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Open to Spirit with Krista Moore at The Hive this Spring!

I am thrilled to announce a new collaboration coming up, where I will be teaching at a new healing and personal growth centre just east of Toronto. Invited to participate in the opening of another bright light, The Hive Centre & Bee & Bee, I will be presenting a workshop there over three Saturdays: April 23, May 7 and May 14, a 3-part series on Spirituality for those just beginning on the path, and more seasoned players. 

What will take place? Well, that is always a surprise, as spirit has a way of delighting, shifting and magnifying our deepest thoughts and making what seemed a simple task a more magnificent, healing and rewarding venture for all. That, at least, is my experience on this path of miracles. 🙂

freedom of the soul

“There’s More to Life Than What You See – Find Out and Set Your Spirit Free!”

OPEN TO SPIRIT Activate the Powerful Energies Available to You!

In this first workshop, I will be leading you to new adventures in consciousness on the road to enlightenment, which will inspire you to:

  • Relax and expand your mind
  • See your life as a spiritual journey
  • Access higher states of consciousness and powerful healing energies
  • Receive channeled instruction and guidance to improve your life
  • Learn ways to heal and experience greater health and happiness.

How will we do this? AHA! Let’s just say, that we will share, laugh, and delve into new ideas and thoughts. I will challenge you, give you new tools and experiences, and taste a bit of that spiritual sweetness this work can bring, making our collective paths a little brighter.


I hope you will join us and discover something new about yourself, something you never thought possible before. The door is open now. Follow the path and find More.


Love and thanks,



Krista Moore inspires you to access the power of your spirit to heal and guide your life through channeling, healing and metaphysical hypnosis (including past lives). She is the spiritual director at the new AHA! Centre in Toronto, and takes people on powerful healing retreats worldwide.

Next up? ASSISI!

Healings & Harmoniums: Krista Visits a Sikh Temple

Back in October I had the pleasure of visiting a Sikh temple with my good friend and fellow healer, Dr. Bhushan Sood whom I had met through the Ontario Hypnosis Centre. This is what I discovered…

Bhushan and I had participated in many healing circles together, including work in past life regression, interlife (life between lives) in which I learned of my true mission here, and CCMBA/CCMSC Hands-on-Healing techniques.  We along with other colleagues would get together and discuss our progress, and he was continually fascinated by the spiritual aspects of what we had discovered through our work in hypnosis, specifically the channelled material that came through me when I was in a state of deep metaphysical awareness.

Since then I had become an avid writer, healer and hypnotist in my own right, taking on clients at my home and at my new office in Toronto, while raising two kids (both teenagers now) with my husband in Scarborough, and conducting workshops and retreats worldwide, including Tuscany…

Singing at Tuscany retreat, San Galgano

Krista (centre) singing in Tuscany

I had become inspired (and instructed through my angelic helpers) to include music in my work, and had begun composing some simple melodies and songs that might help in relaxing and connecting clients and groups in song. I thought I needed an instrument, and always loved the sound of the harmonium.  I knew Bhushan was Hindu and very connected to his community, and figured he would know someone who might sell me one for a reasonable price. I reached out, and within 2 weeks Bhushan had located a friend at the Sikh Temple in Mississauga who had one available.

2015-10-14 19.56.00

So on a fine fall day, I headed out to Mississauga to meet Bhushan at his home, where he was just finishing work with a young gentleman by the name of Colin. I felt instantly connected to this “boy” who had spent some time in the military. Bushan began to explain what I did, and that I am connected to the angelic, and suddenly I felt such a powerful flow of love and inspiration as I spoke and listened to this young man. I knew I had been brought there for a reason, and so began to share and answer his questions about spiritual matters, and even counsel him on how he could find his way as well. I felt truly inspired to be able to help this young man, in collaboration with Bhushan who had total faith and trust in me.

We headed out to find Bhushan’s friend who would guide us to the Sikh temple, but had to meet him first at the local mall where he was with a seniors group through the United Way. He and his friends were sitting around a large table eating and enjoying each other’s company and welcomed us in to enjoy a light meal and tea. I was delighted! This was a whole new experience for me…


One of the gentleman asked Bhushan in his own language for us to introduce ourselves, and so we stood up and did so. Then Bhushan stood up and elaborated a bit more in describing what I did with the angelic realm, healings and miracles, and from there, many questions came forward from eager participants!  I answered their questions in English, while Bhushan translated. Then I offered to give a blessing which I channelled from the angelic, and afterward a man who was legally blind proclaimed he could see me. Bushan guided me to touch him on the forehead along with the others, as we graciously left with our guide and headed for the Sikh temple.

2015-10-14 15.43.35

As we arrived, I felt peaceful and eager to discover what it was like to be inside one of these holy places, so different from any experience I have had in my own lifetime being mainly identified as protestant Christian with no official religious upbringing. I had frequented many churches along the way but had developed my own spiritual practice and healing work, and admired the community aspect and ritual of more organized churches, temples and places of worship and gathering.

We were guided along the hallways of the temple, noting the paintings of warring factions, and the blood of martyrs. This was disturbing to my peaceful sensibilities, but I watched and observed with respectful wonder at how others expressed their beliefs. We entered the temple space, which was wide and open, with an elaborate shrine, including the swords and other implements to defend the faith. I knelt down in respect and prayed.

