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The Heart is A Beacon of Light

One of the greatest challenges of being human is having a brain. That’s right. The old mental cavity that is the repository for TMI (too much information) and countless war stories; is ever on the alert for danger, and is tasked with keeping us safe.  

There is more to the brain than that. Luckily we have access to the mind, which is not in the brain. And beyond the mind, the Spirit. But how do we access it?

Introducing…. the Heart. Not the physical heart, though it clearly has it’s benefits in keeping us alive. Locked away in the great cavern of the heart is a radiant energy that everyone possesses, and is never lost.  If you find it, you will never be lonely again. If you use it, you will radiate like a Beacon of Light.

As a channel, I talk to many people all over the world. And there isn’t one of us that doesn’t have trouble remembering this great truth and applying it. We all, without exception, find ourselves lost in our heads. It is as if someone else holds the key to our very soul, heart and happiness.

It is true that we never find this Truth, this Light, this secret to the Universe, alone. How could we? We are never alone.

The heart can only be accessed with Love.

So before we can unlock ourselves, before we can know the great mysteries, we must lose ourselves. We must be broken. We must live and die. We must rise. We must remember.

I help you remember. I don’t know exactly how I do this. I don’t. I was given the key. The key was given to  me by a Great Mystery. And the Great Mystery knows how to use it, where it belongs, and how to give it to others who are searching for it.

If you are looking for the great key, contact me. I may not know all the secrets of the Universe, but I can point the way to the One who does.


Inner Journeys of the Heart & Soul

I have always been a soulful person. It never occurred to me to be anything but.  For the last four years I have been taking people on outer journeys through spiritual retreats to beautiful destinations.  

Although this is a wonderful way to connect and be away from our lives and experience something new, what really happens is we go on an inner journey of the heart and soul.

A friend/client said to me today, “Every time I am in one of your groups, I just sit down and cry.” Why is that? Do I say something terribly offensive or frightening?! (I hope not!) “No…” he said, and I knew what he was talking about. There is an unspoken intention to connect deeply, a feeling of safety to shed the masks we all wear, and to dive deep into the work of the soul – where our hearts have permission to express themselves and let go…

The truth is, I can do this work anywhere, or nowhere. Sharing the heart and soul is truly what I love to do, and what I’ve been doing since I was a kid. I write about it, act about it, talk about it, sing about it, and ask questions about it, lots of questions, to try to delve into the ‘heart’ of it.  I describe this work as ‘transformative’. That is not a fancy word for different. It means something is revealed to us on the inside, so that things no longer feel the same on the outside, and because of this, our outer world changes as well, sometimes significantly.  What changes is me, not the people, places or things around me.  

Actually, I just become myself!

Let me give you an example:

You can go away for a vacation. And it is a wonderful vacation, with a beautiful beach, sunsets, poolside drinks. You may feel relaxed, at ease, comfortable. You may even have entertaining guests and friends to get along with and go on adventures with. This may be cathartic to some degree, and it may be just what you need. But when you get back to your life, was it truly transformative? Or do you go back to your routine and responsibilities and forget what happened…

A transformative adventure starts on the inside – even if it is done in an external environment. The environment may be conducive, it may be special in some way, it may trigger our ability to connect because of its spiritual, evocative or authentic nature – just enough to peel off our false selves and inspire a true way of seeing or being. The transformation doesn’t end when you get home. It intensifies because you have shifted.

Why do I want to change anything at all? I don’t. What I really want to do is be honest. And I guess that is what I give other people permission to do as well – to just be themselves: to cry, to laugh, to wonder, to witness, to be confused, to be fascinated, to be inspired, to be lifted. So it is not something different we are acquiring – like a new skill or talent or a new dress;  what we want is something we all yearn for, seek for, live and die for:

We all want love. 

And in that process of discovery, which is a lifelong one, when we find ourselves a little less frightened, and feel safe to ‘come home’, we can uncover our spiritual essence, our true nature and gifts, our real and raw selves just as we are…


At this moment, I have no outer journeys lined up, other than in my own town! I am exploring the inside more and more, and inviting others in. To come out of hiding and find out what it feels like to just be loved.

