, who sings all day in his cage.  He is a beautiful bird, and his cage is dressed beautifully with dangling bright coloured toys, and food.  He looks happy enough.  He can sing.  And he has a companion, another species which is white, and has a cage of his own “down the street” (which means on the same porch but hanging from a different post – that’s bird language for subdivision).

I feel sorry for him, this African bird, and at the same time, witness how much he loves to perch, and sing, to me and others passing down the street.  He has a good life, with owners who love him, hanging in front of a truly beautiful house with manicured gardens and a comfy shady tree to keep him cool, and a gentle breeze.  He has full view of the street with cars and passersby, dogs and kids, everything.  He sees everything.

 But like me, he is not always a participant – is he?  Can he fly from tree to tree and gawk and cry from above?  Can he leap forward or backward without banging into anything?  Can he skydive in his cage without falling on his head?

The truth is, I have no cage, only what I choose.  This bird has no choice as I see it.  I do.  I have a beautiful cage, hand-made, and perfectly chosen for me. I have a beautiful family.  But what does this bird, me, want to do?  Soar to great heights, crash and burn, follow the path leading to a future home?



It doesn’t take much to make me sing.  I could write my song in a prison cell or on a paradise island.  Any bird can sing from their cage, as in “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,”  by Maya Angelou.

But can he soar?…

When I leap out of my cage, out of the wilderness of other people’s stuff, venturing off into giant aquariums and wonderlands of things, I begin to soar….

What does it take to move me, truly?  To make me soar? 

It takes courage. 

It takes heat and pressure. 

It takes a chance encounter. 

It takes an unexpected dance.

dancing with an orb?

My wild bird song can play if I want it to, but sometimes it needs encouragement.  That means the courage that comes from being with others who are guiding me, nudging me forward, giving me a little kick if necessary (like my horse Bella ;)), or my brother Rick Moore taking “Lucky” out for a night on the town :).

Brother Rick with Lucky in BVI

Brother Rick with “Lucky” in BVI

A champion or master?  A guide or friend?  It doesn’t seem to matter. All of us play our parts.  Sometimes we are filled with the ability to soar and fly. Other times, we need someone to gently open our cage and nudge us forward, or show us a better way. 

And if that doesn’t work, God will find a way to get us off the ground, even if he has to rattle our cage, remove us from our cage entirely, or bring strange and unexpected events.  Force us to fly, to save ourselves or someone else. Whatever it takes.  Whether gentle or more forceful, we find our way out.  Whether temporary or more permanent, we find new wings.


Yup, that's me, soaring in Bahamas

Yup, that’s me, soaring in Bahamas

All I know is, this bird wants to soar!


This post is for Miracles of Courage. What does it take for you to have the courage to move on? To sing your song? 

Share with us on the blog comments below, or write to me.  🙂



Rick Moore: Sure, but have a look at this latest series of 1-minute videos I’ve started, many of them feature ‘Lucky’… you’ll see her only cage is the world around her, Lol



The Climb

Last night I had a dream, that I was readying myself for a trip in one scene, preparing my documents, determined to go.  In the next scene was a tall ladder attached to a very high slide in a park. 

I was moving toward the kids in the park, my dog dancing at my heels excitedly.  Once I approached the rails, there was no one left in front of me. It was quiet.  I climbed. The sky was perfectly blue and clear…  

I am re-publishing this blog post/poem, “The Climb”,  from my 2011’s “30 Days of Miracles”, in honour of my dream last night, and as entry point into this week’s theme: “Miracles Require Courage”.  

