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Creating Joy Through Change

Change is inevitable; Joy is not. Joy is a choice! Although I may resist at first and have many doubts along the way, I have found (through the gifts of channelling,  spiritual direction and hypnosis), that I can let go of my past and embrace change with more Joy for myself and others, which leads to unexpected miracles…

After experiencing a dynamic shift in my life over the last few years, including becoming a channel (more on what that is in my next post!) I received a message that I would be doing my spiritual work in a “centre”. Having recently found and lost the AHA! centre in Toronto due to things beyond my control, I felt both elated and then confused as to what to do next…

So I went on a personal trek of the soul – journeying first to old Quebec City for some fun with my family…


…then on to Saint John, New Brunswick to see my dear friend and fellow channel/hypnotist, Elizabeth Rose… Elizabeth and I have both experienced this transformational process together since 2012, including the highs and lows of facing change, and have had to make significant, unexpected changes in our lives as a result. (We also manage to laugh and cry heartily at ourselves and the amazing things that come on our path). She has been a life-saver in times of uncertainty, and a truly gifted and healing channel. I knew she would understand and help me find my next step…

Just a year and a half ago we were sitting in a restaurant in Saint John when the angels spoke through her and announced she would be opening a healing centre in her tiny cottage (then filled with boxes and old furniture from decades ago). Needless to say she was overwhelmed! As we talked, I suddenly got an inspiration and the name popped into my head:

“I know what it is supposed to be called!… ” I announced.

“What?!” she asked stunned.  

“The Rose Cottage…” 

Eizabeth Rose at The Rose Cottage NB

Eizabeth Rose at The Rose Cottage NB

We both knew it was right. Not only is Rose her last name, but it is also represents love to many, and is one of the highest frequency creations on the planet – some even reference it to the mystical teachings of Jesus Christ.

She later added “Hypnosis School and Retreat Centre” and within 6 months, after much effort, moving things out, clearing and revamping, as well as giving up her previous life of security and creature comforts (including a high-paying corporate job in the investment world), she now lives a simple, healthy life in total service to others, holding groups and seeing clients from all over the world, from a tiny place called The Rose Cottage NB… 

On this latest visit, we did more channelling, walks, and inner work, and as always managed to find humour and fun in the midst of emotional turmoil and change. Already a houseful, including two young teenage girls, Elizabeth also held her weekly mentoring meeting in the small but open and beautiful space, overflowing with full seats for an evening of channelled messages, group healing and hypnosis.

As a full channel, Elizabeth (and I) never know what is going to happen next – we simply follow the guidance. One woman experiencing grief received healing messages from her recently deceased loved one. Others experienced themselves as pure light, and were able to climb higher in their level of consciousness and see their guides and angels. Another felt elated to have an intimate dialogue (through Elizabeth’s channel) with a lively, loving (and quite humourous!) Jesus. It was truly awe-inspiring for some, and life-changing for all. They continue to meet every Monday for Channelled messages, Healing and Hypnosis, with new people arriving weekly.

Elizabeth and I co-channelled to close off, and experienced past lives with two participants in which we all reunited as souls and healed our collective past. A gentle reminder that we are eternally bonded to many in our current lives, and our seemingly transient relationships are far more than we think or understand. It was truly liberating and joyful to feel so connected to each other and experience our eternal selves. 

Before we left, Elizabeth channelled that I was to open my own centre, and “grow where you are planted.” In a follow-up session, she channelled the title:

“Miracles Grow Here… in Your Heart”

It was perfect! I had been moving around so much on retreats and working out of other’s healing centres, I didn’t realize I could work miracles in my very own space, wherever I already am!

As we open and heal our hearts by doing the work, we follow the path of Joy even in the face of sorrow and strife. Now we are ready to receive the gifts that were waiting for us…

Out of this miraculous experience, inspiration came, and by the time I got home, I was cooking up a vegetarian storm with zest, going barefoot walking through the parks (see Grounded and Growing), opening my heart more with loved ones (see Feeling God When You Feel So Alone), and finally preparing my new healing centre by clearing rooms, painting with fresh light colours, and getting ready to welcome my growing community…

Miracles Grow Here… in your Heart

All of this came through the channelling, through connection and love, and through venturing out of my comfort zone and embracing change with an attitude of transforming sorrow and confusion into Joy and Miracles…. 


