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Becoming a Channel of Light Part II

Continuing my journey from the last post, I conclude my story here on how I became a channel, and its amazing effects; and announce my new offering/website for you to experience moore miracles too!…

As I left off, I had a wake-up call in 2009-2010, which left me hanging and wondering how I was going to pull this off. I did some research and became in tune with a global community of light-workers, mostly women, who were bringing the next wave of transformation and enlightenment. Out of this inspiration, I downloaded a whole workshop format and gave it the name, “Evolutionary Woman”.  For two years, I gathered women in a local church, and a nearby yoga studio, as well as online, which then launched into doing more extended retreats.

In the fall of 2012 I felt called to take a hypnosis training I’d had my eye on for over a year. I had always been fascinated by past life regression and had seen a program on CBC with Georgina Cannon, in which she regressed several clients, and then they travelled to the places where they had had past lives and were overwhelmed with emotion. It was beyond exciting to me. I had tried to do this myself, but I felt this was one of the missing pieces of the puzzle for me. So I called up Tariq Sattur, the Director of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre at the time, and arranged to begin in the spring.

On one of the first days of “Metaphysical Hypnosis” training, I spotted a woman sitting to the far end of the class. Just seeing the back of her head, I instantly knew I knew her, and so I approached, introduced myself and that began a life-changing and enduring friendship. Elizabeth Rose, who was then called by a different name and whom I just called “Rose”, also received a sign when she shook my hand, which she later told to me. Both of us had received messages from Jesus prior to the course, my communications a part of a long-standing dialogue I had while channelling through writings, and she a skeptical Buddhist who was alerted by a booming voice that she had to go to Toronto. Both of us had profound experiences while in hypnosis, which confirmed and explained our profound connection.

While in regression, and reaching the “interlife”, Tariq my instructor began to ask a series of questions. I found myself feeling quite high, as if my normal state of consciousness had stepped aside, just faintly in the background, while a larger presence stepped in and asserted itself. It was a loving presence, though very powerful.  As he asked me these questions, I heard my voice explain things that were beyond my comprehension. The guide told them him and the class her name, and obliged most of the questions about the mission I, as a being of light, was on, as part of a larger project in the ethereal realms to save the rift in consciousness that had befallen the planet. I saw images in my mind, which the voice explained, and later a student provided paper so I could draw what I saw.  As I came out of trance, I still felt the energy and so encouraged the students to continue to ask questions. It was confirmed in this engagement, that Elizabeth and I were on the same “team” and that is why our relationship was so powerful. We had work to do, a mission in this lifetime, and all the pieces were coming together.

After that experience my life was never the same. I could not think of myself the same way, as a normal girl/woman, wife, mother, student, even workshop leader. The mystical became my muse, and the encounters kept coming. I met people in my life, perfect strangers, who made announcements to me about the importance of my task, or that I had been here before.  These starting revelations continued into 2013-14, while Elizabeth and I continued to work together on the side whenever we could, going into deep trance and finding more pieces.  

Then in late 2014, after Elizabeth did a training with Ines Simpson (the Simpson Protocol), she visited me in Toronto, taught me what she learned, and suddenly while she was in trance, began turning her head. She perceived a light, and “voices” that came from the right. When inquiring who “they” were, they announced they were 9 angels, in rows of 4, 3, and 2.  I instantly said, “it’s a choir of angels!” From there, she began to channel them, and they began to instruct us on everything, from the mundane of what to eat, to the miraculous of our mission in life.


In 2015 I invited Elizabeth to go on vacation with me in the Dominican Republic. During that trip, we worked constantly, she putting me into trance, and doing the deep healing work that the angels/Christ/God directed in what they termed “Full Immersion into Spirit”. Many layers were peeled back. Healing tears were shed. And much laughter, as I found it all quite hilarious at times – the unreality of this world, our griefs and woes, past lives or present, seemed like a constant array, a crazy travelling show. 


While taking a break from our work, I stepped away to the washroom, and was preparing to brush my teeth. I had taken some bottled water from fridge, and was going to pour it into the glass provided int he bathroom. As I poured the most amazing thing happened: a large, 21-pointed crystal formed in the centre of the water, floating perfectly within it, never touching the sides or the top. I stared at it unmoving and called for Elizabeth to come. She too was flabbergasted and could not explain with reason, with her scientific mind, how this could happen. The crystal stayed for a good few minutes, and unfortunately we did not take a picture as we were unable to think of it. Then it slowly dissolved before our eyes. 