The harmonium seemed the last and least important part of our journey together! Although we enjoyed the banter of negotiation, and I did buy one after all, I confess I have hardly played it, but am grateful that it was the catalyst for such an important day.  I will never forget the joy of meeting Bhushan’s friends, healing with Colin and the seniors’ group, and the lessons of tolerance, non-judgement and love for all. Miracles have no face, no culture, and no religious preferences – for they are truly gifts of the spirit that work through us to each other, and bless all as one people under God. Amen.

P.S. Bhushan allowed me to take some brief shots of film, which I assembled into a video to share with my community on The Miracle Network Toronto – Miracle TV (youtube), and so I post this here for your enjoyment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbHNUbN0v1k

Owning My Power

In a recent journey through inner landscapes of past lives and other spiritual realms, I discovered something I already knew about myself:  I hold an incredible amount of wisdom and POWER. My problem: I don’t own it. Yet.

But, what if I did?

What does it mean to “own my power”? I get tired of all these trite phrases now, “owning my power”, and I’m guilty of using them on a regular basis to make it easier for myself and others to “get it”.  But, if this journey isn’t personal, if the revelations aren’t specific enough to be meaningful, what good are they? But it’s a start. Bare with me.

What I really mean is…  I have experienced deeply spiritual, wondrous things, and received specific messages that are not just for me, but do I share them? Rarely.  If I have access to all this power and wisdom and knowledge, why don’t I admit it? Share it?

There is something to be said for being modest, being accepted. No one, including me, wants to feel rejected or “alone”, outside of, different. “Special” maybe, separate, no. Or worse, to be called a “cuckoo” for being a little different.  Personally, I call myself a “cuckoo-head” all the time and wear it like a badge of honour!

But seriously, at what point do I recognize that this is just a sly ego ploy to get me to hang back and be accepted. To NOT be myself. To NOT say those things. To NOT make a difference in people’s lives to the degree that I could. Not to be labeled a “cuckoo” which I already proudly claim, so w all the time.

I’ll give you an example. Last week I was in a class exploring Life Between Lives (the place we go when we die, before we return again, if you believe in reincarnation, and, even if you don’t). During this process I began to channel a greater being – by greater I mean more powerful than I’m used to, and expressing things in such a bold, direct way that felt more assertive and clear to me than my usual way of expressing.  The energy in my body was so great that I could barely contain it. Some people had to sit down on the ground they could just sense something big was happening.  I can’t take credit for this, but then I had to ask myself after it was done – why is this happening to me?  If this being is coming through me, imparting this knowledge and wisdom to me, isn’t it a part of me? Something I can now claim as a part of myself?  If I am being exposed to its higher knowledge, than isn’t it my knowledge, too?

My teacher hinted to me after class, “You now have the key. Own it. Use it.”


I don’t have to be Perfect to be Powerful

I now have the privilege of teaching, something new for me.  I am not used to teaching adults. I am usually better with children.  In my classes I am exploring various spiritual and experiential themes – things that are very practical (like money), and very personal and deep – like each person’s unique calling and gifts. I feel how important this is, and yet I still hang back, pretending not to know what I know, afraid of saying too much. Keeping it safe (for them, or for me?)  But who am I really pleasing? And who am I really helping by holding back?

What I am sharing here is my own internal process, and I’m not afraid to share it. That is part of my gift – honesty.  I am not perfect nor ever claim to be. My humanness is what makes any of this sharing possible.  I’ve been told by many that it is my humanness and vulnerability which is so attractive, and which makes the wisdom possible, accessible. I am an amalgam of both realities. I believe this makes me better, not less than. But, and this is the hard part, by attuning to my spiritual gifts more often and owning them, I would be so much more able to help myself and others transcend the difficulties we all experience here.  And by owning my gifts and using them more often, I am being more honest. More myself. Who I Am, in truth.

So what do I know? What is my POWER?

I have been channeling for years. I have been asking and seeking for decades. Perhaps I even came here with the spiritual quester’s cap on. My heart and soul longs for it. I just can’t tolerate anything less. I just can’t accept the status quo.  But, I must have CLARITY OF PURPOSE in order to ACT ON this higher knowing, to exercise this POWER in the world. Without that, my powers do not have a proper outlet.

If I don’t step up and start vocalizing this truth without shrinking back or apologizing, it just feels like I’m playing in the sandbox of life counting how many grains of sand there are, or debating why some grains jump out unexpectedly while others stay in line (chaos theory – thanks, Cass.).



Where does My Power come from?

My POWER comes from acting on what I already know I’ve been given without having to have it all figured out yet. I know ENOUGH. I don’t know everything. But I KNOW. I know when it feels right, and I know when it feels wrong.  I know ENOUGH to keep on going. My power comes from having the courage to succeed. To keep on becoming myself.  Keep on exploring. Keep on asking those questions. And better yet, offering my INSIGHTS, my RADICAL experiences of what life might be on the other side of the sand box. Where ultimately does it all come from? I can’t tell you that. And yet, I still Know.

As my teacher says, “Once you know something, you can’t un-know it.” (Unless you really want to).

And why, if I Know better, would I choose to forget?  To pretend it’s not true?

I guess what I’m saying in this excruciatingly meandering way, is….  I KNOW a lot already. I’ve experienced a tonne. And I am an eternal spirit with access to divine wisdom that I want to share.  So, get on with it!

Isn’t it time to Own it?  To Accept my Power?

Everyone is given it in their own way. But very few ask for or accept it.  I did. And I do.

Now, all I have to do is – Own it.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Have you experienced your own power?  Do you want to?  What can we do to allow this to happen more often? To support it, encourage it, trust it, own it.  I want to.  Do You?

Write below and share your knowing, your power.