After 2 years, it looks like things have finally come full circle: First we received the message to create a healing centre in Saint John, and now in Toronto. My friend will be returning to help me welcome you and experience this transformation during our launch event:


Thanks to Elizabeth Rose, for tuning in to deliver the message of inspiration for this amazing turn of events, and to my family and friends for their continuing blessings and support as part of this incredible journey!


How do you create Joy in the midst of change? Do you need a little help finding your way through the changes, just as I did? Look here for the gifts of Spiritual Direction/Channelling/Hypnosis. 


The Life of the Soul

A study of the soul, by Krista Moore. For those who are struggling on the path of awakening, and wondering why you don’t feel good, or if you are doing it “wrong”…  Hopefully this will give you comfort and faith for the journey.


I have never questioned the existence of a soul. One has only to spend a little bit of time with me while I am brooding on the meaning of it all to know the depths the soul can live. A scientific mind too has a soul – it simply finds its answers in the known universe, which even then, boggles it from understanding anything at all. But it is not just answers the soul seeks. It is experience. A feeling of fullness, wholeness, freedom from any questions.


The soul is the part of us that exists within and beyond the body. It cannot be contained, which is often why it causes us such misery in contemplating its deeper wants and existence. If our life, in comparison to the soul, is somewhat contained, and contrite, and deals in shallow, known waters; if it does not surface to explore the depths and chooses to remain hidden from us, we will feel as if there is a hole in our very being, a vacuous tent with no furnishings, no music, and no food to keep it from starving. This too is an exercise of the soul, to awaken us to something deeper. It may be painful, but it is a necessary step in showing us the difference between meaning, and a world without it.


What does the soul love more than anything else? To know itself. To extinguish the false, and to disappear into the blazing light of truth. It is a difficult master, and has no mercy on those who cling to childish things. There is no joy that does not come at the cost of giving up the meaningless. True joy is what the soul feels, when we are washed in its light, free to do its bidding, and share the gifts only spirit brings. True joy comes from union with God, its creator, Source of all things. When the soul is lit, it is capable of great joy, and wants only to share itself and experience all with great abundance and clarity. It is wise, expansive, jovial and alive. Not every soul experesses itself this way, but I believe, in its truest light, unguarded and unbounded, every soul is capable of this.


How does one, who has not yet had this feeling, come to experience the soul? If they have cried or lost anything, they have experienced an opening of the soul. The challenge is not to shut down the tiny crack that has been opened by heartache or disappointment, and instead to feel even more what that heartache or disappointment is pointing toward. If it is a loss of love, or death we have experienced, the soul teaches us that we have loved and lost to learn something. In the absence of that love, we feel torn apart. Any separation on the earth plane from those we love feels like the separation from God, even if we don’t believe in Him. If you have ever experienced loneliness so deep you thought you were going to die, you have experienced this separation, which all humans suffer at one point or another. It is a temporary condition of our corporeal lives, a trick of the body that says we are separate from one another, and different from everything we see in the physical world. Our bodies seem solid and real, while our minds seem able to go from one unrelated thought to another. While we sleep our minds visit other places and dream of unknown things. We never realize that the mind never sleeps, and is the shepherd of the soul’s deeper longings. Hopefully it is a good sheppard, and we can keep what is important to us close at hand, if not close in our hearts.


In our vulnerability and loss, we can find the key to our soul. Like a child finding a seedling in the garden, and planting it in a deeper hole so that it will grow, we can dig a little deeper and find true shelter for our soul. Our hearts can open even wider, stretch us even more profoundly. Where we thought it was time to walk away from such “negative” feelings, we must examine the deeper longing underneath the belief that we are alone or that we will never love again. To be loved is the natural state of the soul. To be in a constant stream of consciousness which is ever reaching and expanding itself, is the natural state of the mind. This is only painful-seeming to us as humans who have limited ourselves to what feels comfortable and certain, rather than be faced with the uncomfortable reality that we don’t know anything. Better to not know and ask a deeper question, then to bury our dreams and let them pass us by. If instead we plant our hopes, our intentions, even our pains, by digging into the heart and feelings, we will be rewarded with happy tears as well as hope springing from the soul’s eternal ground.


