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God’s Greatest Gift to You: Peace of Mind

This morning I was tempted to be fearful because of a dream I had.  Then I refreshed myself with words from A Course in Miracles and began to channel my own messages from God which completely changed my mind, heart and spirit.

When you know the truth about yourself, you have a greater understanding of where you fit in to the big scheme of things, and why things happen the way they do. You can step back and step up to your true position amongst the saints, angels and God Himself.

One of the greatest gifts from God is not just life. It is peace of mind.

When you feel that your life doesn’t matter, that it is all random, or that you are just a tiny speck among the dust of stars and there is no purpose, only death, then you have forgotten the truth of who you are, and what this life is for, and why you are here.

When you are afraid of other people, or life events, or war, or evil, then you forget Who walks with you, and where you really are, and where your Power really lies, and how you can change things for the better.

You don’t have to believe what the world tells you. Or what other people believe or fear. You don’t have to give in or buy in to anything that steals your peace of mind, and robs you of your purpose and Identity in Spirit.

You don’t have to suffer. You can change your mind in an instant.

You live among the saints and angels because that is where God put you, that is where you were truly born, and that is where you truly Live. This is a temporary playground, a school of learning, and will not last forever. But you will.

If you believe, and surrender your ego mind, and your ego thoughts, your worries and doubts, your fears and anger, then God will give you the greatest gift of all.

Your Peace walks with you. And your Power.

You have everything you need. You have the truth inside you. And you have all the help you could ever ask for.

It is not too late to change your mind.

It is  not too late to have Peace and clarity, comfort, purpose, and calm…  To know you are taken care of, and nothing else matters. To let go of the worries and doubts and fears, and to walk with confidence, and faith, and wisdom.

It is not too late to say Yes to God.



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The Path of the Self – The Walk Together

In this dream we seem to walk alone. Our burdens are many. Our challenges infinite. We carry our burdens for what seems like eons until our backs will break, or the very skies will open up and shake.

When will it end – this illusion of separation?

Everyone carries on as if nothing is the same. But the cycles seem to repeat themselves, memories pile up, hurts begin to fester. There seems no end to the game. It frightens us to think of life this way. It challenges our very being.  It calls, it begs for some other way to see, to Live.

In this path we seem to walk alone. We walk blindly pretending to see. We grab onto anything, hoping it will retain us, contain some seed of knowing, promise, belief.  We want to see until it blinds us. We want to rip off the blindfold and know everything. We want to awaken and hold onto, not grab, but hold onto Everything.

There is something that stirs in the air, maybe it is in the forest, maybe the fall breeze, maybe it is lightning, or the birds, or some echoey call from nature. Maybe it is ourselves beckoning us to go on, to find another way.

But HOW do we get there? To this place of rest, relinquishment, peace?  How do we let go of so much that has given us nothing but pain?  Do we come to some violent end, or some agonizing death before the picture turns bright again? Are we simply vanquished?

Life is calling us for sure, not to surrender to suffering and despair, but to save it from our misunderstandings, ignorance and trifling cares that obliterate its Presence everywhere.  When will we notice It and lift up our heads? When will come off our knees and walk together instead?

We are not alone on this walk.  Although we may be blind to the ones standing before us, above us, beside us, below  us, they are everywhere. They are not here to hamper our style, or deliver us from evil. They are here to walk with us, for us, beside us, carrying us for a little while, perhaps. In them we have to place our Trust, though our disappointments be many, and our hostility and indifference sometimes cruel.  They are depending on us, not to take care of them, not to walk for them, but to give them the confidence that we can walk again. They teach us to care, not at the cost of, but so our mutual walk gives us Life, certainty, empathy. Love. That it is worth it.

So, what would we see if we were walking together? If we held each other’s hand? What would the world look like to us, who see a different purpose for creation, a different end?

What would the world look like if you knew you were not alone?  That you had a Friend?  Many. Not solo and lost, but on a guided adventure, a walk on the Wild Side – of Life, Laughter, Security, Clarity?

What would the world look like to you then?

What is Love?

A friend asked me this question, and I am commissioned to answer.  I would be wise not to try to answer it by saying what love is, for as A Course in Miracles says, love cannot be defined.  But perhaps in offering what love is not I can suggest its opposite. But, as the Course says, “what is all-encompassing can have no opposite”.

There is only one cure for “love” in this world and that is God.

I have known glimpses of love’s scent. I have known the quality of joy looking back in the mirror, the glow of understanding, of surrender. The big AHA that comes as a deep sigh within. The grateful feeling of love’s proximity keeping us safe from the wizards of doom.

I do not believe that love comes from one person. I do not believe that we are meant to love only one person and put all our hopes and dreams on that. That is not love, but devastation. For people will always disappoint you.

No one should be used as a “replacement” for Love. No one can put windows and doors around Love’s Presence. When you feel it, you know it. It is a safe but unbordered country. I have no idea how to define it or even say I know it clearly.I am still humble in the ways of love.

Any relationship, or lack of relationship, can be transformed by surrendering your ideas about it, and asking for a “miracle” instead.

