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Do You Have A Dream?…


Do You Have A Dream?


What do you dream of?…  


Do you dream of Tuscany?

of valleys, hills and soaring skies?

Of love, second chances, or long, long goodbyes?

Of silken fabrics flowing in the breeze,

a seaside village and majestic cypress trees?


What is your dream? What pulls you in at night?

What won’t let go and holds on tight?


To dream you must breathe, you must stop and relax…

You must pull up a chair, or lay down on your back

Stare up through the lens of your inner eye

Bask in the glow of an enormous blue sky…


Perhaps your dream is not a place at all

Perhaps it is a calling, a part of your soul

The part that won’t die and needs to hang on

A playwright, an actor, an orator, a song…

A mother, a teacher

Someone you’ve been all along.


Dust off your dreams and don’t let them go!

It is never too late to be the star of your show

Life begins when you do

Nothing can stop you now

Take off the blinders and start heeding your call!


Krista Moore is a Channel, Author, Speaker, Healer. Her latest podcast, “Do You Have a Dream?” airs live on BlogTalk radio Wed. Jan 10 at 7pm ET.

For more, go to www.mooremiracles.com.

Miracle 26: “Just the Beginning”

This miracle post is a seed I’ve planted.  Every  miracle may be unseen, just a fraction of what it could be. Perhaps forgotten or unseen. Each request, each desire, each miraculous perception, each forgiveness, each loving thought, each dream, each vision:  All these things are just the beginning for me.

My miracles come all the time. But, I have thought pretty small. I have gotten down on myself, or forgotten what I am capable of.  I have prayed big dreams, and I have just begun to dream again.  Everything I have dreamed about, envisioned, almost everything I have felt truly passionate about has come to pass.  I wrote things 10 years ago that have all happened.

My biggest problem is:  have I run out of dreams?  What is a bigger dream than what I have already lived and achieved?

The funny thing is, I am not yet satisfied.  I am content, I am happy at times, grateful. But Nothing can convince me that there isn’t more.  I know there is.  That may be a curse to some, but to me it is the greatest blessing.

I can’t wait for MORE!

I can’t wait to surprise someone, to surprise myself. I can’t wait to be so surprised by the opening in my life, the invitation to more, the greatest vision possible that I couldn’t have come up with on my own:  I can’t wait to be so shaken and surprised that I break down and cry.

This is just the beginning for me.  I have planted many seeds. Some things have already sprouted. Some things I am still tending to, and they are growing, slowly.  But I will not accept that this is it for me.  This little patch of garden, this little patch of grass, this one little tree.

No, I envision something much, much BIGGER, to give my greatest blessings to MORE and MORE. I envision all my talents being used, everything I have ever learned, read, studied, achieved, being used for something much GREATER, transforming and uplifting us MORE and MORE!

Can I cross? Photo by Garland Cannon


I am not done.  Nor will I ever be.  I hope you are excited, too. Because you can do anything you want to.  You don’t have to win anyone’s approval to accept this for yourself. Just begin to see it, ask for it, write about it, dream it, imagine it.  It will come if it’s for you.

I look back on old miracles I have received, that transformed my life forever. I still feel grateful for them.  Some of those miracles are still working in my life, relationships that saved me from where I was and helped move me to where I am.


But there’s more.  More relationships, people, places, things to do.  I can’t possibly know what all that looks like or how exactly it’s going to come to pass, but I know enough to begin.  And I know enough to keep asking.  I know when I speak these powerful words, these great “I AMs”, something moves heaven and earth with me.  That force is so great in  me, it shakes the universe.  That may sound arrogant, but it is not. It is true.  I can feel it.  And so can you, when you declare it.  Just try it!


On the weekend I witnessed a woman who didn’t think she was strong.  I asked her to try something with me. That if I were to push down on her outstretched arm it would not fall.  I taught her to declare “I AM STRONG. I AM UNDEFEATED.”  That she could do it. That she was POWERFUL.  I told her to repeat it three times, “I AM STRONG. I AM STRONG. I AM STRONG!” and when she was ready, I pushed down on her arm.  It stayed straight out, undefeated. It would NOT go down.

Of course when we did the opposite and she thought to herself, “I am weak, I am tired” her arm fell right down. The same thing happened with another man with the statements reversed.  An eye opener for all who were witnessing the power of our thoughts and words.

That is just a minor example of how our attitude and self-perception can be shaken into something new.

What if I can?  What if I AM?  What if it’s TRUE?

Iberian Peninsula at Night – NASA

I have witnessed many miracles, many things come to pass that I was hoping for and envisioning. People have recently come into my life that told me they had faith in me. They believed I can. Will I disappoint them? Will I pretend that it was just a lucky break?

Or will I believe that something happened for a reason, that this person was a messenger for me. That I need to change my attitude, and ask for something BIG?

This is just the beginning for me.  I don’t know what will happen, but I’m going to begin to imagine.  And then I’m going to open myself and watch what happens. It may be a phone call, a pronouncement, a declaration, an invitation, an idea, a step, a reminder, a new opportunity, a miracle.