So our job is not always to feel pleasant and happy – though we may end up there after the work is done. Our real job is to find everything standing in the way of that happiness, and admitting to ourselves where we have fallen short of the soul’s natural unfettered state of joy, and asking ourselves why we have done that? If we feel we are undeserving of such happiness, or that such freedom is impossible in the world, we will continue to suffer, and the soul will or will not keep showing us the other way. Let us hope it continues to push us deeper and away from our comfort, and out into the open where life breathes, and love is self-renewing. And the world is but a temporary playground where we can learn our lessons and become more and more acquainted with our soul.


What can we hope to expect if we do not give up? A window into the soul is a window indeed into another universe of things. Past, present and future seem to meld into an eternal mix of possibilities. What seemed broken and inconsolable can now mend. Hearts once closed and swept so clean they seemed hospital sterile can be flooded with new love as green and productive as a wild spring. Rushes of hope can lead to unexpected visitors and companions on the journey back to our true self. What felt lonely and uncertain, now feels warm and inviting, a great source of material for bonding with our fellow humans. And courage comes, too. Out of the depths of all that lay waste, pale yellow fruit pops from the ground and raises itself up to the light above, filling with the juicy stuff of life that one can simply taste or share with the whole group. We discover that we have been grown in the process, and taught to live. And if we are very “lucky” (meaning willing and ready), we may even break the bonds of the earth for a time and, experiencing ourselves as pure soul, take flight.










Recognizing the Wonder…

Sometimes I don’t recognize the wonder of what I am doing.  As I am doing it, I am so absorbed in preparing for it, thinking about it, wondering about it – that rarely do I “get” the WONDER of it while it is happening. It is as if I am immune to my own greatness.  I don’t get it until someone reminds me, sees, recognizes, thanks me.

Isn’t that silly?

    In my women’s circles I witness time and time again women who are filled with great ideas, gifts and achievements, and inherent talents and abilities, who do not “see” with their own eyes, or “hear” with their own ears, just how amazing they are. 

What does it take for us to get it?

I have been working really hard to realize this for myself first. Even as I am going about my business, I stop and say:  “Krista, do you realize what you are doing? Do you know how amazing you are?”  I know that may sound a bit funny, or arrogant, to say this to myself, but I tell you it isn’t even close to the truth of the matter. We are more amazing than our tiny brains can conceive, than we will ever admit out loud or to ourselves.

And yet, I have great hope that things are changing…  We are changing.

Tonight I watched as women mirrored back each other’s greatness, re-affirmed each other’s gifts, recognized themselves in each other’s dreams, and validated each other’s greatest visions – as not only valid but “done” (meaning, ‘it’s in the bag’). Isn’t that amazing??

 Recognizing the Wonder…

This week as things unravel, and become more, as my life twists and turns, as I go farther away from shore – I look back for a moment – I breathe and relax – knowing this is sacred space I’m encountering.  This is valid and true. I made this. And yet – something greater, too.  I can’t take credit for everything – but I can recognize my part. I can recognize the wonder of  it all.  That I dreamt it up or was inspired to take action, and that someone listened and wanted to participate with me, to prosper, to create – and that now we are doing what was once only promised or possible. Now, reality.

That is how great life can be. What a wonder. What a joy!

Now, that I might recognize this wonder more often. Step back – and step into – the greatness that I Am.

And You!






P.S. What do you recognize that’s great about yourself? What have you stepped into or become that you have not yet seen with loving eyes?  Do you have a champion to help mirror that greatness in you? If you do not, I would encourage you to find a circle, a friend, or partner who “gets it”, the wonder that is You.  

Miracles of Life & Death 1: Preparation

Today I am writing because I want to prepare. I want to prepare for my grandmother, who has just announced that she is ready to go and will no longer take her meds. (She is prepared.) And I want to prepare for the radio show which I will be on in about an hour and a half. Copious notes and preparation are my steadfast friends. And then I let go…

Much with life and death, preparation is the key to everything. How do we prepare? As I learned with Actors Exercises for Everybody, you learn to be with yourself first.

