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What Is Channelling?

Many people ask me, What is Channelling? and what is the difference between a channel and a medium? etc. Here is my answer, followed by the answer that came to me through channelling…

Before I get into how my channelling gift developed and the recent events which led me here, let me attempt to define channelling with my own inner wisdom and experience, followed by my Divine channel’s answer to the question, beyond my own limited frame of reference.

What Is Channelling?

Krista’s Answer: 

Channelling is… an ability to convey God’s or Divine Beings’ or Spirit’s messages through someone who is both open and clear or pure of heart. Some people can channel deceased loved ones and other beings, that are not necessarily of the higher realms. I do not do this. I only channel beings of the highest realms, and those they bring forward, who are sometimes loved ones who have crossed over, or other people’s relatives. However, this is not my main purpose or gift. I associate mediums with those who primarily channel deceased loved ones; and there are good mediums like Theresa Caputo, of the TLC show, The Long Island Medium, who come from the white light of God, and not so good mediums who channel lower entities or “whatever comes through”. This can be quite dangerous and not recommended.

The purpose of my channelling is to uplift humanity and correct or heal misperceptions, give solid information or guidance, provide comfort, reassurance and encouragement, and channel healing at the deepest level, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It is always wise, loving and powerful. Anything less than that is either my own ego interfering (the conscious mind), or someone else’s from a lower realm, which I avoid.

I protect my channel by eating good vegetarian plant-based foods, limiting or eliminating alcohol or sugar, water fasting on occasion (sometimes weekly for a whole day, that’s 24 hours), prayer and meditation, forgiveness and surrender to a Higher Power. I also say the Lord’s Prayer and the Channelling prayer before I channel, calling on God, Jesus and the angels, and sometimes Archangels to clear myself, and the space I am working in. This clears my channel, heart and mind, and allows my body to become a pure vessel of light so that I can convey the wisdom coming through me, to help myself in my own life first, so that I can then be of service to others, including my family, friends, clients and those who find my work.

When I am prepared, I then go into a deep trance using my training in hypnosis, using a kind of inner guided visualization, I connect with the golden light, and when I feel the energies opening within (especially around my crown chakra at the top of my head), I begin to move or speak… I identify the voice (or collective voice) that comes through me as the Angels and other Divine Beings. Sometimes as part of the healing session, I bring my clients into trance with me, and we journey together, while I guide and convey the messages, following the directions given to me by my Divine helpers.  What comes through is what my client needs (not necessarily what they want to hear, but what they need to know or experience for their highest good in that moment). This may involve messages about your life, or journeying to the life between lives to experience yourself as a soul, meeting your guides and angels, or even experiencing past lives for healing and forgiveness. It is always to free you in the present so you can live your true life’s purpose now and be of greater service to humanity. 🙂

One quick side-note: a question some of you may have… Can anyone channel? I don’t think so – at least, not yet. I do believe it is a gift from God and a service that is directly related to my (and other’s) life’s purpose at this time.  It also requires a lot of dedication and commitment in order to do it well and accurately. However, everyone can receive messages from their guides and angels in some way (like inner knowing, nudges, signs and synchronicities or through angel cards like Doreen Virtue’s), and many already have good intuition or psychic abilities – but they may not have been developed to the extent of being a full channel, conveying the words, wisdom and divine energies of Heaven for the purpose of healing. That is not to say they are not gifted, or that their words of reassurance and love are not powerful – it’s just not the same as full channeling. You have to experience it to see the difference!

There! That’s my answer! Whew.

Now, let’s see what happens when I channel…


The Channelled Answer:

Audio – Listen here…

Transcription of channelled message:

“God’s Will be Done. God’s Will is nigh. All are coming into alignment with God’s Will. It is time. God is coming through all the channels of light that are available to Him at this time, for God’s Will is done through others, through you, through all who are open, and who are willing, who are able to convey the messages of Spirit through their channel of opening, for God’s Will is done through the mind, through the heart, through the soul. This opening comes through in the best ways for the individual. It is not always done though the spoken word, sometimes it comes through an idea, a thought, a process, a system; it comes in many ways, the inspiration. The channelling comes through many people, through many ways, many ways. This is one, this is one; and so it is, that this way helps those who are open to receive the Blessings that come. For God’s Will comes through this channel, and God’s Will comes through you who receive it, for you are a part of that, and you cannot be a channel without someone to receive and so you connect and become One.