I invite it in. Like the seeds just planted that I haven’t seen yet.  I will water them and pick out the weeds. I will step back. I will wait for the miracle to begin.  And I will expand my vision.   Instead of this little patch, I see a great swaying field, as wide as the eye can see, an OCEAN of miracles, a GALAXY.  A UNIVERSE sparkling and receptive, expanding every day.  A myriad of possibilities.  I will not step down and stare at the ceiling. I will close my eyes and see beyond what most people see.  I will awaken to a NEW STORY, a new promise, a new demand in me.  And I will meet it.  I WILL SUCCEED!


Say this to yourself, or something greater. Believe with me.  No matter how feeble. Think: This is “Just the Beginning”.  Plant a seed.  Blow on it.  Watch it grow.  Step back and let the miracles blow you away.

This is just the beginning. Another day. No, a NEW day.  Never happened this way.  Never before.  Totally and completely unexpected.  Something that jolts even me beyond where I’ve been or thought possible.

I put it out there.  I believe. I keep dreaming, giving, declaring it for myself.  That is the greatest gift I can give to others.

Until I am surprised, astonished, I know I can do more. I will not stop until I know my vision is big enough to open that greatest of doors.


What is the  miracle you are afraid to declare? What is your greatest vision, secret hope, deepest wish? Declare it for yourself.

Day 25: Fun!


I was going to write about Why I am Here, Part II, but again, life gets in the way! And that, my dear, is the point. Life is good. It doesn’t need to be categorized, analyzed or parlayed into anything else. It is right in front of you.

And right now, in front of me, we have  a father and daughter frolicking in a pool, a dog laying down after a good ‘ole day of playing with his doggie friends and going for an evening walk; and me, here typing to you, whatever the hell is going on in my head. But my hope is that I am able to convey not just “what is happening” but why it is important, amazing and good. Why my life is so amazing, because it is.

Am I just lucky, or have I come out of the dark and seen with new eyes?

Something to ask yourself too. Is your life not good, or are you not seeing what is good about you, about it. That is what happened to me. I was comparing my life to some superstar dream fantasy far away, and I could never live or be happy that way. Now, as I sit here, the music playing (“Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles), I dream a new dream: the dream of my life as it is now. Better than planned, appreciated beyond measure, and endlessly full of possibilities for tomorrow. No need to prolong.  Just say:

Yes, this day is enough for me! This is fun!

I am having fun. With you, with me, with everyone.

My husband, not knowing what I was writing about, just hollered from the pool:

“Hey, mommy, this is fun!”

Not kidding. There are no accidents, only appointments, she said.

This one is fun indeed.

Thank you.


Day 21: The Miracle is You

I mean that literally. The Miracle is You. I’m not being generic or metaphoric or universal in any way. For the first time, I really get it.

I sang through the weekend doing the birthday thing, kids running amok, appreciating my family, getting uptight and nervous about the quantity of young guests, the unanticipated sleepover, the never-ending hangover of more guests on Sunday. The joy of an unusual full family dinner.

Now, as I swing back to my beloved friends of this blogging world, I get this sudden feeling of  connectivity, reciprocity, understanding…

This is not just about me. This is about You. The miracle that happens to me is the same miracle that happens to you. What I write, you also live. What you live, I somehow write. How does this happen? How does this miracle happen to us both at the same time, echoing each other? You may think, How did you know that? How did you say exactly how I was feeling at this moment in time? How did you say it just like that so that it sung to my heart, spoke from my true understanding, something I hadn’t even put into words before? This is all new to me too.

All I know is, I am doing this with you

It is a chorus, a harmony, an absolute symphony. I love to write, and you hear my voice. But you don’t just hear me, you hear You! This is bizarre. Amazing. I am singing your song as much as I am singing mine. Maybe we are singing the same song!

I am honoured to be the one putting down the words because it is easy for  me. As Lady GaGa says, “I was born this way!” But maybe for the one who is tongue-tied or whose heart is torn apart, and can’t even begin to know how to express ‘that’, I am their God-send. Literally. That is not arrogant. As Marianne Williamson says echoing A Course in Miracles, it is not arrogant to recognize your God-given talents and use them. It is humble to witness their impact, to see God’s work at hand. To fall down on your knees and say, Thank you for using me at last!

Thank you.

Thank You for being here, for listening, for understanding, for being, for responding. Thank you for singing your chorus, your harmony. Your wave of passion, happiness, devotion.  I love our evolving collaboration, our co-witnessing each other, our evolutionary striving for something greater. An awakening of seismic proportions. Beyond Katerina, Beyond tragedy. This is the response to all of that. This is the Hope. The Dream. The Great Call to Freedom at last! This isn’t about race, sex, age or religion. This transcends all borders and boundaries we ever thought we had. This is Love itself calling to our own Selves. We are recognizing ourselves in each other’s greatness. We are witnessing the possibility of what we can be together.  Supporting each other in the Climb that has  nothing to do with ceilings or enemies or friends. This is wider, deeper, faster and more incredible than anything we ever thought we were or had. This is the mountain without peak, the river without end…

Dear God, make us Great. Make us tall. Make us realize our own potential in each other’s eyes. Let us witness and make a pact: Never again will we act small, pretend we don’t know anything. Hide in the branches of our own greatness, only to swing when we are alone. Let us join our hands. Clasp on for dear life. Let’s sing our hearts out in this, our Collective Song.

There’s no denying when you’ve heard the Call.

There’s no denying when a Miracle is born.

Thank you, God for hearing mine.