We asked the angels what had happened, and the answer was that the crystal was a reflection of my, Krista’s, spirit or soul, my origin. Ironically, when I was born, my uncle wanted to name me “Crystal”, but it was my father who insisted on a more original spelling, and decided on “Krista”. Either way, it was a signpost for me to pay attention and remember who I am.

After subsequent visits to the Rose Cottage, where Elizabeth had setup a healing centre in New Brunswick, I too became a full channel. And now I am running groups out of my own centre in Toronto, at Miracles Grow Here. I certainly did not plan it! Now the angels speak and sing through me, move my hands in the most graceful ways, and I feel the loving energy take over my body mind and soul. I do the healing work with others, and transfer these gifts to those who need them and are also called to the journey of healing, transformation and light. It is an ongoing journey, and I’m sure moore miracles await us all as I say…





I appreciate all who have come to this place with me, and have shared the ups and downs of my discovery process. The new website is ready as I unveil and offer my services and support to you.  I am now ready to spread my wings! Thank you for flying with me – I hope you will join me on the other side of this amazing adventure! Come join me and find out “more” and www.mooremiracles.com.



Miracle 28: “The Miracle is ME!”


krista red april cropped and large 2008This morning I had a crisis of faith.  Given I can feel great one day, and not so good the next, I wondered if I would ever solve the puzzle of my own mental dance.  I wondered if I’m just making all this stuff up, and nothing I am saying is real.  That’s the real mind f-*-#-*k the ego does.  Yes, dear, you are entirely wrong, and crazy to boot.

So, I lay there for some while, endeavouring not to do anything, deciding if I just stay in bed, I will challenge God to do something – poke me with a big, fat stick, or take me out.  He didn’t.  But I did rise up.  Why?

I thought to myself:  My happiness, my energy, my action does NOT require my belief.  I simply need to do what I know works. That’s it.

I happen to believe in Spirit. That word I cannot be offended by – cannot dissolve into a teary mess if challenged by atheists or my own internal bug.  No, I can shake hands with Spirit. I KNOW Spirit. I do not need to defend anything.  Spirit is I Am, and I see it in everyone.  IT is what arises in me when I get out of bed.  Like right now, I said, as I stood there contemplating what all this means (I know, I think too much).  My mother would give me a swift kick of “tough love” and say go help someone, stop thinking about yourself. That would shame anyone into doing the laundry or laughing with the kids.

The truth is, I know what I need. As glorious as the summer is, it is not my sweet time.  I love the fall (I know, crazy). I love the wild breezes, the dust getting kicked up and travelling to New York on the fly.  I love the surprise of it all. Languid and limp? Not me!

So what does all this mean? What’s the miracle here, Krista dear?  I’ll tell you.  It’s ME!  I decided to change my mind.  This conundrum of what I believe has led me to realize that though I believe many things, that’s not what gets me up in the morning.

Here’s what does:

  • Laughing with you
  • Working on a project I love
  • Working with people in a circle, on a plane, in the rain
  • Climbing tall buildings in a single bound
  • Grabbing a coffee before cracking my books open
  • Getting on a train (GO Train in my case)
  • Going downtown
  • Bright lights, big city love
  • Circle surprises and energy rising
  • Laughing til my face hurts
  • Praying with gratitude (not requests)
  • Believing in myself
  • Holding a vision so big it almost bursts
  • Sharing that vision with you and
  • Watching your eyes light up

So that’s what got me up this morning, and now I am at Starbucks.  Starbucks in Scarborough, which could just as easily be New York or anywhere on earth.  It doesn’t matter. The music fills me, the Chai tea with half and half, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg, banana bread with two hunks of butter and no apologies.  Typing wildly to you and being happy, completely transformed.

Completely – Transformed.

That’s it.

The miracle for today.

What’s yours?


Me xo



Recognizing the Wonder…

Sometimes I don’t recognize the wonder of what I am doing.  As I am doing it, I am so absorbed in preparing for it, thinking about it, wondering about it – that rarely do I “get” the WONDER of it while it is happening. It is as if I am immune to my own greatness.  I don’t get it until someone reminds me, sees, recognizes, thanks me.