The Oneness is what creates the channel, for it has a purpose, and without that purpose it has no sense and does make any sense. It must flow through to someone/something, it cannot be just for one, it must be for all, for all are benefiting from the use of the information, as well as the energy.  The energy flows through one to the other and back and forth, and spreads as well, it is something that cannot be contained, it goes out into the realms of spirit as well as the physical earth and all the inhabitants of that plane, and so everyone is lifted. It comes.  It does not happen through a linear sequence, it comes through the arterial? brain, it comes through a different witness, a process of creation. God’s Will comes through the energies of the system, the person, the creation, and it trickles out from there into all who are willing to receive it. They are willing but also not willing at the same time. Many channels are blocked at this time. We open them slowly through this process of awareness, and channelling is one way to open and to unblock those who are open to it, yet still resistant as well. This is one way we can reach all who need this work and who can relax and receive it. It does not require a lot of effort, but it does require an openness to receive it and a willingness to follow the guidance. For guidance does come through this method of creation.

God’s Will is for you to benefit, not to receive information that would not help you, and so the other ways that God reaches people are through many, many systems on earth, on this planet. There are many ways, many ways.  God’s Will is flowing through the internet, through many ways where people read information, many ways that people find to communicate with one another, even in the texting and communications that go back and forth between individuals, seemingly indifferent and not important and yet something occurs: there is a communication, a witness, a receiver, someone who is caring for the other and reaching out into the distance to pull them into a Oneness, a connection. God is working through every relationship on the planet at this time, and in this way, every relationship is a channel of the Divine. 

God’s Will comes through relationships as well. Even those who are challenged and are struggling with relationships, are being challenged to uplift themselves and connect at a higher level, to see the other as… a dream, as a witness, as a part of themselves, as well as an extension, an extension of God, for God is with all, all, All beings, whether they are aware of it or not. The channels are open in some and not in others. God Wills all channels be open, but this is not always possible in this short period of time. It will not always happen, for some can not do this alone, and so others who are more open and light come to help and to receive the information on their behalf and to spread this love. It is coming NOW through the various channels who have been prepared for this path. This path is for those who are walking with God, and who need to convey this information in order to be at peace, for their channels Are Who They Are, they cannot function without creating and extending the love that is within them, and that flows through them at this time; it will create tremendous anxiety to suppress the information, and it will also create depression for those who struggle with depression are simply closing down their channels and have not opened up to the light, and do not see the purpose of their lives.

This is a message from the ethereal realms for you to open up your channel to the light and find someone who can help you, for God will work with you through them, and you will become One in the process and receive all that God Wills for you, for you are a part of God and cannot go alone on this planet anymore. No, there is no room for loneliness, there must be joining, and channels are always communicating and connecting with and for others; they are never solitary, they are always for the benefit of all, including themselves, for God lifts them as well, and it is a healing process both to receive and to give the information.

There is more… there is more coming, and the more energy that comes, the more channels need to be open in order to receive the Blessings that come. This planet has been a dense one, and we ask that you lift yourselves a little higher through the various methods that Krista has outlined in her message, including her diet and her way of channelling and her way of overcoming resistance through forgiveness and through prayer.

It is important that people find a way to loosen and lighten themselves from their heavy loads and burdens, to find a counselling ear, to find someone who can listen, and to be at peace and to create connection. It is important at this time to find and open the channels of God, and to connect those who are struggling with the light. These are the light workers who have come to do this work, and that is why it is important at this time, for simply speaking from the human ego or voice is not always enough, and sometimes we need to speak a little stronger and clearer through an open channel, in order to have the information be received clearly without any human interference. For God’s Will is not always perceivable from the density in which you are now standing, and from which you speak in a normal day-to-day existence.

It is important to lift oneself through meditation, hypnosis and other methods that come through these channels. Listen and learn, learn and listen, find a way, find your way through the darkness to the light. For that is the only reason why the channels are here, to open up others, and to be at peace, for God is coming through all, and all are being asked to open at this time.