I hope you enjoy your mountainous climb…   


 mountaintop climb


 “Jump off the high dive, woman.”
She looks at him.
“OK, have it your way.”
He picks her up and throws her in.
“Jump off the high dive, damnit.”
“NO. I can’t.”
“Yes you can.”
“No, I won’t.”
“Yes you will if I have anything to do with it.”
She pauses.
He smiles.
She runs.
He chases her.
She jumps in.
 “Go on, you can do it.”
“I know” she says and smiles.
But she doesn’t.
He pauses.
She looks at him.
“Why should I?” she asks.
“What are you waiting for?” he answers.
He waits.
She goes and climbs the first step.
“It’s cold up here.”
“I’m hungry. I want to come down now.”
“Why?” she asks again.
“Because you don’t want to.”
She goes one step further.
“It’s high up here.”
“I know.”
“What should I do now?”
“I can’t hear you…”
She contemplates.
Nobody is there.
She is all alone.
What do I do now?
Keep going.
She doesn’t go.
She tries to come back down,
But something keeps drawing her nearer.
She comes back down and rests.
She does other things to distract herself.
He doesn’t care.
He waits for her.
Then, when she is ready, she asks him again.
“What should I do now? Go again? Do you want me to?”
“Do you?”
“I do. Something is calling me nearer.”
“Then go if you want to. Do it.”
She goes again,
This time she is one step nearer.
Suddenly there is a crowd.
Only a few looking up at her.
She is doing something newer.
They are cheering for her.
This is fun again.
She climbs to the top and takes a peek at all there is to see.
She freaks and comes back down.
They pat her on the back, but she has a frown.
“What’s the matter?” they ask.
“I didn’t do it yet. I pretended to. I didn’t climb the whole way. I didn’t jump off.”
“So. You tried. That is enough.”
“NO. I want to go again.”
“Good. Then go.”
This time there is no one around.
She creeps out into the night.
She climbs the ladder fully and stands at the top.
She sings her song to the mountaintops and the trees.
She is free.
No one is listening
Or so she thinks.
In the morning there are people everywhere,
Crowding her for a time,
Congratulating her on her mountainous climb.
She is dumfounded.
“How did you know?”
“We could hear you.”



P.S. This time, after hovering between 6 and 7, I am nearing number 8. Where are you?



“Be still when you have nothing to say. When genuine passion moves you, say it hot.”  D.H. Lawrence


I have learned to stop
the chatter-box
when the motor is not running
when there is no knowing
I drift paralyzed
drag my eyes across the
surface of the water
unclear what is below
And then as I approach
something familiar, something dear
that rises within me
like a steeple turned
in on itself
Poking me on to say what
I came to say
I rise
I venture forth
with grace
with attitude
with a smile
with ferocity
I make no apologies
because there is no
others quake in their shoes

by Krista Moore

Learning How, and other Hat Tricks

Tonight my daughter was teaching me magic tricks, whilst she was making them up on the fly. Some she knew well and was proud of herself; others, she stopped and hung her head low. “I forget” she said, or “What was I doing that for?….” I knew what she was struggling with: self-confidence in learning something new.  She was so eager to present it all to me “perfectly” (and I did laugh and clap as a good audience would), but she knew she wasn’t there yet. There’s no faking that.

I feel the same way in my journey. I am just learning how to do things I never knew. I thought I knew because I’ve watched others do it. Or pretended to. I’ve read books about it. But when I stand up there, or speak, or sing, or whatever that “thing” is, I pause. Sometimes I will pause mid-sentence, or stop altogether. No, I didn’t want to say it like that. Can we try that again??

Right now I am learning to do video (for my website). I’m used to having a set around me, and others to do all the handiwork. Even when we were doing short films, others had the technical jobs. I just stood where I was told, and said my lines (that part was my responsibility and I delivered them well, I believe).  My job was to  “get out of the way”, and let them do their job. Find a quiet corner to prepare myself and let the rest take care of itself.  Not anymore!

I did my first technical setup the other day. I was quite proud of myself! It wasn’t perfect, I’ll tell you. But I was quite amazed what I could do by myself. I guess I have learned a few things! But the true test comes when I learn how to use it. What I will use it for.  Saying what really matters to me, that I want to share. That is the nail biter! Once it’s there, there’s no turning back. It’s time to go “on”.

Why do I want to try something new at this time? Why not just excel at what I’m already good at? Why not just keep doing commercials, or letting the “other guys” dictate what is going to happen to me instead? Isn’t it easier just to sit on the sidelines and hold my breath?


I’ve never been one to sit down on a challenge. In school I was the same. Always the overachiever. I couldn’t just sit back and slack off.  I had to know everything I could about what I was doing, and then I had to give it my all. And I did. A little too much, I think! But that pride in doing my best and outshining myself is something I’m used to. I”m not so good at being a beginner.

I know other women who tremble at the thought, when someone suggests that their natural talent at something might blossom into a business. “Who me?” or “Oh, that little thing?”  Such modesty hiding under the covers. I just want to rip them covers off! Pardon the image, folks. But it’s true. There is so much talent just waiting to be unveiled. But you have to say yes, I want to. I’m willing to. I’m going to take the next step.

