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Finding Truth Together

We were never meant to struggle alone. Even if we feel that we are alone, we still have God/the Holy Spirit/J or any other name you give that Holy Presence within. But when it is difficult to discern by yourself, it is helpful to have others to gather with and find that peaceable truth together.

I have always believed in the value of groups. Although I see many clients who like to work one on one, I also see the movement and miracles when women and men are in a sacred circle together. There is nothing like it. More can happen when we recognize the beauty and the common desires of each other.

Something opens to a higher level when we realize we want what another wants, when we help someone as if they are the same as ourself. When we hear the truth out of our own lips which we could not voice before. This love is universal. And it is very powerful.

You can seek alone, in partners, in small groups or a large community. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what you feel drawn to. God gives in mysterious ways. Just be open and join with another for the purpose of finding the answer, a better way, greater happiness and joy, healing and health, love and kindness and compassion for all. In this hope, you can never go wrong.

“Wherever two or more are gathered, there I am in the midst.” (Mathew 18:20)

If you feel drawn to this message, and my work as a spiritual guide/director, channel, writer and lover of miracles, join me in a safe, comfortable, intimate group environment, at Miracles Grow Here! in Scarborough, Ont this Monday Oct 23, Nov 21, and Dec 12/16  7-9pm for “An Evening of Spirit”…. for group channelling, healing & hypnosis, bonding and wonderful spirited conversations! This is just one example of a community of light and love. Join us!

Connect, love and grow in Spirit, together! Contact us for directions.



Miracles Grow Here event in West Hill Scarborough, Oct 23, Nov 21, Dec 12/16. Please RSVP for directions/limited space.

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Inner Journeys of the Heart & Soul

I have always been a soulful person. It never occurred to me to be anything but.  For the last four years I have been taking people on outer journeys through spiritual retreats to beautiful destinations.  

Although this is a wonderful way to connect and be away from our lives and experience something new, what really happens is we go on an inner journey of the heart and soul.

A friend/client said to me today, “Every time I am in one of your groups, I just sit down and cry.” Why is that? Do I say something terribly offensive or frightening?! (I hope not!) “No…” he said, and I knew what he was talking about. There is an unspoken intention to connect deeply, a feeling of safety to shed the masks we all wear, and to dive deep into the work of the soul – where our hearts have permission to express themselves and let go…

The truth is, I can do this work anywhere, or nowhere. Sharing the heart and soul is truly what I love to do, and what I’ve been doing since I was a kid. I write about it, act about it, talk about it, sing about it, and ask questions about it, lots of questions, to try to delve into the ‘heart’ of it.  I describe this work as ‘transformative’. That is not a fancy word for different. It means something is revealed to us on the inside, so that things no longer feel the same on the outside, and because of this, our outer world changes as well, sometimes significantly.  What changes is me, not the people, places or things around me.  

Actually, I just become myself!

Let me give you an example:

You can go away for a vacation. And it is a wonderful vacation, with a beautiful beach, sunsets, poolside drinks. You may feel relaxed, at ease, comfortable. You may even have entertaining guests and friends to get along with and go on adventures with. This may be cathartic to some degree, and it may be just what you need. But when you get back to your life, was it truly transformative? Or do you go back to your routine and responsibilities and forget what happened…

A transformative adventure starts on the inside – even if it is done in an external environment. The environment may be conducive, it may be special in some way, it may trigger our ability to connect because of its spiritual, evocative or authentic nature – just enough to peel off our false selves and inspire a true way of seeing or being. The transformation doesn’t end when you get home. It intensifies because you have shifted.

Why do I want to change anything at all? I don’t. What I really want to do is be honest. And I guess that is what I give other people permission to do as well – to just be themselves: to cry, to laugh, to wonder, to witness, to be confused, to be fascinated, to be inspired, to be lifted. So it is not something different we are acquiring – like a new skill or talent or a new dress;  what we want is something we all yearn for, seek for, live and die for:

We all want love. 

And in that process of discovery, which is a lifelong one, when we find ourselves a little less frightened, and feel safe to ‘come home’, we can uncover our spiritual essence, our true nature and gifts, our real and raw selves just as we are…


At this moment, I have no outer journeys lined up, other than in my own town! I am exploring the inside more and more, and inviting others in. To come out of hiding and find out what it feels like to just be loved.

Not everyone wants to share, and that is perfectly alright. What I have found in my groups, is that when someone has a moment of truth, when they share of their heart and soul, something magical happens: we fall in love with them and each other. It happens again and again. We forget where we are, whether sitting in a living room or a fancy hotel, or outside under the stars. Suddenly our hearts are so much bigger, and the tasks so much easier because we can be ourselves. Because we listened and witnessed. Because we loved.

That is the spiritual path I am on. I invite you to join me as we cross our paths in this moment, finding the truth and the beauty of it all. The wonders to behold. Whether happy or sad, in understanding or in pain, the soul is the most beautiful creation, and only longs to be itself. My job, my purpose, my quest, is to bring mine home to itself. Where we are all connected in the deepest ways, beyond the shifting of time and space. There is nothing I would rather do, write about, or talk about. Nothing in the world. There is nothing more precious than your soul.