The density causes concern for many, the heaviness and the burdens of this world, the violence and the illnesses and the disease, dis-ease of mind, for God knows that all are struggling, and there is no reason to struggle anymore. There is a way through the darkness into the light. You are being called now to hold onto the light, and to witness the light, and to speak from the light.  If you are listening to this message, you are being asked to receive it in a way that calls you forth as well, for you are not simply receiving the information for your own benefit, you are also being asked to go forward as a being of light, and to begin to recognize yourself as a being of light, and not just a physical person. You are more than that. All is well. You are more than that! There is more, more for you to do in this world. The work of God is very complex and diverse, there are many, many, many parts to it, and you can play your part very well. You simply have to ask, and you will receive the answer through various methods. You may receive it within yourself  by simply going still and listening, you may also channelling through the methods that have been outlined, by seeking a channel or becoming one yourself. You are already a channel, you are simply not open yet. There are more people on the planet now who can do this work, and there is no reason not to find one who can help, for all you need to do is look and you will find one of your brothers or sisters who is a couple steps ahead on the path and who is calling you forward. Simply join in and become more aware of yourself and what is possible for you now. You will find more hope and more freedom this way. You will find more upliftment. You will find more possibility and more answers for all the things that concern you. There is no need to struggle, there is no need to fear or be in pain, for God is with you and has provided all that you need to hear and to receive the messages that are coming your way…

Please be at peace, and know that we are with you at all times. We love you. We send you Blessings. We send you forth into the light, into the love that this world so desperately needs. You are within the realm of Spirit when you speak, when you move in this way, when you receive the Voice, when you hear the Voice, and when you call forward your own voice to speak in this way. God will come through you as well if it is your will and His. If it is the Divine Will for you to be a channel it will be so, it is a Calling and you will know. It is simply a Calling, and all will come forward when they are ready, not everyone is ready at the same time, and so no one can be forced, no one can be told they must come. That is all. It is an invitation to come forward and to be at service and to be at peace, for you will be healed along with all who come into your contact. You will be healed along with them, and you will be joined with many, many people who seek on this path for freedom and enlightenment that all the planet so needs…


There is (more) coming! There is more coming for All, All on this planet at this time. Not one will be left behind, not one will be left out. There are messages, there are people and energies and interventions for all who are asking, for all who are seeking, for all who are calling forth to God, asking for help. They shall not be deterred, they shall not be left behind. Even those who shall die or move forward into the afterlife, will be answered, all will be answered in time. All, all receive what they can receive at the moment that they can. The world play that plays out is not always in/from God’s Hands, for God’s Will be done, but the human ego is very strong and plays its own will out in time. God’s Will is for all to wake up and to be happy, for all to realize their potential and to love one another as themselves, for God Wills that all find love within themselves through the channels of light that they are. Everyone is a channel of God but they are asleep, that is all. You, you are not asleep. You have woken, you are listening to the message. You have come this far, and you will continue on your path. Know that you are not alone, that you have done well, that you have taken a step forward, and that you are being called forth to do more work. There is more for you, and there is more for all. But those who are ready will receive more because they are ready. It is in wait for all who are coming towards God and being led Home…

That is all for now.”


What do you think? Did you notice a difference between my human explanation and my Divine helpers through the channel? Send me your questions or comments or inquire about my work here, and I will do my best to answer you.

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What is Love?

A friend asked me this question, and I am commissioned to answer.  I would be wise not to try to answer it by saying what love is, for as A Course in Miracles says, love cannot be defined.  But perhaps in offering what love is not I can suggest its opposite. But, as the Course says, “what is all-encompassing can have no opposite”.

There is only one cure for “love” in this world and that is God.

I have known glimpses of love’s scent. I have known the quality of joy looking back in the mirror, the glow of understanding, of surrender. The big AHA that comes as a deep sigh within. The grateful feeling of love’s proximity keeping us safe from the wizards of doom.

I do not believe that love comes from one person. I do not believe that we are meant to love only one person and put all our hopes and dreams on that. That is not love, but devastation. For people will always disappoint you.

No one should be used as a “replacement” for Love. No one can put windows and doors around Love’s Presence. When you feel it, you know it. It is a safe but unbordered country. I have no idea how to define it or even say I know it clearly.I am still humble in the ways of love.

Any relationship, or lack of relationship, can be transformed by surrendering your ideas about it, and asking for a “miracle” instead.

We all make mistakes. And though I said we cannot find Love in another person, I meant exclusively. If we try to possess another person as our own – as in “My Family”, “My Spouse”, “My Children”, we are boxing them in. We are not seeing them for who they really are – unique individuals, yes, on a mission of their own. Each person is born with a unique blueprint, a purpose for being here. And believe me, it is not to satisfy you and make your life easier.  That is your job.

If you are expecting others to do the work for you, to reach those arms around you and keep you safe, they will inevitably disappoint. That is their job!  To show you where your weak spots are, to stimulate rejection so you can learn, to catalyze transformation.