Not everyone wants to share, and that is perfectly alright. What I have found in my groups, is that when someone has a moment of truth, when they share of their heart and soul, something magical happens: we fall in love with them and each other. It happens again and again. We forget where we are, whether sitting in a living room or a fancy hotel, or outside under the stars. Suddenly our hearts are so much bigger, and the tasks so much easier because we can be ourselves. Because we listened and witnessed. Because we loved.

That is the spiritual path I am on. I invite you to join me as we cross our paths in this moment, finding the truth and the beauty of it all. The wonders to behold. Whether happy or sad, in understanding or in pain, the soul is the most beautiful creation, and only longs to be itself. My job, my purpose, my quest, is to bring mine home to itself. Where we are all connected in the deepest ways, beyond the shifting of time and space. There is nothing I would rather do, write about, or talk about. Nothing in the world. There is nothing more precious than your soul.


If you are interested in Inner Journeys of the Soul, contact Krista.



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Finding Your Inner Path

It’s a beautiful new world, have you seen it yet?  Have you walked on the grass even though snow still tickles your nose?  Can you imagine the sun even when there is cloud?  Or a butterfly in winter – or a snowman in summer?  Or a castle in the sky?

The power of your mind is second to none.  The power of your heart, unstoppable. 

I awoke into a new world, even though I slept in the same bed.  My mind asked for something, and the heart shifted – a shift in consciousness, a lightness of being, a transformational path only the heart can take.  

What needed to happen in order to meet it where it was, to transform?  

Like the caterpillar that had been asleep in the cocoon, I awoke and shifted and realized I could bloom – right here in the Great White North – even after an eternal winter and an ice storm to boot.  

Like the first butterfly which fluttered by me a few weeks ago, it is never too soon to spread my wings.  purple-butterfly

As I stood on the path, the snow literally melting from under me, I must have felt like Oloff, the tiny snowman in Frozen, whose love is capable of witnessing such astounding beauty in the middle of darkness and possible death. As the fire literally begins to melt him while rescuing his friend, he says: “some people are worth melting for.”

oloff and anna melting for

My journey into darkness began with an intuitive sense that I had to go within.  Like Elsa, the new and frightened Queen in Frozen who escapes to the mountain to find herself, I needed an uninterrupted line to the Divine, a time to nurture my own soul and find out what I was capable of. Something on the inside needed to find its Reason, its Code, and then find its way home.  It was a deep dive. But like Elsa and the butterfly above, something beautiful emerged…  

elsa magical

Not only did I feel more connected and honest with myself, I also felt my life could change if I really wanted it to, that anything was possible, but maybe I didn’t have to go so far to find out.  I could witness and create this joy and love all around me, if I was willing to “sacrifice” the little, protective self, which hides itself away from life.  

Things that had once plagued me, tormented me, could just as easily be let go of

My heart slowly melted, allowing me to walk in a state of profound grace…  

2014-03-14 10.21.12

Everything suddenly seemed more alive and precious, every face, whether family member or stranger, instantly appreciated and cherished – even if for a moment – like that fleeting butterfly on my path. Warmth traveled from my  heart in a miraculous moment transforming  strangers to friends. 

What once seemed impossible and erroneous is instantly transformed

into a moment of beauty and wholeness.

Need we be literal and change where we are

or are we literally transformed in a moment that takes us to the heart of the matter?

Elsa finds herself lost in her “Kingdom of Isolation”, not realizing she had unwittingly set off an eternal winter in her homeland, while she held her magical gifts hostage to fear.  

In the end, her answer is not to run away to protect herself and others. She must go back and reverse her fear with love, while reclaiming her gifts for Love’s purposes.  

It’s so simple!  And yet, everything changes after that. 

Finding Your Inner Path 

If you have traveled a path of darkness too long, here is how to find that Inner Path of Light and Love, which is born within you and waits for your return: 

1. Question the “reality” of what you are thinking. You are likely wrong about yourself.

2. Let go of needing to know the answers with your head – and put your attention on your heart.  

3.  Reach in and then reach out.  Find your inner sanctum. Find a friend or God and pour it out.

4.  Then pour yourself back out into the world, in a moment of joy, a moment of true sharing.

  All will be transformed after that.

That is why its called a miracle.

Never let go of finding your inner path.  No matter how many times you get knocked back. Your desire and heart know the way.  The winter cannot hold.  The spring always comes.  And there is an eternal spring within that darkness can never touch. Only the heart loves.