We all make mistakes. And though I said we cannot find Love in another person, I meant exclusively. If we try to possess another person as our own – as in “My Family”, “My Spouse”, “My Children”, we are boxing them in. We are not seeing them for who they really are – unique individuals, yes, on a mission of their own. Each person is born with a unique blueprint, a purpose for being here. And believe me, it is not to satisfy you and make your life easier.  That is your job.

If you are expecting others to do the work for you, to reach those arms around you and keep you safe, they will inevitably disappoint. That is their job!  To show you where your weak spots are, to stimulate rejection so you can learn, to catalyze transformation.

Believe it or not, that purpose is truer to Love’s Cause than the other. Anyone you choose to make yourself comfortable, static and “the same” is just your way of keeping yourself in a holding pattern. It may feel like a house, a relationship, a life, but it is just your way of feeling safe. That doesn’t mean you can’t have those things, they are necessary to life, but they are not what life is for.

True love says Go, do what you have to do. Don’t worry about me. True love let’s another person grow beyond the edges of what is comfortable for either one. True love sees a relationship as an opportunity to grow, forgive and let go. Of expectations, definitions, demands, and other subtle ways we try to control the other. Unless something is freely given, it isn’t a gift, it’s a temporary prison.

So what is love? I don’t know. But it isn’t this: It isn’t waiting for the perfect person to come along. It isn’t looking at other people as potential soul-mates and measuring whether they fit the bill. It isn’t designing a life for yourself where only certain people belong.

Love is weightless, empty and strong. Love does not expect, declare or remain anywhere too long. Love is friendly and kind, as Paul the Apostle said. But it doesn’t always come with a marriage certificate.  Does that mean two people can’t love each other? No. It means our new job here is to decide if we are willing to let go. To really see another person for who they are, who they could be, but bear no interference in their crossing that bridge for themselves. We can lend a hand, that’s all.

Does that mean we walk alone? Absolutely not!  There are many friends for the journey. Not only your “mate”, but the whole world around you. You just have to look around. You have to offer it to someone – anyone!  You can’t just wait for it to happen. I hate to say this, but it’s like the Red Cross blood commercial:

It’s In You To Give

I hope that didn’t exasperate you too much. It exacerbates  me too, sometimes! I am only human. But my Divine Self is persistent and seems to have put me on this path. Even though I don’t know all the time, something in me does. And so I attempt to share the best way I can.

I hope that helps in some way. I hope that doesn’t discourage at all, but opens doors, window-frames, and every other structure you’ve laid. I talk of you, me and everyone here. We are all the same.

The truth is, we are not alone. We have many Helpers, friends, lovers. We are all commissioned to the task at hand. To learn to love each other. And if we can’t do that, to forgive.

That is all for now.


Morning Calls

I just felt like writing to you this morning! What a gorgeous Monday morning (I can hardly believe I said that). But it is. My dog just found his way downstairs after a lazy nap, and is now staring at his plaything, and sniffing a shoe. Just getting ready to move from sleep into action. Like me. It’s 8 0’clock, and “All’s Quiet on the Moore Front”. There is no enemy hovering over the hill, only the sun rising up over trees dancing in the breeze. So lovely!

What are you doing this morning?

I swear I just saw a monk passing the entrance to my driveway, or a woman brightly dressed in brilliant orange robes, sandals on her slow-moving feet.  This vision reminded me of travel, of worlds beyond this one. Where I see, smell and hear everything new…

morning walk

I will be going to California soon, for the first time, with my husband. Though I cheat, I have been there before, if only for a moment: getting out of the car (coming down from Nevada) into the Mojave Desert, five months pregnant, standing in the hot and silent sun, a cave of inner listening. I picked up  a rock there, a black lavic looking rock which was warm in my hands. I could only hear my breathing, and the hot air just hanging there and the sound of my feet in the sand. It was as if my own heart was beating the world into existence. I kept that rock as a talisman.

I am looking forward to rediscovering California from the eastern coastal ride up Highway 1…  San Diego….  Santa Monica…. LA (briefly, but must see the basics!)…. Carmel… maybe a mission or two… and then San Fransisco where I will meet my lovely ladie(s) that I have been talking to for over a year. I can’t wait to meet you (you know who you are).

My inner world is changing too. I no longer feel worried all the time as I used to. I feel an inner calm, of being in charge of my own destiny. And Grace too.  It’s magic, and it makes me giggle at times! (A wicked kind of giggle, my husband says).

Ah…. what can I share with you?  That is what I think now.  What can I be today that I haven’t been or done before. What is new. I feel that call now, pulling me to something greater, that beautiful, magical feeling that life is better than OK. It is not to be resisted or lamented. It is to be taken in, held and created like a warm ball of life, like that hot lavic rock melting in my hands.

Everything succumbs eventually to the sound of silence, to the sound of the primordial Yes.

I hear my call. I more than accept.

What is calling to you?

Preamble to Day 30…

Where I am right now:
I’m right here, I am
Looking at you
Looking at me
No apology
That’s who I am
You see.
Let’s hit the road
I’m  not lying
I don’t need anything more than this,
This is perfect, right like this
That look of complaint is gone
Replaced by unclouded honesty
At home in itself.
Past landscapes,
Ever changed
The perfume of time
Richly deserving a rest
Lingers on my face and chest
Open to the sky…
Mmm… the fragrance of my body and mind
Who I am this time.