You learn to accept your own feelings, dread, fear, mistakes. You learn to sink deeper than you ever have before. You shed a tear. Or two. Or more. You let go. Of the confines of space, of time, of expectation, of wandering. You let go of other people’s opinions, fears, expectations and bothering.  You let go of the voice which tells you that you have to.  You let go of convention – shoulda, woulda and coulda, too.

You learn to be here.

It’s ironic that we have to learn to “be here” while others are choosing to depart. But it’s true. We have a mission to detect. We can’t afford to miss a day on the job. And by that I don’t mean the 9 to 5. I’m taking about the reason we are here. Each person’s reason is different, unique. And each person’s time will be different too.  We have to respect when it’s someone’s time to go.

Part of my learning and preparation has been to enjoy the good stuff while it’s happening. Our last visit to my grandmother was a joy. I brought the kids. We did not dwell on “why” we were there – that she was sick, or weak. Instead, we focused on her joy in seeing my son and daughter; in giving her the opportunity to hear him play his guitar right there in her hospital room; and in allowing the kids some fun at the relative’s playing pool and swimming in the lake (chasing off garter snakes!). A time they will never forget. Along with her.


How do I learn to “be here”, to prepare?  I take a walk. I take a break. I breathe a little deeper than I’m willing to. I go somewhere. Like California. I come back and re-group. I connect. I ask myself questions and go a little deeper than before. I delight in what I know so far, and I enjoy the journey. I don’t live in the future anymore, or the past.

What I love about death is that it brings everything into focus. What is not important fades, and what is still vital remains. That is all we need to remember, and all we need to go on.

I love my grandmother. I will always cherish her and keep her safe. She has given me so much – stories to tell, mysteries to solve and puzzle over, people to build a bridge with. I will miss her voice. I will miss asking her questions. I will write everything. Nothing will be lost. Not while I live. And, even after that.

P.S. I think I am ready now. There is nothing more to do but wait. And live. And talk. And write. Everything I prepared is there. And then, I let go. To the moment, to whatever lives, whatever asks to be said. Whatever asks to be born.

Day 13: Commitment


I write in order to learn. I am writing this because I need to be. Because I want to be. If I don’t write, I am lost and listless. I become distracted by countless interventions that are not needed. My Voice is my paralysis and my sanctuary. If it is not working, I am not working.  When it opens up, all Life pours through. This has been the greatest God-send of all.

Until recently (like today), I was not truly committed to any one thing. I would float around from day to day like a butterfly (nice enough) smelling the flowers of possibility (Mmm, smell that?). Nothing wrong with that – for a year, or two…  But Now, I feel the call of committing to something – not just anything – something worthy of my time and effort.

My Call.

There are a few things I am committed to:  A daily spiritual practice, a dynamic relationship, building a community of collaborative partners, and courageous creative expression. And through these, Helping the women – and men, if they really need it (they do); but women especially because, well, I’m one of them, and I understand their plight and their power.

Enough is enough. We are here to speak, are we not? To sing, in fact! To show up!… With all of our  hearts, with all of our understandings.  That is why I am here. In whatever platform suits. I am here for you, for me. In this, I am free.

What are you most committed too? Have you any idea? Don’t worry if you don’t. I didn’t either until recently (like today). And even then, it changes from time to time. It has to. Because some things are not worth committing to. And our egos love to commit to things that will lead us to the promised land of nowhere: disappointment, competition, lack and heart-ache. Enough, please.

I am committed to giving the best my life has to offer. But like I suggested, it’s reciprocal. Whether you realize it or not, when you give, you receive. When you give of your heart, your true  heart’s calling and longing and knowing, you are free. You don’t feel like you are giving at all. You feel like you are just being. That is not a cliché. It is true. I know, because it feels so good – I feel so happy when I am writing or singing or speaking with you! I am not just doing it for myself anymore; now, there is a purpose, a feeling: of commitment, of communion. I love this! I love everything I am discovering through this. I love you. Yes, it’s true.

Thank you to all who have responded with love and excitement to my new found words and Voice. Thank you for writing to me and confirming what I already knew, but now know more deeply:

This is the way for me to find my way.

Thank you.

May your true heart’s calling call to you.