Isn’t that silly?

    In my women’s circles I witness time and time again women who are filled with great ideas, gifts and achievements, and inherent talents and abilities, who do not “see” with their own eyes, or “hear” with their own ears, just how amazing they are. 

What does it take for us to get it?

I have been working really hard to realize this for myself first. Even as I am going about my business, I stop and say:  “Krista, do you realize what you are doing? Do you know how amazing you are?”  I know that may sound a bit funny, or arrogant, to say this to myself, but I tell you it isn’t even close to the truth of the matter. We are more amazing than our tiny brains can conceive, than we will ever admit out loud or to ourselves.

And yet, I have great hope that things are changing…  We are changing.

Tonight I watched as women mirrored back each other’s greatness, re-affirmed each other’s gifts, recognized themselves in each other’s dreams, and validated each other’s greatest visions – as not only valid but “done” (meaning, ‘it’s in the bag’). Isn’t that amazing??

 Recognizing the Wonder…

This week as things unravel, and become more, as my life twists and turns, as I go farther away from shore – I look back for a moment – I breathe and relax – knowing this is sacred space I’m encountering.  This is valid and true. I made this. And yet – something greater, too.  I can’t take credit for everything – but I can recognize my part. I can recognize the wonder of  it all.  That I dreamt it up or was inspired to take action, and that someone listened and wanted to participate with me, to prosper, to create – and that now we are doing what was once only promised or possible. Now, reality.

That is how great life can be. What a wonder. What a joy!

Now, that I might recognize this wonder more often. Step back – and step into – the greatness that I Am.

And You!






P.S. What do you recognize that’s great about yourself? What have you stepped into or become that you have not yet seen with loving eyes?  Do you have a champion to help mirror that greatness in you? If you do not, I would encourage you to find a circle, a friend, or partner who “gets it”, the wonder that is You.  

What Is Evolutionary Woman?


Last fall I began the first Evolutionary Woman circle at West Hill United Church in Scarborough.  At first, 12 women signed up – settling down to around 9.  I was excited by the number, and what each woman brought to the circle (like the 12 signs of the Zodiac, or the 9 months in the cycle of birth or rebirth).

I remember lighting the candles and counting each one’s presence, and blessing the table before we  began..


 What – or Why – is Evolutionary Woman?

Good question. Which brings me to why I began it in the first place. At first, I was seeking. I was looking for connection with women who understood, or at least tried to, my spiritual interests and creative desires, and who I could share with at a deeper level. At the time, I was an actress and a closet writer.  I found women online, evolutionary consciousness communities in which I could thrive and learn. I would write on forums and listen to live calls with women from all over the world. Some of us came to “know” each other – but none of them “knew me” face to face, so in some ways I remained safe and “invisible”.  It was a good alias, to be able to share in this way – as if being transported to a different world, or in a holding tank with other women of like mind. The permission to shine was given, stated, part of the agreements we shared. We shared a great many things – about why we were there, what drove us, what we hoped to become,  what we stood for, and were committed to bringing about in the world. And we worked hard to uncover the blocks that were pushing us back, and elevated ourselves and each other to build a better life, a better world.

Evolutionary Woman is Born

When one of my on-line courses ended, I felt lost again, and yet totally stimulated to try something new. Ideas began to pour through. I would write notes to myself in the middle of the night about an idea called “Evolutionary Woman”.  I had never taught this before, but I was trained in acting and I had learned and explored many avenues of self-discovery. If I looked at it closely, I had a wealth of experience and information. But that wasn’t it.  I had something else to offer, explore:  The unknown avenues of women’s hearts and souls. That, I couldn’t prepare for.

I designed many weeks of material.  But I also had to let go and trust.  I would lead, but I would also respect. There were times when I could not step in and do what I felt was “right”. It wasn’t all up to me. That is what Evolutionary Woman is all about.  Collective growth in a cocoon of “awakening”. It is a humbling experience, and challenging.  It is not a socializing thing, though there are certainly elements of that!  It is not a single-purposed group with a set mission.  Each person brings their unique desires and abilities to the mix.  But we do share a common purpose. To help each other grow.