Believe it or not, that purpose is truer to Love’s Cause than the other. Anyone you choose to make yourself comfortable, static and “the same” is just your way of keeping yourself in a holding pattern. It may feel like a house, a relationship, a life, but it is just your way of feeling safe. That doesn’t mean you can’t have those things, they are necessary to life, but they are not what life is for.

True love says Go, do what you have to do. Don’t worry about me. True love let’s another person grow beyond the edges of what is comfortable for either one. True love sees a relationship as an opportunity to grow, forgive and let go. Of expectations, definitions, demands, and other subtle ways we try to control the other. Unless something is freely given, it isn’t a gift, it’s a temporary prison.

So what is love? I don’t know. But it isn’t this: It isn’t waiting for the perfect person to come along. It isn’t looking at other people as potential soul-mates and measuring whether they fit the bill. It isn’t designing a life for yourself where only certain people belong.

Love is weightless, empty and strong. Love does not expect, declare or remain anywhere too long. Love is friendly and kind, as Paul the Apostle said. But it doesn’t always come with a marriage certificate.  Does that mean two people can’t love each other? No. It means our new job here is to decide if we are willing to let go. To really see another person for who they are, who they could be, but bear no interference in their crossing that bridge for themselves. We can lend a hand, that’s all.

Does that mean we walk alone? Absolutely not!  There are many friends for the journey. Not only your “mate”, but the whole world around you. You just have to look around. You have to offer it to someone – anyone!  You can’t just wait for it to happen. I hate to say this, but it’s like the Red Cross blood commercial:

It’s In You To Give

I hope that didn’t exasperate you too much. It exacerbates  me too, sometimes! I am only human. But my Divine Self is persistent and seems to have put me on this path. Even though I don’t know all the time, something in me does. And so I attempt to share the best way I can.

I hope that helps in some way. I hope that doesn’t discourage at all, but opens doors, window-frames, and every other structure you’ve laid. I talk of you, me and everyone here. We are all the same.

The truth is, we are not alone. We have many Helpers, friends, lovers. We are all commissioned to the task at hand. To learn to love each other. And if we can’t do that, to forgive.

That is all for now.


Day 27: What is a Miracle? II

I am nearing the completion of my 30-day trek, and thought it would be wise to actually address the purpose of this blog, this process, this commitment I’ve made to myself, and to whoever is reading.

What is a miracle?

A miracle is a shift in perception. It is a shift in our awareness from fear-based thinking to love. It is an expression of love that momentarily erases all sense of fear, doubt, worry, anger or misery. It is a gift both to the giver and the receiver. Its power is infinite and beyond all reasoning.

(based on A Course In Miracles)

The funny thing about miracles is that most of us need them. But they require our participation, our willingness. If we’re not willing, nothing on earth or in heaven can stop us from lying to ourselves. Anyone can drink themselves to death. The most belligerent will be the last to admit, “hey, I think I might need a hand”. But who hasn’t asked for a miracle, even the most skeptical, fearful, or bitter of us?

Recently I came across a situation that I deem to be a miracle.  I encountered a man who I found quite belligerent, or obnoxious, and aroused in me all of my petty judgements.  I immediately sparred with him (playfully) and told him what I thought. Until one moment when I really let him have it, and he looked quite surprised and said quite seriously:

“Wow, you make a lot of assumptions.”

That stopped me. “You know, you’re right. I do.” I asked him to tell me something about himself that I don’t know. He proceeded to tell me about a recent tragedy. It aroused pity in me (which might have been brilliant on his part, but I don’t think so – he didn’t get anything out of it – and he didn’t expect anything either; as he said, he was just enjoying himself and our company).

I saw the perfect opportunity to change my mind.  I apologized and we began an interesting dialogue. It made me feel more connected, more accountable. And it was fun!

He was teaching me as much as I thought I was teaching him.

So what is a miracle?

The moment I saw him and he saw me. The moment he held me accountable. The moment I recognized my mistake and responded differently. And the moment he got to see the real me:  vulnerable, powerful, honest (to a fault sometimes), and humble.

What I got from him was a piece of myself calling for attention; and what he got from me was a piece of himself he hadn’t heard from in years.

Now, that’s a miracle. It doesn’t mean everything’s all soft and mushy inside. Or that some angel has come dropped from the sky to make everything right (though I have bloody-well tried to demand it at times!).  It just means, for a moment, we got it. And if we didn’t get it, we will.

Come hell or high water.

I prefer to ride the high-wave!