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Flowing the Universe

Yesterday I set some new goals for 2017/18. My “New Year” really begins in September, a side effect of my school days. It feels good to start again and again, to think “what can happen next?” or “how can I grow and expand from here?”   

Because I am a channel, I have learned to seek guidance first in all things. My overall direction is set before me from Spirit, based on my given talents, deeper desires and agreement. But then, the action steps, the specifics of what I do or say day to day are up to me. I can lead with my head and overthink everything, constantly stopping and starting, wondering if I’m doing it right, OR…

I can flow the Universe through me all the time, and enjoy the process of creativity! 

This was my revelation as I sat here writing this down. It doesn’t matter, the specific nitty gritty. What matters is the direction and the action, the FLOW of the water running through the stream.

A river has certain boundary markers, it’s edges curved and carved out by the pressure of the moving water flowing with gravity toward a larger goal, the lake or sea. If I am the water and the Spirit moves through me, pulls me along like gravity, like the ocean awaiting me, then I am always safe to let go and flow with it. It is all connected. I can feel this connection through the words that I choose, the inspirations that come, the desire to keep going, the next step or idea that brings me farther. My response to the flow is a constant dance between me and Spirit, as we become one movement, one force of greatness.

Channeling is like that. When I try too hard to think, I cut-off the flow of the water, the “tap” of Spirit runs dry or becomes blocked. When I turn it back on and just wait, allowing the water to come through, it becomes easier and easier to trust that the water will show up, the stream will move toward the sea, Spirit will look after me.

All things will find their destination.

Here I am, flowing water, rivers and streams toward an endless sea. What is there to worry about? The course is already set for me. I may change course temporarily, but the ocean will always find me. All rivers find their way eventually.

And, instead of seeing the water or Spirit as separate from me, as something I have to “reach” or pull into me, I now see that…

I am Spirit and Spirit is inside of me, and I can move and flow more naturally.

I am not suggesting that every thought that comes into our head is coming from Spirit, or that it is moving us forward. It is not! Some thoughts are like boulders stuck in the middle of the stream, damming it up. But water has a way of moving around boulders. Water can carve mountains. Water cannot be stopped! It will either find another way, evaporate or become storm cloud, finding its way back to stream again and again. Even if it slows down, has to go around, or gets side-tracked, like us, the water knows what it is doing and where it is going.

Whatever way it goes, the water flows back to the sea.

So why not flow along with me? It says. Why not trust that the water, or Spirit, God, Creative Force or Universe knows where it needs to go, and let it flow through me…

So what does all this mean?

It means, don’t think too  much! 🙂 Give yourself time for reflection, to get inspired and feel the earth beneath you, sit near a stream, put your toe in the big water, or immerse yourself completely!

Realize you are connected to all things. You cannot truly get it wrong as long as you have life and breathe. Trust in the feeling that moves you along, no matter what. Your next song, your next step, your next heart-ache, your next worry thought! Whatever it is that comes. And just keep moving and flowing the stream, the inevitable pull of the moon and the stars, and of gravity.

And let the water that runs through you carve out a masterpiece!   



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Mystical Waysayer: Show Me Your Garden of Chrysanthemums


What if I didn’t know who I was?
If I didn’t find my gemstone, my path, my lust?
What magic would pale at the sight of my magic dust?
What firmament of sand, of rigid pallor, of rust?


What if I never galloped on that horse?
Missed that dance?
Forgot to put the penny in the wishing pond?


Evolutionary Women!


I am tuned in and turned on to Evolutionary Women. They seem to be following me!  This is a good thing.  First, I was looking for them. I didn’t even know what I was looking for exactly, but then… there they were. Online, everywhere!  Now, they seem to be finding me, gratefully, at a local level.  I could get lost dancing on discussion boards, and even participating in teleclasses with faceless speakers.  But I can’t get lost eye to eye sitting on a comfy couch made for two or three…

There is something blessed about a local cafe. I discovered one lately nearby my house where I could meet like-minded people in my neighborhood.  I was surprised when I ventured out of my habitual zone how much energy there was just waiting for me.  Once I showed up, and it seemed like a radar screen tapping in to those looking for me.

I got a call from a woman friend, then two, who I hadn’t seen in eons.  We each met separately and cozied up on the proverbial couch.  The coffee was good, but the conversation was better.  We realized at a fundamental level we were on the same journey, though our roads may not be the same.  There was  “something going on” within us and between us that had not been there before.

Something is going on…

Are You an Evolutionary Woman?

  • Not just seeking anymore – Finding – Becoming
  • Immersed in inner and outer activity
  • Ever-Evolving, growing, learning
  • Excited, anticipatory, blurting out wonders
  • Showing us, for the first time perhaps, just what’s inside her
  • Exploding with possibilities!
  • Becoming fully alive or ready to be
  • A sea of creativity
  • A mountain of surprises

That can be you. That can be me.

It’s exciting to realize after years of ‘going it alone’ (even while in relationships), we were really connected all along at a deeper, primal level.  We are not only rooted in a past all too familiar, but our branches are now reaching out and touching each other.  That is a miraculous thing.

Are you an evolutionary woman? Do you want to be? Let me know what you think. Write to me.