We are here to respect and love one another.
We are here to be champions for one another.
We are here to hold each other accountable to the best that each of us can be
We hold a vision of what’s true and what’s possible
We won’t give up until we become the butterfly

“If the purpose of the Evolutionary Women’s Circle could be distilled into one sentence, would it look like this: To awaken and realize our influence and potential both as individuals and groups, to then become the fully alive, effective and deliberate creators that we can be.”

  Marion Morrish, Participant

How Evolutionary Woman is Evolving

I have changed the content of Evolutionary Woman substantially since the beginning. I find that it is drilling down to the basics, becoming more crystalline. For me, it is still a Spiritual path, not a self-help philosophy.  I do add into the mix things that are familiar and comforting, and some fun too. We even did hula hoops one night – thanks to K!  But when we settle down into the circle, miraculous things happen.  The energy shifts.  Commitments are made and kept, women’s hearts and spirits are honoured.

“I see you”

We “see” each other in the mirror of our own desiring, our own compassion, our own resolve, our greater Collective Will. For transformation. For truth. For passion. For possibility. For Reality.

And when someone else can see us in the way we want to be seen and heard, we blossom, we fly.  We begin anew. Anything is possible.

But no one can do it alone. And so, we join. We remind. We practice. We share. We “act”. We play. We dance. We transform.

We say “Amen”!

What’s Next?

The next Evolutionary Women’s Workshop is being held at In the Spirit Yoga Studio and Wine Lounge in the village of Highland Creek, Scarborough. Oct 14 – Dec 9/12 every other Sunday from 4-6pm. 

To register call (647) 352-4879 or e-mail letsconnect@inthespirityoga.com.

 The Miracle Is You


ACTION IN FAITH: “Doubter, Meet DOER!”

Today I spent the greater part of my time getting connected with my gifts and taking ACTION.  Not only did I get the majority of my taxes done (:O!) , I also spent time building my business with my business mentor Adela Rubio and her Enlightened List Building community.  She was surely the catalyst, but I have been climbing the walls with this for some time!


I absolutely love what I do – when I’m DOING IT! I love to share my message here with you, my readers and friends, who have been listening since my original “30 Days of Miracles” began…  And now, I’m embarking on my SECOND Evolutionary Woman Circle in Toronto. After 2 successful runs at a local church, I am venturing into new territory, and have been invited to facilitate one at a local yoga studio.  I have been thinking about this opportunity for some time, along with a dear friend and business owner there who has been longing for it too. It’s wonderful when things connect!

What I learned today, and what I expressed last night to my new EW partner is this:

When we are afraid, when we fear failure, what we need is:


Not so much ‘Faith in Action’, because that assumes we have any!  Often, we don’t.  So, the flip side is…  Take action first, knowing that the faith will come by doing something about it.

My friend also mentioned her fear of failure being washed away by the ocean tides. I could see this dissolve with the flow of the water reigning down upon her, carrying her along for the ride.  It was a beautiful image.  It also led me to say,

“ACTION IN FAITH eliminates fear and failure.  Because without action, you have failed already, right?  So, you have nothing to lose, and hence, nothing to fear!”

This was a light-bulb for the both of us. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Put a Little Heart into your Breathing…

heart breathing

Taking a quick break from holiday festivities to notice when I am breathing, and when I am feeling the need to step away for a bit and be by myself. This is not a bad thing. A little withdrawl (especially from chocolate!) is much needed.

Although I prepare for even more entertaining tomorrow, I know that this works for me:

I notice when my energy is a bit off. I notice when my hand aches, or my heart feels tense, or my head a little dizzy.

I sit down and breathe, ask myself, “what do you need?” Sometimes it is just that:

Breathe! Ahhhhh….

I have learned to bring not only deep into my lungs and belly, but also into my heart. “Heart breathing” is something I learned from doing an Integrated Spiritual Practice with Terry Patten last year. The deep belly breathing is still helpful to release tension and anxiety, but to connect you to your deeper purpose, to your In-Quest – you need to connect to your Heart Space. The heart has more intelligence, light and energy than any other part of your body or mind. And just that slight visualization and intention of tuning into your heart area can activate more loving energy within you and around you.

In the deep belly and Heart breathing, I feel myself drop not only down but out in all directions. I feel the warm glow of my heart fill my body and mind, and then the room and beyond. I feel the peace of God come upon me, and I say a prayer to myself of forgiveness, or need, or whatever needs to be said. That is enough. The rest is done for me.