If you are interested in Inner Journeys of the Soul, contact Krista.



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Feeling God When You Feel So Alone

One of the downfalls of being a “spiritual” person (we are all spiritual – but that is a misnomer I sometimes give myself and others who are dedicated to the path of enlightenment/ truth/ spirituality/ authenticity/ love), is that I don’t often give myself permission to fail or fall.  Or is that perfectionism? My article on Spiritual Perfectionism deals with that topic. But here, I want to go a little deeper.

One of the most difficult things for me and perhaps others to do, and one of the things I do the best when I do it, is to be real and raw when something is bothering me. To tell the truth. When I do it I sometimes say too much and risk disapproval or abandonment. (The worst abandonment, though, is self-abandonment, and so given the opportunity I will choose the former). And when I don’t risk it, I bury it under a deep dark place because, after all, ‘I am the light’. The danger of knowing I am the light, and yet I feel darkness, is that I may pretend it is not there, hide it, or worse, give in to it. Alone, I may be tempted to believe that there is no hope, that no one hears me, and that my darkness is the truth about me. This is not the truth, and yet when I FEEL that way, it is the most challenging time to reach for light.

So what do I do when I feel so alone, struggling with something seemingly on my own, and yet not alone? Even surrounded at times by well-meaning family and loved ones, I can feel as if no one understands, I can feel judged or wounded, even if no one says anything against me – it is a thought I have about myself, that hasn’t yet found its way into the light to be healed. How can I find my way through that darkness and reach for the light within?

person and golden sun spiritual direction


One of my friends said something profoundly wise the other day as she listened with compassion – a rare gift. Knowing me as she does, that I am one to hide away when the going gets tough, she coaxed me out and provided a safe cushion to lean on while I unloaded myself. She said, “What if going within is not something we have to do by ourselves? What if going within just means going into your heart, and that means reaching out to other people, soul connection? Maybe connection isn’t just a solitary thing, maybe it can be done together because we are all connected?”

As a channel, I have learned, rather reluctantly because I have never been a good meditator, to go into a deep trance (hypnosis) and access my spiritual essence, and even talk to guides and angels. You would think, given this incredible gift, that I would never feel alone. “You can talk to Heaven? My God! Lucky you! I wish I had a direct line to God!” Well… I do. So do you, but I STILL feel alone. I don’t say this to give you no hope, I say this because the deeper message here, is that maybe God can’t be found by myself.

IMG_9956 (1)

Maybe God is a two-way street – or better yet, an intersection – or a busy square where many souls greet. Maybe God cannot be found locked away in a solitary cave or room (though some have found him there, too). Maybe God greets us most when we are in love, when we are forlorn and being picked up by a friend, when our husband hugs us after we feel broken and fragile, when we listen to children playing in the pool, walk barefoot on the dewy grass, or let the dog lick our face.

Maybe God is in the details. In the laughter and tears, in the rolling hills, in the depressing days of sadness where we feel so lost, and the miraculous times of healing when our hearts receive the love and hope we so desperately need from just the right person – or another unlikely place.  

Maybe love is not just in our pleas to God, but in the listening and receiving.

As a ‘spiritual person’ (I will say it only one more time, I promise), I can also be tempted to think that it is OK to give love, to extend myself beyond my own limits for others so they feel loved, but it is not OK for me to receive it, to need it, to want it, to grab for it, and even to lose it. It is not OK for me to fail or fall down. To feel alone. To feel small. It is not OK for me to be a human being who talks to angels, and sometimes would rather be with a flesh-and-bones friend whom I can see, touch and feel.

Maybe it’s OK to admit that God isn’t up there, all alone in his high cloud without me – maybe it’s OK to greet God right here, in my own world, no matter how lonely or messed up I feel. Maybe God is right here, right now, with me and you as we read and write these things, together. And in the illumination that comes from finally letting the dark cloud out of my head, and letting my heart reach out one more time – to God only knows who. Because in that moment of truth, that moment of connection, wisdom comes, and communion.

And isn’t that what God and love is all about? 


Let me know how you reach God when times are tough. Write a comment or email your private share here. Thank you for sharing.


Day 16: How Far is the Sky?

I don’t know... that’s what’s so exciting about it. I don’t know where the Eagle flies, or how high or how far. I just know, I want to go there.  My husband asked me tonight to write based on a topic he set: pushing the limits and beyond.  At first it sounded like a marathon run, breaking a sweat and practically dying before the finish line. But now it strikes me as so much sweeter than that…

What is my quest? How far can I stretch myself?  When I started this blog it was for me. My life. My revelations. My miracles. Just get writing! Now, I’m kind of intrigued by how this affecting your life, your revelations, your miracles!  I also want to lead, set an example. Because to be honest, if I don’t really go there, how can I invite you?