If other folks believe in you, why can’t you? What is so hard about learning something new? Half the time, we’re already half way there – we’ve already got the talent, some skill, knowledge, will. What else do we need? Just courage. And a little time to sow our seeds.

Get sowing folks! Our field needs rowing. It’s hard work this planting and hoeing.  But oh! What a surprise, when that rich soil produces that tiny sight. We just want to peel over with delight, reach down in wonder at what our hands put asunder, that field of green has blossomed from YOU!

As my daughter walked away tonight, after doing about eight million hat tricks, I told her, “Don’t give up!  Remember, you did all that by yourself, but there are lots more tricks you can learn. You’ll get there! It takes a lot of learning!”  She seemed to take that in, at least I hope she did.

I hope I did, too!

P.S. Tomorrow I will give this video thing a whirl, and see where it goes. Forgive me my mistakes (I don’t have a blueprint), I’m just learning. But I bet it will be great, once I get the trick.  And I will, too!  And so can YOU!

P.P.S.What’s your latest hat trick?  What are you still struggling to get the hang of?  Have you started yet? I’d love to hear  about it below.  🙂

Universal Language

I felt inspired tonight to write about a not-so-big moment that had a big impact on me and  my daughter.  After a long and wonderful weekend with family, I was walking my daughter and dog to a local park up north where we were staying. It so happened that an Eastern European community of families was picnicking in the park, though it was still open to everybody.

My dog was pulling like a madman to smell all the sights and sounds. My daughter was riding her bike precariously over the bumpy grass, weaving in and out of late afternoon lunchers with blankets, the late day sun shining on their faces. An old Eastern European woman looked up at me curiously.  Her eyes squinted in the sun, her hair tied behind a brown kerchief.  I smiled, but wasn’t sure if she smiled back. I continued on, transplanted in another timezone, hearing the brushings and sweepings of a foreign tongue all around me, shaking my usual sensibilities.

understand me

I watched the people’s at-ease body language, admired their communal play, and heard their spontaneous song.

A very pretty young woman with a baby jammed a melody while her cohorts softly played guitar. Her voice sent a high anthem across the park. Stunning. I wanted to say something, but was shy at first, remember?  I felt like we were unexpected guests at an intimate party.

But, something in me spoke:  this was an opportunity to teach my daughter, and me, something important.

I sat at a bench near the playground, controlling my wayward dog. A young man and his mother-in-law sat beside me. His wife was off with three lovely daughters on the swings and monkey-bars.  My daughter eyed them uncomfortably but with longing. The other little girl eyed my daughter with a similar stance and a silent invite to play.

I finally spoke to my daughter, “Go, Play”.  She held back, waited. “No,” she said worried, “she speaks a different language.” Inspired, I told her, no…

“You speak a universal language:  smiling, saying Hi, and laughter.”

She seemed to take that in, but still didn’t move.  The mother-in-law admired my daughter and in a secret language seemed to encourage her to go.  The other little girl came closer, holding herself shyly with the sweetest of smiles.

“OK, that’s it” I said sternly to my stubborn one, “Now GO.”  She finally gave in and went. We watched them slowly come together and play.

Before we knew it they were jumping and swinging together on a shared landscape.

I slowly approached the group of musicians.  I smiled a couple of times to no effect. They were completely absorbed in what they were doing. I wanted to join in, or say, “Wow, you are so good. Can I listen in?”  But I seemed to lack the language, and the nerve.

I went out of view for a moment. I said internally to myself, and to the universe…

We are all one. We belong together. One day we will all know it. You hear my intent. You know what I am saying.  All is well here.

Although they didn’t seem to respond to my “words”, I felt a calm acceptance of what-is. As I walked back to get my daughter, I watched a grandfather pushing his grandson wildly on a swing. The little one squealed in delight. And the grandfather laughed, too.

“See.”  I said to myself and them. “I understand you perfectly.”  In that moment, there was no war, and all was happy.

P.S. As my daughter climbed back on her bike, she told me how she met a girl today who speaks a different language, but they became friends. She said it matter-of- factly, and with hidden sadness, that they would likely never see each other again.  I told her you never know. She told me of other friends she had met for only one day whom she later forgot about. I reminded her, “But you do remember them. You are still friends. You are remembering them now.”

It seemed she had not only met a foreign friend she could understand, but remember too, and maybe even love. (But that is for another day). She smiled, satisfied with herself, and rode away.