Never listen to the dreary drone of nay-sayers or those who would try to “protect” you from wanting or knowing or saying too much – being too much.  Only those who understand your power can appreciate and love you for who you really ar. Never, ever give up on that.

Never let your practical, fearful self keep you from living a miraculous life.  Only your heart can know that, have faith in that, give that. It can go through the darkness, but grows stronger, and reconnects with the world giving its inner Light.

If you are still here, you are on the right path.

And you are in very good company.  🙂

Now go on, melt the world with Love!

Amen to that!


P.S. Remember…  You are a Miracle.  The Miracle Is YOU.  Amen to that.



Healing through the Power of Hypnosis

Recently, during a state of deep relaxation using guided meditation and hypnosis, I asked for answers regarding my life path and purpose, and experienced a series of  scenes or inner visions, messages from what I felt was a much higher plane of consciousness. Anyone can do this if they are willing and receive the proper guidance or training. It is not necessary to believe in the scenes or symbols literally to benefit from their healing power.  

For me, each one asked me to surrender my fears and recognize who I really am, what I love, and what I came to do.  And to use the gifts I had been given. They transformed what was once dark or uncertain (the past) into something beautiful and awe-inspiring, powerful and awakening… My heart was opened.

jordan river from yourguidetoisrael


The first came to me as a scene of Christ sitting at the bottom of a tree.  I was about four years old, with raven hair, and lots of questions.   I held up my chubby little fingers to him, and he delighted in me. He placed his hand over my hand and said,

“This hand is my hand.”  Then he placed both hands on my heart and then on his heart and said: “This heart, my heart.”

I smiled and looked up.  I wanted him to make me laugh. Sadness had taken hold of me. Grown-up questions, darkness and terror that needed to be forgot.

“Make me laugh again,” I pleaded with him.

He said, “Come with me,” and stood up. I followed him down past the path and before I knew it we were at a river’s edge.  It was glowing green all around the river, and the river bed was a deep brown.  He stepped down the river bed, dropped his robe and went in.  I stood there delighted and surprised.  He was making me laugh, alright!  There was Jesus, wading into the river to the very middle. He lay on his back, his head and toes sticking out, floating and resting on the water’s shimmering surface. His face was full of tranquility and peace. I could see a smile growing on his face as he breathed…

I got the sense he was asking me something. To come in!  And even though I couldn’t hear him, I knew my little four year old body was not going anywhere near that river’s edge anytime soon!  I stayed standing and watching him, comforted by my beloved brother and friend who had become like me.

I never went in the water that day.  I didn’t dare.  I didn’t understand what it meant, for Him, or for me.  We were equals, he said, my  heart was his, my hands, my tiny body would float too.  But I couldn’t give.  Couldn’t give into the unknown, the scary, the insecure.  Not yet anyway.



Before this beautiful vision, I re-experienced an ancient memory or scene, that occurred just before the last…

I found myself locked in a cave of darkness, left alone during a crisis. An elder brother (not more than fifteen) had put me in there to protect me from what was happening all around.  They needed to the city to see Jesus.  I wanted to go with them, but they wouldn’t let me. The mother did not want me to to see anything.  

I wept and screamed and waited for someone to return and rescue me.  I pounded on the walls of the giant cave, and scraped my knees on the dirt floor.  I sobbed quiet tears to myself and closed my eyes tightly. I thought I would  never want to be in that cave again, that giant door closed upon me.  But I did.

When the brother came back to get me, he hugged me in shame, he was so frightened. He tried to explain, but couldn’t. Nothing would prepare me for the loss of what I had before, the innocence of that time.  Nothing would be the same.  My beloved friend was gone.


After these startling scenes, I felt frozen. I did not know what to do with them! Metaphor or memory intertwined and I did not know how to connect myself back to the present.   A few weeks later, as I sat in meditation, I asked for the meaning and purpose of it all, and received these symbols and messages, one building upon the other:

First, I saw a broom and some bath salts. I thought this was rather funny (I don’t like to clean), but I then got the impression to “clean out your heart” and wash away the pain that had collected there.  Later I bathed with salts and allowed the tears to flow. By the time I was done, I was ready, I felt renewed.

In the next meditation, Mother Mary appeared in a golden hue, old but beautiful. She handed me a series of gifts:

As she touched her hand to my heart, she handed me a long pencil with a giant, clear red heart on the end. “Write with your heart” was the message I got.  Then I saw a small bookcase where the writings could go.