I want to follow the Eagle’s flight because it is so empowering, majestic, mysterious, wild. And so controlled. That bird knows where its going, even if I do not. And like that bird, I am setting my sights very high and very wide.  I’m not basing them on external expectations, but on internal signposts. Am I happy or not?  Does this feel exciting and new? Does it scare me a little?  That register is so much kinder.

Even as I sleep, I fly.

I want to go further, farther, deeper. I want to go way beyond where I’ve been before. That means doing things I’m scared of,  that previously I only dreamed about, or talked sheepishly about. Enough of that!  It’s time to begin. It’s time to get on with it!

So what’s on our trip list? Where is my compass set?  I don’t think there is a registry for that. I don’t know if North or South will suffice… Hmm. Maybe I’m not an Eagle at all.

Can an Eagle do loop-de-loops?

Do you want to know what really turns me on? Not just adventuring in the wide open air, free of  past expectations, but also not going it alone. I LOVE the companionship of kindred spirits to guide me, side with me, follow my tailwinds; all of us breaking through in ways we couldn’t do alone. Stamping out all that disabling nothing-space we were captives of for so long.  So Long!

Where do we end up? Florida? The moon? Or some heart-plane space we’ve never felt before… Maybe we are entering another dimension; Or maybe we are creating a new world.

Come, my friends, Come!

Day 13: Commitment


I write in order to learn. I am writing this because I need to be. Because I want to be. If I don’t write, I am lost and listless. I become distracted by countless interventions that are not needed. My Voice is my paralysis and my sanctuary. If it is not working, I am not working.  When it opens up, all Life pours through. This has been the greatest God-send of all.

Until recently (like today), I was not truly committed to any one thing. I would float around from day to day like a butterfly (nice enough) smelling the flowers of possibility (Mmm, smell that?). Nothing wrong with that – for a year, or two…  But Now, I feel the call of committing to something – not just anything – something worthy of my time and effort.

My Call.

There are a few things I am committed to:  A daily spiritual practice, a dynamic relationship, building a community of collaborative partners, and courageous creative expression. And through these, Helping the women – and men, if they really need it (they do); but women especially because, well, I’m one of them, and I understand their plight and their power.

Enough is enough. We are here to speak, are we not? To sing, in fact! To show up!… With all of our  hearts, with all of our understandings.  That is why I am here. In whatever platform suits. I am here for you, for me. In this, I am free.

What are you most committed too? Have you any idea? Don’t worry if you don’t. I didn’t either until recently (like today). And even then, it changes from time to time. It has to. Because some things are not worth committing to. And our egos love to commit to things that will lead us to the promised land of nowhere: disappointment, competition, lack and heart-ache. Enough, please.

I am committed to giving the best my life has to offer. But like I suggested, it’s reciprocal. Whether you realize it or not, when you give, you receive. When you give of your heart, your true  heart’s calling and longing and knowing, you are free. You don’t feel like you are giving at all. You feel like you are just being. That is not a cliché. It is true. I know, because it feels so good – I feel so happy when I am writing or singing or speaking with you! I am not just doing it for myself anymore; now, there is a purpose, a feeling: of commitment, of communion. I love this! I love everything I am discovering through this. I love you. Yes, it’s true.

Thank you to all who have responded with love and excitement to my new found words and Voice. Thank you for writing to me and confirming what I already knew, but now know more deeply:

This is the way for me to find my way.

Thank you.

May your true heart’s calling call to you.

Evolutionary Women!


I am tuned in and turned on to Evolutionary Women. They seem to be following me!  This is a good thing.  First, I was looking for them. I didn’t even know what I was looking for exactly, but then… there they were. Online, everywhere!  Now, they seem to be finding me, gratefully, at a local level.  I could get lost dancing on discussion boards, and even participating in teleclasses with faceless speakers.  But I can’t get lost eye to eye sitting on a comfy couch made for two or three…

There is something blessed about a local cafe. I discovered one lately nearby my house where I could meet like-minded people in my neighborhood.  I was surprised when I ventured out of my habitual zone how much energy there was just waiting for me.  Once I showed up, and it seemed like a radar screen tapping in to those looking for me.

I got a call from a woman friend, then two, who I hadn’t seen in eons.  We each met separately and cozied up on the proverbial couch.  The coffee was good, but the conversation was better.  We realized at a fundamental level we were on the same journey, though our roads may not be the same.  There was  “something going on” within us and between us that had not been there before.

Something is going on…

Are You an Evolutionary Woman?

  • Not just seeking anymore – Finding – Becoming
  • Immersed in inner and outer activity
  • Ever-Evolving, growing, learning
  • Excited, anticipatory, blurting out wonders
  • Showing us, for the first time perhaps, just what’s inside her
  • Exploding with possibilities!
  • Becoming fully alive or ready to be
  • A sea of creativity
  • A mountain of surprises

That can be you. That can be me.

It’s exciting to realize after years of ‘going it alone’ (even while in relationships), we were really connected all along at a deeper, primal level.  We are not only rooted in a past all too familiar, but our branches are now reaching out and touching each other.  That is a miraculous thing.

Are you an evolutionary woman? Do you want to be? Let me know what you think. Write to me.