Tap into and your own energy! Breathe into your Heart. There is more there than you “think”.

And then… Enjoy the festivities! Whatever that means to you. This year, I am tuning In, not out (too much!). I hope you do too! Let’s take a moment before the New Year to connect to our own energy, to our Heart, to say a prayer or two of forgiveness and joy, and then release that into the Universe.

Let this be the year that You are New, too!

Amen to that!


Krista Moore

P.S. What makes you Breathe deeply? How are you doing with your connection to Self this season? Are you finding time to Tune In to your own energy? To your prayerful Heart Space? Let me know what Heart Breathing does for you.

Thank you!

Declaration of Freedom


Declaration of Freedom

I am free to live my life as I now see it, as I wish it to be

I have the right to live my life free of other people’s expectations, whether positive or negative

I have the right to live my life free of other people’s perceptions, whether positive or negative

I have the right to express myself freely with respect for all of life, without fear of punishment or withholding

I have the right to live freely without undue influence from other people’s thoughts, opinions, energies and patterns

I have the right to investigate, explore, question and transform any unwanted patterns or perceptions and burn them in the fire

I am free to let go of all past inhibitors and start over at any time I choose

I am totally free to deny what others claim as truth if it does not resonate with my higher guidance system

I am free to say no as much as I say yes

I am free to walk out the door if freedom beckons me, knowing that I am safe to explore all that life has to offer

I am free to follow my own trail, leaving the path wide enough for others to join me

I am free to begin each day as new, to test my previous habits, to overcome and make good

I am free to just be in the world, not to toil at the mercy of misplaced power or money, but to give and gain with equal vigor

I am free to follow my own inner visions and callings to the deepest Heart’s core

I am free to follow the tracks of my ancestors, then forge a new way

I am free to say hello and goodbye with equal grace and tranquility

I am free to celebrate life and be happy, always

I am free to respond with love and happiness, regardless how others choose to respond to life

I am free to realize my own potential, and to meet each day as an opportunity

I accept responsibility for my life and choices, knowing no one can take that away from me

I choose to live my life with freedom and purpose

I choose to live my life with great power and a sense of destiny

I am not bound by fear, fate, mistakes, or other people’s wish to control or manipulate

I have opened a new door

May I shine my light brighter than ever before

May I love, honor and value all whom I meet or even think about, assuring them of this like freedom

Dear God, may my purpose be Yours: To live in the full bloom of freedom and joy, all the days of my life.



Notes on Personal Freedom:  This is a personal declaration coming from an inner strength and need to detach from over-care and self-sacrifice for the sake of those who may not be owning their personal freedom and responsibility.  This could be those who wish to oppress or use us for their purposes, or those who need us to take care of them (knowing we choose this role and not them).  When we are consciously free, we set free.  When we are authentically happy, we extend true happiness.  This balance is delicate as we learn to take care of ourselves more fully while extending love and compassion to others; giving our gifts freely, while receiving fair compensation when necessary, owning our value by honoring and following our unique calling in the world.

Still, I believe:

“One who thinks alone does not think.”


“One who thinks does not think alone.”

We also honor those who contribute their thoughts, feelings and intentions, which help to meld a newer or  more honed collective understanding. We are also aware that our thoughts have an impact on others and so choose them wisely.

Life is full of judgements and contradictions.  Accept the paradox. We are each responsible for our own free will, and we also need to cooperate with each other to go forward and thrive.  This requires a constant process of discovery and discernment.

First, we learn to honor our inner Knowing, guided by the highest principles of which we are capable at that time;  then we learn to trust and extend freedom and forgiveness to all, contributing to the creation of a much more inhabitable, peaceful world.

Here is a woman who epitomizes freedom, like it or not. I happen to love it.
What do you think? Do you think personal freedom is selfish or the doorway of personal choice? How do you see freedom operating in your life?  Do you give yourself permission to live with greater freedom? Do you allow others the same freedom?  What are the boundaries of this shared freedom?

Write to me below!

Are you an Evolutionary Woman?

  • Are you a Spiritual Seeker who longs to discover and express your Greatest Gifts?

  • Are you eager to find a community of like-minded who want to connect and grow, Together?

  • Are you ready to transform your life from the caterpillar to the BUTTERFLY?