Next  she showed me a baby she held in her arms. It had golden flecks all around it.  I could see it so distinctly, it was not generic. It was not white-skinned, but light brown, with curly dark hair and little eyebrows, sleeping peacefully. She handed me the baby and indicated for me to hold it to my heart.

When I asked, “are these messages for me real?” she released three brown birds from her robe, which flew directly over my head.

Amazed, I silently asked what to do with all these gifts?...

Immediately I could see the cave again, only this time, I was calmly sitting at its centre as an adult.  In my right hand was a candle which I placed on a small table in front of me.  A book lay open and I was writing.  I could see myself surrounded by this golden light, completely at peace with the work at hand.  I held the baby in my left arm, gazed peacefully at it – its purity and innocence, to be protected.  I was now the protector.  The mother.  The creator.



meditation candle


The cave had been transformed  from a place of darkness and uncertainty, to what had been renamed the “Cavern of my Heart”, now open and filled with light and purpose. Creativity. The heart had been cleansed, illuminated, and could be returned to at anytime.  No longer locked in isolation, I was given sanctuary and truth.  Wherever I went, it could go with me.  Whomever I thought of, whatever I truly desired, it could be found there, resonating in my heart, waiting to be cared for, tended to.  It was now my source of connection and purpose, clarity and wisdom.



I was so grateful I cried – happy tears this time.

Then I heard Jesus say,

  “All things will be found in here.”


What Can I Learn from This?

These were profound moments for me to experience, even in my inner field of vision, or imagination.  Some felt distinct like memory, while others were more symbolic to help me understand the meaning.  I had struggled to know “what’s next” and “why”, and this put many pieces of the puzzle together for me.  Perhaps going this deep (or high) was the way for me to know my path and stay on track. I was also amazed how the experiences were transformed from something so traumatic (the cave of fear) to something so beautiful (the heart).  This gave me hope and inspiration, assurance that I could do whatever needs to be done. And that I would never be alone again.  I believe we can all learn something from that.

I also learned  I could relax, too.  I do not have to be so hard on myself.  It could be as easy as laying back in the river…

But I will come to that soon…




Do you have a question or comment regarding this entry?  Or your own story to tell?  Please write to me in the comments below, or send a private message using Contact Us.  Thank you.


The Buzz of Adventure

I watched a documentary on Nostradamus tonight. I am a sucker for historical documentaries, and I love a mystery. But it didn’t have the same effect on me as it would have in the past. I was not afraid. I suppose it is easier to believe in death and destruction, to watch the news and chastise each other. But I won’t tonight. I’m not at war with myself anymore. Right now, peace fills my mind. If it takes forever to get it, that’s all it takes to make up this mind.

As we witness to so much fear and insecurity in this world of chaos, we adventure to know ourselves better, to build new life based on truth, not dire warnings and “facts”.

It is spring in the minds of many, who see fall not as end, but beginning.  The rays of the mind’s day keep me warm at night, buzzing with new adventures and life.

There is no war in ourselves, we are safe to explore. No dynasty to pursue. Only what’s true. The traveler’s path is wide. Our knowledge may be thin, but our collective wisdom vast. We must not go it alone, but venture together if we are to find our true path.I feel the heart’s passages in the heart’s mind, written for all time,  just in time, in no time at all.

We are on this path. We wear our backpacks bouncing with promise (and pens!).  We chant hymns. We seek the sky at night. We foresee great adventure and everlasting joy.

This may be an idealist’s story, but my vision is not just my own. It surfaces everywhere in the collective mind. It is the eternal ray of light, not of fire but of Life.

I feel the buzz of New Life crackling out of the old. Whatever has been saved is now mine to hold. Much like with archaeology or ancestry, the old is not forgotten or denied, but something new shines forward. It has to. That is our job now. Our collective cradle if you will. Ironically, it is the most solid stance from which to begin.

We are fortunate to live from this place. To have the permission, the passion, the fire in us that won’t go away. I am stirred to be the one to tell it, sing it, believe in it, shape it and mold it into being. I am grateful to share it with those who want it more than anything that has gone before. To open that door… That is all we are up to. That is all any of us, if we are honest, really wants anymore.

Ahh, to take up permanent residence through the Heart’s door.

Mmmm…… Isn’t it sublime to be You at last?